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- Official Fan Book 3 Update!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:12:20

Official Fan Book 3 has been updated with profiles for the Helic Republic Zoids, pilots, and hierarchy! OFB3 introduces the use of charts to measure Zoid abilities for speed, fire power, maneuverability, etc. It also introduces some of our favorite Zoids, such as the Liger Zero!


- New Custom: König Wolf Silver Fang!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:12:08

 A new custom has been added to the bottom of the model kits page, the König Wolf Silver Fang! This is a page I've been excited about adding for a long time. Though this kit was finished in 2020, 2021 was such a chaotic year for me that it took forever to finish the photo taking and page setup. Silver Fang is a 3D printed conversion kit for the Tomy (motorized) König Wolf, developed, 3D modeled, and printed by the amazing Torrigan, who put countless hours into making sure that every single detail was perfect. Before starting work on this project, I never imagined I'd get my hands on a Silver Fang, and I'm eternally grateful!

 As this has been such a long-standing holy grail for me (over a decade!) I've made the files available for visitors of the website, so you can download and print your own version! The custom page goes into more detail about what you need to watch out for. My only request is that the files not be used for commercial purposes, either directly or indirectly. I'd love for this conversion kit to remain free above the cost of materials, so that everyone can enjoy it~


- New Custom: Bio Tricera Pyrite!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:54

 A second new custom, the Bio Tricera Pyrite, has also been added to the model kits page. This is a straight repaint, utilizing a used Bio Tricera sold to me by another fan. It was a good test in dealing with silvers, as I've wanted to see how to best paint Bio Zoid armor for a while. All in all pleased with the results!


- Zoids Galaxy Quest Planet Zi Update!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:42

 Chapter 10 of Zoids Galaxy Quest is now available! In this chapter, Kugo and company encounter a new BLOX Zoid, but it's not quite like the monsters they've met before. Though the meeting is short, they're immediately thrown back into danger.


- Zoids Rubber Keychain Reviews!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:26

 A page has been added under Assorted for the unusual Zoids Genesis Rubber Keychains. These are pretty cool products, and worth checking out.

 I've also added pages for some assorted Genesis products (towels, clocks, toothbrushes, etc.) Over the next year I'll be trying to slowly expand product pages using magazine/book scans in lieu of photos for products not currently owned. There aren't many resources for assorted Zoids goods, and I'd love to collect that information in one place, where people can view what products have existed and just how vast the Zoids franchise truly is!

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- Starting Model Kit Updates

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:16

 Work has begun on a model kit page update. First and foremost, images have been replaced with tables. They still contain Zoid images, but now also include text so that people don't have to know the Zoid's number to find it in the list. You can now ctrl + F to immediately jump to the Zoid's name. Though a little clunkier looking, this should hopefully help the overall browsing experience.

 In addition, I've begun expanding individual kit series pages with thumbnails for kits that don't yet have pages, so that there's still a visual reference list for what kits are in each series. These lists aren't entirely complete yet, but are still being worked on. To improve visibility, the image transparency of kits without pages has been increased, and pages with reviews will now have a green border around the image to make them more visible.

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- Zoids Index Updates!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:01

 A heap of Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index. The Blade Liger has had its military history, notable facts, temperament, product information, and media appearances (which will be further expanded upon later) updated. On the Republic side, we now also have the Storm Sworder, Hammer Head, Dibison, and Gun Sniper. These include basic military history, weapons info, product information, and a start to media appearances.

 On the Empire side of things, we also have the Geno Saurer, Geno Breaker, Rev Raptor, Sinker, and Lightning Saix. These all have the standard info, military history, equipment information, product info, media info, and concept art where applicable. The Geno Breaker also has a notable variations section along with a color chart!

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- CoroCoro Updates!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:10:41

 Scans have been added for CoroCoro's December 1999 and August 2000 issues. This includes a portion of the prototype Rev Raptor and Geno Saurer, though, unfortunately, my second-hand scans are missing one of the pages for the Rev Raptor.

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- Televi-kun Updates!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:10:27

 Televi-kun has been divided into its own page, as we continue to collect a decent number of these magazines. For now I've added the March and July 2001 issues and the January and June 2002 issues. These include some awesome diorama images and unique anime artwork.

