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- Chogokin Liger Zero CAS Article

 Hobby Japan posted an article looking at the CAS Units coming out for the Chogokin Liger Zero. This article features early samples, with the final version said to be even more polished. As is, the units look great, maintaining the dynamic movable parts known to the their respective forms.

- Chogokin Zero CAS Featured in HJM!

 Hobby Japan has announced that it'll be covering the Chogokin Liger Zero CAS units in the August 2023 issue! If you're interested in picking it up, the issue is still available to order on Amazon JP.

- Bandai Chogokin Liger Zero Updates!

 As we approach the release date of Bandai's Chogokin Liger Zero we've been seeing more and more updates. Tamashii Web posted a blog about the Liger Zero, going over some of the specifics and showing off the box art. It looks like the main box is actually, in a surprise twist, inspired by the original Tomy box art! This is a cool shoutout. The main box is covered by a black dust sleeve which features images of the figure. The amount of articulation in this kit is insane, more than I could cover here, so I highly recommend checking out the article!

 Some highlights include that the Zero is covered in a coat of gloss, with metalics used for key parts. The pilot is gold chrome, the eyes light up using LEDs, it includes a metallic red removable Zoid Core, and by replacing the pilot seat with clear parts, you can increase the brightness of the eye glow. The figure comes with its own stand as well. Dengeki Hobby Web posted an article about the Tamashii Nations World Tour Tokyo event, where these figures (the CAS and frame) were on display.

Twitter Campaign

Tamashii Web is also holding a twitter campaign from June 8th until July 18th, where they'll be giving away a variety of items, including 15 Chogokin Liger Zeroes. This event is for Japan residents only.

- Chogokin Liger Zero CAS & Frame Type!

 The Tamashii Web article linked above also showed off some images of the CAS units for the Chogokin Liger Zero. What was a big surprise though is that the armors will come with their own suspension stand, allowing you to display one of the armors as if it were still in the hangar. This is an incredibly cool inclusion, as it means that, even if you can't afford 4 Chogokin figures, you can still put some of your armors on display rather than packing them up in a box. These armors are expected to ship out in January 2024 as a full set of armors (Jager, Schneider, Panzer) for 29,700 yen (tax included).

 In addition, a Liger Zero (Frame Mode) has been announced. This means you'll be able to order just the bare Liger Zero without any CAS units (including the basic Zero armor) attached. For those who aren't able to pick up the first release, this is a great opportunity. The Liger Zero (Frame Mode) is also scheduled to release in January 2024 for 27,500 yen. This Zero will also come with one of the suspension stands. If you happened to miss the earlier pre-order window for the full Chogokin Liger Zero, you may be happy to hear that it's also getting a second run, with some scheduled to ship out around August.

- Chogokin Liger Zero News!

 The website for the Chogokin Liger Zero over on Tamashii Web has been updated sometime in the last few months, featuring a variety of cool graphics. This figure is scheduled to be released in June for 32,000 yen, and was also featured in a recent magazine interview, which we're working to be able to provide soon.

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