ZOIDS "ART OF HMM 2006 ~ 2020"

 The Art of HMM is a compilation of Kotobukiya's absolutely gorgeous artwork, ranging from the original concept sketches, to the final product image, to the box art created for each individual kit. It also includes the stories from the side of the model kit boxes, and some of the assorted lore. If you're a fan of all the work that goes into the HMM world setting, but don't have the ability to pick up literally every kit that comes out, I highly recommend buying your own copy.

Sample Images

Limited Cover

 When this book came out, Kotobukiya offered a limited edition cover, which could only be obtained by ordering the book through Kotobukiya Direct, Kotobukiya's online store. This limited cover featured the gorgeous Geno Saurer Raven Version box art, and was a replacement gloss dust jacket to go over the book in place of the standard Blade Liger Bang Version art.

 Unfortunately, shenanigans ensued when Kotobukiya's creative packaging resulted in a wave of international fans being subsequently slapped with $60+ shipping on a single book. Rather than wrapping the limited cover around the book, Kotobukiya attached the book and the dust cover on a long piece of cardboard, with them forming a lengthwise line. Some people received boxes 2 ~ 3 feet long, when shipping could have easily been half the price. So for those of you out there cringing over the choice of ordering the limited cover, you're not alone.

- Contents

Chapter 1: Art     A collection of box art, concept art, and story / lore info.
Chapter 2: Catalog    A list of the currently available HMM kits.
Chapter 3: Talk    An interview with the people involved in making the HMM series.