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- Hobby Search RMZ Interview With Shuu Katayama!

 Hobby Search has posted a new product interview with Katayama, a major player in the Zoids franchise, and Naito, who's in charge of marketing! They brought up a lot of interesting details about the development of the Realize Model line, and some insights about their choices on it. I highly recommend giving it a read. Here are some of the key talking points.

  • Planning for RMZ began around winter 2021. They surveyed fans from all eras, finding an even split of older fans who wanted motorized kits and younger (anime) fans who wanted poseable kits. Though they tried to combine motorized actions into a movable kit they found that trying to do both eliminated the best aspects of both.

  • Geno Saurer and Blade Liger were chosen as the first kits to honor the 40th Anniversary's focus on fans who entered during the anime phase.

  • Realize Models focus on making the kits simple, requiring only the number of parts needed for all of the articulation points. The RMZ Blade Liger has around 200 parts.

  • The series is named "Realize Models" with the hope of bringing fan's dreams for their kits to reality. They want the model kits to closely resemble the anime they remember, expressing all of the gimmicks from the series, while even including effect parts that compliment what people imagine when they think of these Zoids, such as the Blade Liger's blade effects.

  • 1/100 scale was chosen to better suit Japanese residential environment, making these kits small and easy to collect without having to worry as much about space. Compared to 1/72 kits, Realize Models aim to fit several kits in the same amount of space while being able to assemble and even detail them in the same amount of time. Their goal is for RMZ to be assembled in less than an hour.

  • Because they want to keep these kits as affordable as possible, they've currently opted not to include display stands, but they're hoping to release them at a later time.

  • Gimmicks have a focus on being functional even at this small scale, without the need of replacement parts. (The obvious exception being option parts like Geno Saurer's nose guns, of course)

  • They've already planned this line out fairly far into the future, mentioning that they do indeed plan to release kits of the silhouettes displayed in teasers before now. They also hope to release more kits that never got to be made into poseable models.

  • They hope to be able to release something almost every month.

  • Though the series starts off with anime-specific kits, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Zoids, they're also looking to include products for people who got into the franchise through the Battle Story, Games, and Zoids Wild.

  • They've contemplated releasing Customize Parts such as Iron Kong SS's gatling gun, but haven't yet decided if this'll be doable. It would, however, allow them to bridge the gap for anime-specific variants that may not be worth releasing a whole new kit for, but could be sold as option parts. One example given is the Command Wolf Urban Warfare Spec.

  • They mused at someday even dreaming of releasing anime scale Zoids such as Ultra Saurus and Death Saurer, sold as separate parts such as the head or torso. This is not confirmed for the series.

  • Other Zoids that they'd like to eventually release include different scale kits that could be displayed (in scale) alongside the original Zoids, such as Zoids Wild or 1/24. A couple names dropped were Wild Liger and power up forms such as Murasame Liger's evolts.

- RMZ-01 Blade Liger Info!

 Pre-orders for the first two RMZ kits are up, starting with the RMZ-01 Blade Liger! Bladey here is scheduled for February 2025 for a retail price of 4,950 yen (tax included, about $30 USD.) You can find these on all your typical pre-order sites. AmazonJP, HLJ, AmiAmi, USA Gundam, and more. The official page for this kit (linked above) contains a couple pieces of concept art and a heaping ton of images. Blade Liger will come with effect parts for the Dual Laser Blades. It'll also come with sitting pilot figures of Bang (Van) and Fine (Fiona) as well as a general pilot figure.

 They've also released a video on the RMZ Blade Liger narrated by Bang's VA, detailing its various points of articulation. This stood out as an especially cool video to me. Moveable gimmicks tend to be broad stroked, focusing mostly on a few key poses and the actual equipment. After all, covering all moving pieces would take forever. Seeing a video that puts the articulation itself on display is a breath of fresh air and makes me nostalgic about doing Zoid kit reviews. I look forward to seeing more of these going forward.

Zoids Waiting Room
 About a month ago they also held a Zoids Waiting Room discussion corner where people involved in the Zoids series got together and talked about the new line. It shows off a lot of stuff, such as staff members interacting with the AZ-07 Death Saurer and size comparisons of the RMZ kits with the traditional motos. Prototypes of the next 3 RMZ Kits, RMZ-003 Command Wolf, RMZ-004 Helcat, and RMZ-005 Molga also get shown off in the video.

