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- 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia

 Hobby Japan is releasing a 40th Anniversary Zoids Encyclopedia, which is exciting news! This book will be released on February 28th and will cover more than 600 items throughout Zoids history, including event items, game and magazine benefit items, and even concept art. This is exciting as we haven't had much supplementary book material for Zoids since Wild. Shogakukan's site listed the book at 168 pages, and it'll be released for 4,950 yen. You can pre-order yours on Amazon Japan.

Official HJM Books 40th Anniversary Project2024-01-30 13:51:25

- HMM Konig Wolf HA and Reissues

 The HMM Konig Wolf released over the last couple of months, sporting some of the best articulation we've seen in years among traditional Zoids! Hobby Japan published an article looking at this amazing kit I'm not biased you're biased. Kotobukiya Akihabara store has a display featuring the default wolf and the Heavy Arms version, and also posted a Heavy Arms photo shoot. A LABO article shows off even more photos.

 The HMM Geno Saurer was also announced to be rereleased in February 2024.

Reissues Official Model Kits HMM HJM2023-10-06 04:25:54

- Chogokin Liger Zero CAS Article

 Hobby Japan posted an article looking at the CAS Units coming out for the Chogokin Liger Zero. This article features early samples, with the final version said to be even more polished. As is, the units look great, maintaining the dynamic movable parts known to the their respective forms.

- Chogokin Zero CAS Featured in HJM!

 Hobby Japan has announced that it'll be covering the Chogokin Liger Zero CAS units in the August 2023 issue! If you're interested in picking it up, the issue is still available to order on Amazon JP.

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Book!

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO, the official side-story published in Hobby Japan Magazine during 2020, has announced a brand new book! This book will include the entire story as it was posted earlier, as well as some additional content, apparently, including a new story written exclusively for the book. For now we've removed our EX-ZERO section out of respect for this upcoming sale. At the time that it was posted, I honestly hadn't expected a book! It's scheduled to be released in late July for 3,300 Yen, and is currently available on sites like HLJ and Amazon JP! HJM's twitter posted some clean images of the first Chapter, while Revolver posted teasers of the new story, Senki EX, which is still running on HJM.

Synopsis: Republican unit Blood Blood Corps is a unique task force with the intent purpose of capturing and testing upcoming Imperial technology. The group is led by Shishio Ryuu and his Armd Liger, a specialized liger with auxiliary arms used to snatch weapons off of its opponents from the Empire. As the story evolves, they discover the earliest Laser weapons, considered to be a gateway weapon to Zi's most devastating power, the Charged Particle Cannon. The Blue Bloods make it a top priority to capture this laser equipment, to prevent the Republic from losing irreparable distance in the arms race. With each new battle, Shishio's Armd Liger gains more and more equipment from its defeated opponents. Every chapter features a newly remodeled and evolved Armd Liger. Necessary changes for our team to keep up their fight with Lieutenant Cutter, a strange young man from the Empire who has an unusual effect on the Zoids that he pilots.

Timeline: Zoids Wild EX-ZERO is unique in that it's carefully crafted to fit within the world of Zoids Wild ZERO, the anime. The story begins before the anime series and makes numerous references to the show. This includes a new Regeneration Cube side-story, a chapter exploring the recovery of additional Genospino parts, and ultimately even meeting characters from the Zoids Wild ZERO anime. If you liked the anime, and understand Japanese, you'll enjoy this story. If you don't understand Japanese, it still has lots of nice diorama style images (as seen in this post), customizing examples, and hopefully more!

Zoids Wild EX ZERO Zoids Wild Official HJM Books2021-06-19 12:34:49

- Zoids Wild Senki Side Story!

 How have you guys been enjoying the EX-ZERO side story that was featured in Hobby Japan Magazine throughout 2020? We have one chapter left to go, and it was a little sad to know we were so close to wrapping up. However, the personal blog of the modeler who made this story has posted an announcement. It looks like starting with the March issue of Hobby Japan Magazine, a brand new story will begin! This time focused around Zoids Wild Senki. Check out the blog for an early look at the pages.

Zoids Wild Senki "Side Story" Official HJM2021-02-07 05:07:59

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Chapter 4!

 Chapter 4 of Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been added to the books and articles directories! In this chapter, Cutter wakes up in a strange village, with an even stranger artifact nearby. Soon he meets the village guardian, a Zoid that has been appearing in his dreams. Why does the elusive Kagura Fox seem so familiar?

Zoids Wild EX ZERO Zoids Wild Site HJM Books2020-12-08 16:03:43

- Zoids Wild EX Zero Blog!

 Revolver posted a new blog post, detailing the Saber Liger, the most recently liger variant to appear in the EX-ZERO side story. It discusses the build, and also confirms that Saber Liger is indeed inspired by the older Zoid, the Saberlion.

Official Zoids Wild EX ZERO HJM2020-09-23 17:04:22

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!

 A new blog post over at Revolver shows off the Saber Liger! This new Liger replaces the Armd Liger, which was wounded in a recent chapter of EX-ZERO, and will be featured in the October issue of Hobby Japan Magazine. Many have confused this Liger for a character from a new series. It is from the side-story featured in HJM, in which the Zoids are customized with every chapter. It is unrelated to any new anime or manga.

