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- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Updates!

 A good few issues have been added to the DHM Article. This includes May, August, and October from 2010 (mostly model kit reviews), January and March of 2009 (covering Rebirth Century content), and March 2005 (featuring Fuzors customs, Mercy Rabbit illustrations, the WF BLOX Command Wolf, and heaps of Fuzors based Concept Art!)

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine Articles2024-01-30 13:54:46

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Updates!

 New issues have also been posted for Dengeki Hobby Magazine! The April 2004 issue features a custom of the Panzer Tier Dontress and a custom Energy Liger Falcon (looking all fine and doomy). It also features CG images of proposed Zoids One BLOX figures, including Gojulas Cannon, Blade Liger, Berserk Führer, and Red Horn. Not all of these got made, so it's interesting to see what they would've looked like! The 2006 August issue features Zoids Generations, custom Neo BLOX "Hungry Dog", LB Gojulas, HMM Shield Liger, Zoids Dash, and assorted products.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2022-01-09 00:10:15

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

 The Dengeki Hobby Magazine section has been updated with scans for the October 2004 and June 2006 issues. This includes some Zoids Generations content, BLOX customs, BLOX Geno Saurer and Shield Liger introduction, Mercy Rabbit art, Rebirth Century customs, artwork, and story, as well as the concept art for Brastle Tiger! I know a lot of people have been wanting to see larger scans of this fierce tiger, so check it out in the 2004 issue! I've also replaced the April 2009 scans with new ones. Many of our magazines were scanned on an old scanner that bleached out almost all colors, and I'm slowly working on replacing them with better ones (save for the HMM Geno Breaker scans, because those stark white claws and teeth just can't be saved.)

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine!

 Scans have been added for Dengeki Hobby Magazine May 2004, May 2005, February 2006, and July 2011 issues. Articles of note include a look at some Panzer Tier artwork including an interview, Brachios kit overview, some assorted Genesis goods that haven't really been documented much before, Mugen Liger concept art, and a look at the unreleased Zoids One BLOX Iron Kong, Gairyuki, and Seismosaurus.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine Articles2020-12-26 16:54:22

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

 Scans have been added for DHM January, February, and March, 2004! This is Deathpion Fandom Hour, so if you're interested in Deathpions, check it out! Also included is a photo of an unreleased Master Action Blade Liger figure, Energy Liger, the Tasker Sisters SRDX figures, unreleased One BLOX concept sketches, and a Dimetroptera custom.

Articles Dengeki Hobby Magazine Site2020-11-23 19:58:07

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2005 April, July, September, and October issues have been added to the articles section! These issues include a lot of notable things. Customs on Gravity Saurer, Ultimate Seismo, Blade Liger BLOX, Rez Wolf, Reaper, and Souga. As well as concept art of Ultimate & Berserk Seismo, Murasame & Hayate Liger, Deadly Kong, Bamburian, and the Bio Zoids. Tons of stuff for you to check out!

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

 July and October 2005 have been added to DHM. October includes some Generations content as well as a look at model kits for Souga, Hayate Liger, the Reaper custom, a custom Blade Liger BLOX, and Hayate Liger concept art. July includes Generations, a look at the Murasame Liger and Bio Megaraptor model kits, Souga and Rez Wolf customs, and Bio Zoid concept art.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2020-06-05 01:08:25

ZW Customs from DHM!  [Official]

 Dengeki Hobby Magazine as posted a new custom article, featuring Zoids Wild customs based on the instruction manual variations. It goes in depth into the build process, with WIP photos and more!

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!  [Site]

 The June 2001 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine has been reuploaded. We had this issue earlier, though it was temporarily missing with the revamp. This is because it was being rescanned with much better colors. No more bleaching out effect on the pages! I'll be working on rescanning more of our old magazine scans. The August 2002 issue has also been uploaded, which contains some concept art. Both issues contain images of huge display Zoids, like the 1/6 scale Leoblaze and Unenlagia.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2020-02-12 04:55:18

DHM & HJM Section Revamps!  [Site]

 Our sections for Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine (found under articles) have received some much needed care. Both have been divided into pages organized by year, to cut down on the mass thumbnail loading spam. The main page now, instead, contains tables for the magazines throughout the years. This is a simple checklist, mostly for my own reference, to include what magazines I currently own (and will eventually post- as scans are cleaned up), what ones are known to (or not to) contain Zoids content, and what ones are currently unknown.