- Preview Video

- Zoids Waiting Room

- RMZ-02 Geno Saurer

 The next up in this 1/100 scale poseable model kit line is the RMZ-02 Geno Saurer. Scheduled for February 2024 alongside the Blade Liger, its got a retail price of 6,600 yen (about $41 USD.) The Geno Saurer's page has two pieces of colored concept art, comparisons of movable gimmicks to the anime, and a ton of pictures. The kit will come with effect parts for both the Charged Particle Cannon and the Long Range Pulse Laser Rifles. It'll also include a seated Raven figure and a generic pilot figure.

 Honestly, this may be the best-proportioned Geno Saurer we've ever gotten. The poseability of this kit is something else. The joints are so well hidden, and the tail movement in particular looks so fluid with no unsightly gaps. The tail vents are also a neat design, and its good to see this often-forgotten feature included on a smaller scale product. The video is likewise narrated by Raven's VA.

- Preview Video

- Metamor Verse "Mech Girl" Figures!

 These 1/100 scale figures are a collaboration between TT and Kotobukiya, and like the Adamas Machina line will branch out to other franchises besides Zoids. Designed by Nidy-2D- this series has shown two Zoids girls so far, Blade Liger and Fine/Fiona wearing armor from Sieg/Zeke. We don't yet know much about this series, how the products will be packaged, or what all will be included. It's slated to begin in 2025. So, let's look forward to learning more in the future!

- CC/GF Staff Talk Show!

 There was a TV Anime "Zoids" Staff Talk Show" held on the 22nd of March, where people could go and hear members of the original anime staff talk about the series. This event got a unique graphic (seen in the link) as well. They discussed matters such as development and the CG process, but unfortunately, they didn't allow media coverage at this event so we know virtually nothing about what was discussed. Here's hoping for a review later!

Zoids Chaotic Century Official Events2024-04-10 06:55:10

- AZ-01 Blade Liger News!

 After showing us the initial product images, the AZ-01 Blade Liger went on to get its own dedicated page on TakaraTomy's 40th anniversary website. This Liger is on track to release in April, for 11,000 yen, and we've seen a ton of coverage on it leading up to this point. We'll try to cover everything, but some earlier twitter posts will be skipped if they contain information already shown on the core product page and store page.

Initial Product Views
 We started seeing more of the Blade Liger throughout October, including this beautiful graphic. A video posted on Zoids Official gave us our first look at its walk cycle, confirming the absence of the roaring animation seen in the MPZ line. This is likely due to how finnicky the roar was in the first place (on the Shield Liger, it often only got 1 or 2 roars into the walk cycle before one part or another would shift a couple mms and cause the mechanism to jam.)

Stock Photos
 More recently we got a look at the first out of the box photos for this model kit, with no panel lining or special paint. Though the photos don't show the details particularly well, the kit has a unique look. The eyes beneath the canopy are especially cool. They also posted four different sample videos, showing off the Zoids' walk from several angles.

 The AZ-01 Blade Liger includes a couple of neat traits, including the blade arm having a telescopic joint to allow the blades to rotate forwards further over the shoulders. It also includes an E-Shield Generator (mane) piece like the Shield Liger. For those wondering why this is included, it's a shoutout to the old Tomy motorized Blade Liger model kit. In this version, you could assemble the Bang version (with the standard Blade Liger generator and tail armor) or the Republic Spec., which encouraged you to use leftover Shield Liger mane pieces and tail.

Heaps Of Videos

 We also saw a ton of video content for the Blade Liger! Not just that, though. We also saw the return of Zoiko, a Zoids mascot character seen during the MPZ days! Zoiko has continued to be the spokesperson for Anniversary Zoid updates, including when preorders went up for the Blade Liger and Liger Zero.

- Video

 This video showed off the Blade Liger as introduced by Zoiko. It had a particularly cool shot with the old motorized Blade Liger and the AZ-01 Blade Liger rotating on the same revolving table, and goes over basic mechanics.

- Interview

 This video featured an interview with Daisuke Kishio, who played Bang Freiheit (Van Flyheight) in the original Japanese version of the show. Bringing back old Zoids VAs is a recurring theme in the Anniversary videos, and it's great for that nostalgia factor!

- Interview

 A second interview video took an in-depth look at the Anniversary Zoids series, complete with some amazing concept art created for the Blade Liger. We get to see the various gimmicks on the Zoid once again.

- AZ-01 Blade Liger PV

 Daisuke Kishio, voice actor for Bang Freiheit makes a return to show off the AZ-01 Blade Liger! In this video we get a new look at the gimmicks, this time through the lense of special effects and CGI.

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