 The modeler, Yutakakoubou over on twitter, has also posted photos of the Saber Liger and Armd Liger to the ZAOD2020 tag on twitter. ZAOD, Zoids All Owners Discussion, is a modeling event in Japan where fans can come from all over to display their kits. The event is being held online this year, and I highly recommend checking out the tag to see some truly insane and amazing Zoid customs.

Zoids Wild EX ZERO Zoids Wild Official HJM2020-08-30 21:01:35

Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Update!

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been given its own page over in the books section (last image in the stories category). It is also still linked through the HJM article. With this change, Chapter 2 has also been added! Please bare in mind that this uses automatic translation, so will have some mistakes. All scans are there, though, including story pages, advertisements, etc.

 I also wanted to ask for some opinions. The books section right now has every volume posted separately. Do you like this format, or would you rather each series only have a single image, leading to a main page, like what the Official Fan Books have? You can cast your vote through this Straw Poll.

Zoids Wild EX ZERO Site HJM Books2020-04-18 20:38:09

Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!  [Official]

 A third chapter of Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been published in the May issue of Hobby Japan Magazine. This seems to feature a Sniptera and another variant of the Armd Liger, with its ever-evolving equipment tests.

Zoids Wild EX ZERO HJM Official2020-03-30 10:48:42

Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!  [Official]

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO, the side-story produced for Hobby Japan Magazine, continued with its second chapter in the March 2020 issue! HJM also held their own panel at Wonder Festival, where they went over important information for the series. This included the fact that EX-ZERO will be a bi-monthly series, published every 2 months. It takes place before Zoids Wild Zero, which is an interesting time in the series' history.

 The booth also featured a Gilraptor Cutter Spec. that isn't featured in the actual story, though we've yet to see pictures of this Zoid surface online! Similarly, they displayed anime-style character artwork that we hope to see soon. Chapter 2 features a Stylaser, and a keen customization continuation from Chapter 1. The Armd Liger not only keeps its captured weapons from Chapter 1, but is more battle worn from the fight!

Zoids Wild EX ZERO Zoids Wild Official HJM2020-02-12 04:40:58

DHM & HJM Section Revamps!  [Site]

 Our sections for Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine (found under articles) have received some much needed care. Both have been divided into pages organized by year, to cut down on the mass thumbnail loading spam. The main page now, instead, contains tables for the magazines throughout the years. This is a simple checklist, mostly for my own reference, to include what magazines I currently own (and will eventually post- as scans are cleaned up), what ones are known to (or not to) contain Zoids content, and what ones are currently unknown.

 With this update, Dengeki Hobby Magazine has also received some updates. You can now find scans for April, November, and September 2002. This contains some neat stuff, like the old Wild Liger statue used in the box art, a Gojulas Mariner custom (well, lots of Giggles content), and some concept art from the Smack Zoids series.

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!

 On the topic of HJM, the January 2020 issue launched a new series known as "Zoids Wild EX-ZERO". This featured a battle story esque plotline, using custom models in diorama settings to deliver the story. Custom examples were included following the story, and it was heavily implied that it would continue in later issues. However, the February issue contained no Zoids content at all. Here's hoping that more will be added in later issues!

 In the mean time, an automatic translation of the new story, Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been posted! You can find this both under the HJM 2020 page (in the header for that month), and in the books section. As this relies on automatic translation it is bound to have a lot of mistakes, and is provided only as a convenient way to better read those automatic translations. The page includes all content published during that month.

HJM Book Release!  [Official]

    A new book issued by Hobby Japan Magazine is being released, supposedly to cover all of the amazing customs that appeared in the publication of HMM Zoids materials throughout the past yaer or so! A pre-order link has been added down in the pre-orders section. Please note that it is a 'Tentative Pre-order', which means that while the site is taking pre-orders they have not yet procured the stock from the manufacturer. There are some cases where the manufacturer may not have enough stock to cover the full number of buying customers, in which case the item will be refunded.

Official HJM2014-09-02 02:00:00

DHM and HJM Update!  [Site]

    Scans for both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan magazine have been uploaded! Both are geared towards Gojulas, with some amazing customs in Hobby Japan especially.

Site HJM Dengeki Hobby Magazine2014-01-01 02:00:00

DHM Update!  [Site]

    The January 2014 issues have been updated for both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine. You can find updated scans in the articles section!

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Site HJM2013-12-20 05:00:00

DHM and HJM Update!  [Site]

    Both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine articles have been updated. DHM features a model kit diaroma of the Command Wolf and Great Sabre.

    HJM has two volumes added, November and December. November prominantly features the Shield Liger SG from threezero, which is said to be planned for a 2014 Release. It shows concept art and a size comparison of it compared to the also-prototyped Iron Kong.

    December features the Z-Knights which are also planned for a 2014 Release by Kotobukiya. It is the same concept art we've seen. The issue has an image of HMM Gojulas being held in person which truly illustrates the massive size of this kit.

Site HJM Dengeki Hobby Magazine2013-11-07 01:00:00

Hobby Japan Magazine Update!  [Site]

    We've also added a section for Hobby Japan Magazine! I am undecided if this will be a regular or not. We'll be getting the November issue in about a week but depending on the quality of the content it may not stick around permanently. HJM October includes a second image size comparison of the HMM Gojulas compared to the NJR Motorized Gojulas.

Site HJM2013-09-25 05:00:00

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