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- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Updates!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:10:15

 New issues have also been posted for Dengeki Hobby Magazine! The April 2004 issue features a custom of the Panzer Tier Dontress and a custom Energy Liger Falcon (looking all fine and doomy). It also features CG images of proposed Zoids One BLOX figures, including Gojulas Cannon, Blade Liger, Berserk Führer, and Red Horn. Not all of these got made, so it's interesting to see what they would've looked like! The 2006 August issue features Zoids Generations, custom Neo BLOX "Hungry Dog", LB Gojulas, HMM Shield Liger, Zoids Dash, and assorted products.


- Three Tigers Legend Videos!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:10:04

 The Three Tigers Legend is a series of promotional videos dispersed between limited DVDs that were included with the Brastle Tiger and Rayse Tiger, and the Zoids VS III opening. We previously did a splice together of all of these videos, trying to piece them into correct order. However, in a fascinating turn of events, Twitter blog After10yearsL posted videos of the Whitz Tiger, Rayse Tiger, and Brastle Tiger featuring brand-new scenes that were never included in the officially released media! Definitely check these out for some new 'Tiger content. A new splice-together with corrected scenes will be added at a later time~

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- New EX Customs Website!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:09:41

 Professional model kit customizer Kyosuke Ozawa, who makes the customs for Zoids Wild EX-ZERO and the continuation of it has made a new Wordpress Blog called Leo Works! This site has photos of some of the customs that they've created in their career, while working alongside Hobby Japan, including some elusive ones such as the Cutter Berg Exclusive Gilraptor. Be sure to check it out!


- Shield Liger Marking Plus!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:09:29

 Kotobukiya's Shield Liger Marking Plus is now popping up for pre-order, retailing for 6,000 yen with a May release date. A recent LABO article talks about the kit. It'll come with new decals, including those from the Masterpiece Shield Liger. Clear colorless parts will be included in addition to the clear orange canopy and such. The kit will be released in newly molded colors, with a darker blue closer to the Tomy Shield Liger, silver claws and teeth, darker gray (nearly black) for the legs and gray for the body.


- Dark Horn Rerelease!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:09:12

 Koto also announced a rerelease of their Dark Horn! The Horns really are a cool kit to build. It'll be released in June for 6,800 yen. Pre-order links have been added to the table at the bottom of the page.


- Zoids Wild Biographies: Rising Liger Panzer!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:08:54

 Back in November, Zoids Official teased a new Zoids Wild Biographies kit, which turned out to be the Rising Liger Panzer! The story is already up for this kit (in the link, it's in Japanese) and the kit is available for pre-order for 5,500 Yen (including tax) until January 31st. Since this is through TTMall, you'll need to use a proxy like White Rabbit Express to order. It's scheduled for release in late May 2022.


- Chaotic Century Manga Artwork Roughs!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:08:35

 Manga artist Ueyama posted sketches of the beautiful artwork used in the CC Manga's recent re-release! It's always so cool to see early-stage WIPs of artist's work.


Second Stand River Battle Conclusion!

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:16:36

 Stand River has concluded, and the battle ended in the Republic's victory, with 704 points to the Empire's 579. There were so many amazing customs entered into both sides, which you can view here. I highly recommend browsing through all of the pages, because there are some amazing gems hidden in there, like the Bigasauru Mk-2 and the King Liger inspired kits! I'll leave the news post containing a link to the stream beneath all of the announcements if you want to check it out.


- HMM Shield Liger Marking Plus

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:16:11

 In a suiting turn of events, the first new Zoid announced at Stand River is the Shield Liger Marking Plus Ver.! Shield Liger was also the first HMM Zoid to be announced, and according to Koto's website, it hasn't been rereleased since the launch of the series in 2006. From first glance it looks like the MPV might be a slightly darker, richer blue, closer to the original Tomy motorized kit, but this is hard to confirm with photos alone.


- HMM EHI-7 Reddra

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:15:53

 Fans have been asking for more flying Zoids for a long time, and Redler has been high on that list! Now we have official announcements, starting with the EHI-7 Reddra! This kit has a ton of seamless articulation, which adds so much personality to it. The default Reddra comes with two beam guns for the wings.


- HMM EZ-005 Redler

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:15:39

 A separate release has been confirmed for the EZ-005 Redler! Aside from sporting new colors, this version of the Redler will also include additional weaponry. What we saw in the stream was a gun for the chin and two sets of missiles for the wings. At the moment the Redler is still in development, so its equipment specifics may be subject to change.

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