 With this update, Dengeki Hobby Magazine has also received some updates. You can now find scans for April, November, and September 2002. This contains some neat stuff, like the old Wild Liger statue used in the box art, a Gojulas Mariner custom (well, lots of Giggles content), and some concept art from the Smack Zoids series.

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!

 On the topic of HJM, the January 2020 issue launched a new series known as "Zoids Wild EX-ZERO". This featured a battle story esque plotline, using custom models in diorama settings to deliver the story. Custom examples were included following the story, and it was heavily implied that it would continue in later issues. However, the February issue contained no Zoids content at all. Here's hoping that more will be added in later issues!

 In the mean time, an automatic translation of the new story, Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been posted! You can find this both under the HJM 2020 page (in the header for that month), and in the books section. As this relies on automatic translation it is bound to have a lot of mistakes, and is provided only as a convenient way to better read those automatic translations. The page includes all content published during that month.

DHM Press Conference Coverage!  [Official]

    In Dengeki Hobby Magazine's coverage of the press conference, it was announced that the series will launch in full force with apps, a game for the nintendo switch, merchandise, arcades, etc. So we can expect tons of Zoids products to come!

Zoids Wild Official Dengeki Hobby Magazine2018-02-26 07:00:00

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!  [Site]

    Alongside the separate segment we've also added the full January 2002 section to the Dengeki Hobby Magazine article. We'll put a link under the full page scans to the corresponding concept article. Scans provided by Falcarius!

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2016-04-28 03:00:00

DHM Ending Physical Publication  [Official]

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has released their final publication. They will no longer be releasing print media but will instead be switching to an online-only format. In their last issue they previewed a concept image of the Masterpiece Zoids Saber Tiger, which will be theoretically possible as an additional armor using the Shield Liger base.

Official Fan Book Dengeki Hobby Magazine2015-05-28 01:00:00

DHM Masterpiece Shieldy Photos!  [Official]

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has posted a new series of photos of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! These include photos published during the month's issue with a few extras.

DHM and HJM Update!  [Site]

    Scans for both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan magazine have been uploaded! Both are geared towards Gojulas, with some amazing customs in Hobby Japan especially.

Site HJM Dengeki Hobby Magazine2014-01-01 02:00:00

DHM Update!  [Site]

    The January 2014 issues have been updated for both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine. You can find updated scans in the articles section!

HJM Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2013-12-20 05:00:00

DHM and HJM Update!  [Site]

    Both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine articles have been updated. DHM features a model kit diaroma of the Command Wolf and Great Sabre.

    HJM has two volumes added, November and December. November prominantly features the Shield Liger SG from threezero, which is said to be planned for a 2014 Release. It shows concept art and a size comparison of it compared to the also-prototyped Iron Kong.

    December features the Z-Knights which are also planned for a 2014 Release by Kotobukiya. It is the same concept art we've seen. The issue has an image of HMM Gojulas being held in person which truly illustrates the massive size of this kit.

Site HJM Dengeki Hobby Magazine2013-11-07 01:00:00

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!  [Site]

    The November Issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine has been updated in the DHM article. This issue feature an awesome custom Iguan and the photo contest prizes.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2013-10-28 02:00:00

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!  [Site]

    Both the September and the October issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine are uploaded to the Articles section. There isn't a lot of new content but there are size comparisons of how the HMM Gojulas matches up to the standard Gojulas.

    While we're talking about HMM Gojulas, Toy-Wave.com has listed the Zoid to be 3500 grams which is 1,000 grams heavier than the Iron Kong SS. Depending on the size box you can assume that shipping to the North-West United States will be around $60-$80 with EMS to Washington appearing to be roughly $65. Who knows though, if the box is large it may skyrocket in price.

Site Dengeki Hobby Magazine2013-09-25 04:00:00

DHM Update!  [Site]

    The August 2013 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine has been added to the DHM article. This features a retooled Mirage Fox and some previews up upcoming model kits.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Site2013-07-19 03:00:00

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