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- AZ Death Saurer Videos and Interview!

 A couple days ago Hobby Watch posted an interview with Takashi Nakase of Takara Tomy, a key figure of their Zoids projects. This interview also included our first look at the AZ Death Saurer kit in motion, with a video of its motorized walking features. The interview is full of interesting details, a few of the talking points being:

  • When they first started talking about the next kit to commercialize, both Gojulas and Death Saurer were recommended. Ultimately, Death Saurer was chosen for commercialization.

  • The interview contains numerous pieces of concept art in a nice, clear viewing size as well as a photo of the prototype.

  • Advanced Zi will continue as a model kit series, and they're considering many different options. For example, they're obviously looking at popular antagonist Zoids, but also as kits that didn't get a chance to appear in the animes of the past.

  • They've also expressed interest in tackling some of the wind-up Zoid designs, with the idea that they'd be reimagined and released under Advanced Zi as now-fully-motorized kits instead of relying on main spring power.

  • The closing statement included a vague mention of exploring new categories of products, so we'll see what comes later! This is an interesting note since they have a section for various 'brands' on the new website that currently only holds AZ. (This is purely speculative, but it's fun to think about what might come next!)

 After the interview, they posted a commercial of the kit that recreated the classic advertisement from its original release! Just tonight, a Review Video was also posted featuring Zoiko. This shows us more of the finished product and its motorized features, including the Display Mode, and gives us our second look at a size comparison. This new comparison seems to place it at about the same size as Death Saurer (it appears smaller in the video because it is leaning forward for its firing pose.) One thing I quite liked about the video is the inclusion of the old motorized kit, showing off how various sections have been updated in design. This highlighted lots of details I hadn't noticed before.

- Advanced Zi Commercial

- Original Tomy Commercial

- AZ-07 Review Video

Videos Official Model Kits Interviews Advanced Zi2024-04-18 21:40:00

- Interview with Tokuyama Update

 You can now read Part 4 of the long Interview with Tokuyama! This segment goes into the creation of Zoids Wild, and how certain ideas came to be.

Site Interviews CoroCoro Articles2023-10-16 00:35:18

- CoroCoro Interview With Tokuyama Update!

 A while back I'd started a project to translate an earlier CoroCoro web article interview with Tokuyama, who has held a high position in staff throughout Zoids' history. With the anniversary, I thought it'd be a good time to start wrapping up that project. Part 3 is now available, with more in progress.

Articles Site Interviews CoroCoro2023-10-06 04:46:42

- Hobby Watch Article!

 With the upcoming AZ kits, an article has been added that provides machine translations of Hobby Watch's interview with Takashi Nakase, one of the leading developers of the Zoids franchise. This interview goes into detail about the choices made while creating the AZ-01 Blade Liger, challenges and goals from a toy manufacturing perspective, and discusses upcoming products! I've also went through and added direct links for some of the interviews buried in magazines and such, so you can now find them directly from the Articles page.

Site Interviews Anniversary Zoids Articles2023-06-18 08:43:00

- Figure King's 40th Anniversary Interview!

 During the tail-end of 2022, Figure King, a magazine in Japan, published an issue discussing the currently-ongoing Zoids 40th Anniversary. This included a look at the franchise's history over the past 40 years, along with product lineups from various series, tons of cool concept art (including some never released before), and an interview with two of the current staff members, Yutaka Tajima and Takashi Nakase. We've added a cleaned up machine translation of this article to our Assorted Magazines article. It's a fun read, for those who enjoy hearing about the development process!

- Art of HMM Book Section!

 With the prototype reveal for the HMM König Wolf and Redler, there's a lot of hype going around! To celebrate, a page has been created over in Books for the Art of HMM. At this time, it doesn't include the bulk of the book. It does, however, contain a cleaned up machine translation for the interview featured at the back of the book! This roundtable discussion goes over the history of the HMM series, how it began, how each of the major team members got involved, and what to expect in the future. It also discusses the highest-ranking fan requests from recent years, including the Ultra Saurus and Death Saurer!

Articles Interviews HMM Books2022-07-23 00:00:17

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