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- Wild Liger Kokuoh News!

 The Wild Liger Kokuoh, a Zoids x Fist of the North Star collab first teased at the Big Zoids Expo is finally gaining some traction with a new product page. Interestingly it varies quite a bit from the original painted concept seen at the Big Zoids Expo. I like the direction they chose to take it, which better represents the source material. The kit is scheduled to release in late December 2024 for 6,600 yen, though other sites like Amazon JP and AmiAmi have it for a slightly discounted price.

 This kit will come with an acrylic standee of Roah, the man who rides Kokuoh, the black horse that the Liger is based on. A second mini standee including the 40th anniversary logos for both series was shown in the product photos, but isn't specifically mentioned, so may not be included. This kit will also come with a Fist of the North Star themed backdrop for you to display the kit on. Last but not least, the box art features custom manga-style artwork for the Liger!

- Preview

- MonHun Collaboration Box Art!

 The box art for the Beast Liger Sinister and Sonic Bird Ratha has arrived, and man are they looking fierce! These collaboration kits are releasing in late July.

- Monster Hunter x Zoids Collab!

 Well, this is one I hadn't expected to see! Zoids Official has announced a collaboration project, celebrating their 40th anniversary and Monster Hunter's 20th! This new collaboration includes the Beast Liger Sinister and the Sonic Bird Ratha, which have lore bits on the page just linked. A huge thanks to Falcarius, who has translated the lore for us!

Both kits are already up on the TakaraTomy Mall for 6,600 yen each with a late July release date. They both have beautiful painted details and include weapons from the Zoids Wild customize part sets to make them better resemble their Monster Hunter counterparts. These collab kits are hitting the usual stores, so keep an eye out on your favorite store websites.

Zoid-Piloting "Hunters"

 21XX AD. A multiversal door suddenly opened, and creatures unknown on Earth... "Monsters" and "Felynes" wandered through.

 The "Monsters" had lost their original habitats and now threatened human living areas, so the people in charge of defending Earth were pressed to find countermeasures. Meanwhile, the cat-like race of "Felynes" were friendly creatures, and were looking for a way to return to their original world. They also said that there were people in their world called "Hunters" who were skilled at hunting Monsters, and that with their hunting technology, it wouldn't be impossible to hunt these Monsters.

 However, in this world without Hunters, they would need to make use of Earth's technology.

 And so, the "Anti-Monster Zoids" were born.

 Just like Hunters in the "Monster Hunter" world, Zoid pilots would confront the Monsters by riding on dedicated Zoids.

Beast Liger Sinister

 A Beast Liger remodelled as an anti-Magnamalo hunting Zoid.

 Zoid researchers gained advice about the Magnamalo's behavioural characteristics from the Felynes and developed appropriate weaponry.

 Its front claws and Wing Tail are equipped with cutting weapons, further increasing its melee abilities.

 With the additional equipment, its tail can deal slashing attacks by swinging around. When using its Evo Blast, its radiator fins and everything from its face to its back is clad in reddish-purple flames. This equipment was thought up based on the Magnamalo's design, but would later be used as anti-Zoid equipment as well.

Sonic Bird Ratha

 A Sonic Bird remodelled as an anti-Rathalos hunting Zoid.

 Zoid researchers gained advice about the Rathalos's behavioural characteristics from the Felynes and developed appropriate weaponry.

 Additional cutting weapons have been equipped on its Wing Swords. By adding three types of weapons to its Stabiliser Tail - shooting, acceleration and close combat - its abilities at both short and long range have been improved. Each part of its body has also been given a fire-resistant coating in preparation for the Rathalos's flame attacks. This equipment was thought up based on the Rathalos's design, but would later be used as anti-Zoid equipment as well.

- Hunter Wolf MPD Updates!

 The Hunter Wolf MPD is now available on the TakaraTomy Mall for 4,950 yen, with a release date set for June. It also had a preview video made!

- Product Review

- Bub Campaign

 Takara Tomy held a giveaway campaign collaboration with Bub. The campaign would give away kits, Bub products, the hot spring stickers, and stickers featuring Bub's logo for making your own Bub Zoids! They also showed off their Bub Liger on Twitter.

Zoids Wild Official Zoids Collaborations2024-01-30 13:51:44

- Seiko x Zoids Watch Collabroation!

 TakaraTomy is collabing with Seiko to release some high-end Zoids Watches! Be warned, though, these items will be few in number at 300 units each. The watch comes with a special box. It's scheduled to release in April for 59,400 yen.

Official Zoids Collaborations Assorted2024-01-30 13:51:09

- Zoids x Medarot Updates!

 The Medarot twitter posted quite a bit of content for their Zoids collaboration. This included concept art for the Command Wolf Irvine, the Geno Saurer, the Shield Liger, and the Blade Liger. (Though not official, former webcomic artist Tanimeso posted their idea for a Konig Wolf version~). They also showed off the character costumes, additional Zoids, and some cut scenes from the game.

