- Light Up Keychain Shield Liger

    These keychains were sold back in 1999 by Tomy, as a promotion to the Zoids Chaotic Century anime. At the moment, I know of three. That's the Shield Liger, Saber Tiger, and Gojulas. They come with a metal keychain clip instead of a metal ring, which works good and has withstood the test of time.

    What's really frustrating is that all of these keychains are supposed to light up, but after so many years none of them do. I would assume this is a dead battery, but as far as I know there's no way to change it without mutilating the toy. I've gotten the Saber Tiger and two Shield Ligers so far, and none of them have worked. Many auctions keep mentioning that the light "works when it wants to," but in my experience this means "it doesn't work at all." If you happen to have one that DOES work, and you want to sell, let me know! I'd definitely be interested, if you could provide photographic proof that it DOES work.

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- Replacing Lights

    One unfortunate fact is that after so many years most of these keychains have died. This is a result of battery corrosion over the years and buying a new one will still yield these results.

    The question has been asked, can the batteries be replaced?

    The only way to repair the lights on these figures is to make an entirely new battery set up. I personally think it'd be easier to just buy a replacement LED. Taking the Liger apart is easy enough; it is lightly glued but can be put back together and look brand new after being taken apart.

    Start first by removing the belly panel, which will pull down with some gentle prying in the seam. Then split the body in half. I recommend going in through the seam on the belly to avoid unsightly marks. All pieces have pegs that allow them to be reattached without glue later.

    Once you're inside you'll notice the battery compartment is a plastic cylinder that is glued on both sides. It contains two batteries which read "G3-A, CNB+ Micro Cell." Since the cylinder is sealed on both ends you can't remove the batteries.