Zoids Collaborations Games Official2024-01-30 13:50:21

- Hunter Wolf MPD

 When Hunter Wolf MPD was exhibited at the Big Zoids Expo, it was in front of a screen featuring a promotional video. This has now been posted online, along with a look at the weathered model kit by SigemikanZ and a dedicated Collaboration Page containing lore content!

- Video

- Fist of the North Star Collab

 Zoids Official posted a nice look at the Wild Liger Kokuoh, which now has a dedicated product page.

- Medarots Updates

 Medarots posted a video featuring some interactions with their new Zoids collab characters. They also posted this neat graphic for the Geno Saurer.

- Collaboration Sales

 Collaboration sales have been opening with online retailers to coincide with the celebrations. Caseplay is selling a variety of smart phone cases for 4,480 yen each, featuring both previous art and 40th Anniversary art. Sugomono Japan is selling two varieties of souvenire jackets, ranging from Small to XL (baring in mind Japanese clothing standards are different than American clothing standards). These jackets are selling for 35,000 yen and are made of 100% polyester.

- Zoids x Medarot Crossover!

 After the previous Zoids Wild Zero crossover, Medarot is holding another collaboration with Zoids! The game will feature new characters based on the Blade Liger, Command Wolf Irvine, Shield Liger, Geno Saurer, and Death Saurer. There are also character costumes featuring Van and Raven costumes.

Official Games Zoids Collaborations2023-10-06 04:24:45

- Zoids x Patlabor Collab!

 Zoids Official has announced several collaboration projects, including Zoids x Patlabor, another mech series! For this collab TakaraTomy will be releasing the Hunter Wolf Metropolitan Police Department Spec.! We're awaiting further information.

- Zoids x Shirakami Fubuki Collab!

 The second collab will involve Shirakami Fubuki, a Japanese Hololive Vtuber! Zoids Official has announced a Gatling Fox for this collab, but we don't have much information yet.

- Zoids x Fist of the North Star Collab!

 The final collaboration announced is Zoids x Fist of the North Star, a Japanese manga/anime series. The Zoid announced is the Wild Liger Kokuoh, named after a massive black horse ridden by Raoh. We don't yet know much about this kit.

- Zoids x Bandai: Chogokin Liger Zero!

 A shocking new collaboration was announced between Bandai and Takara Tomy, which will result in a brand new Liger Zero action figure! For Takara Tomy's side, they're recreating the Mobile Suit Gundam "White Base" within the Tomica line. Meanwhile, Bandai is recreating the Liger Zero within its Chogokin line. Chogokin figures include metal alloy parts, and typically run in the higher price ranges. It's expected to be released sometime in 2023. The twitter account for Bandai Spirits posted a look at this figure, both with its final form, and with the fully-detailed armorless variety!

 An article on Hobby Watch showed off more images from the event, with the Zero in a leaping pose. Furthermore, they showed the interesting prototypes, which (from left to right) were the Initial Mechanism Trial, Appearance Trial, and Appearance / Mechanism Modification Trial, with the final result at the end. Mantan Web showed a second view of the kit.

- Dream Together

- HAL Project

 TakaraTomy is collaborating with the vocational school HAL to create videos! In this project, student teams created a number of videos based on licensed series, all posted on the HAL Project page. It was interesting to see the different takes, with some students aiming for a more serious sequence of events while others enjoyed making some silly, light-hearted projects.

- Video 1

- Video 2

- Video 3

- Video 4

HAL 3DCG Zoids Collaborations Official Videos2022-08-14 18:20:19

- Medabots x Zoids Wild Collab!

 Medabots S, a mobile game for the Medabots series, is collaborating with Takara Tomy to bring two Zoids Wild Zero inspired medabot skins to the game, Beast Liger, Genospino, Rising Liger, Fangtiger (themed after the Aldridge version), Fire Genospino, and Sniptera. The collab also includes character artwork of Medabots characters wearing Zoids Wild ZERO inspired outfits.

- Zoids Wild x Duel Masters Collab!

 Earlier in the year a collaboration was announced between Zoids Wild and Duel Masters! Duel Masters was releasing a Duel Masters Super Complete Works 20th Perfect Box. While this box contained mostly Duel Masters goods (3 a4 size books containing card catalogs and illustration collections, limited cards, autographed illustrations, a poster, and assorted gifts) the box also contained the Bolmeteus White Dragon model kit, which was a variation of the Xenorex with completely new (and limited) parts! The box was released on July 29th, for 28,600 yen.

 A dedicated page showed off most of the box contents as well as the gorgeous limited edition art for the Bolmeteus White Dragon. Zoids Official also showed off the special promotional page featured in CoroCoro.

- Bolmeteus White Dragon Promo Video

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