- MZ-006 Sinker

Number of Pieces: 76 | Number of Frames: 9

    Sinker was a surprising Zoid to see released, and even more surprising was the level of detail on it. You wouldn't think they could get much pose ability out of this little thing but they did. The details and movable parts are all great.

    Movement wise, Sinker feels a little floppy. Its poses hold up well, except for the middle wing section which can't hold an upwards pose at all. I'm not entirely sure it is supposed to. Don't get me wrong, floppy does not mean loose parts. None of the pieces of Sinker come off easily.

    This kit also comes with a beautiful ocean display base. This has an added rod that can hoist Sinker up above the water, and attaches to a hole that is normally hidden by the T shaped piece on its belly. Even the square parts that connect to other bases are transparent, and it's a lot of fun to put lights under!

    -High quality parts
    -Accurately painted pieces add depth, and attached in areas where cut marks won't be visible
    -Excellent poseability
    -Added diaroma base is amazing
    -Much fewer fragile parts than normal

    -Very small size for the price

- Box Art

- Instructions


    I forgot to take pictures of this, but the cockpit does open when the head is fully slid forward. As seen in the photos it can extend forward or retract back into the body. When it is extended the head can move up and down.

Head Guns:
     The guns on either side of the head can also rotate up and down independantly of the cockpit.

Fin Attachments:
    The fins attach to the side of the body, but are able to tuck back in slightly. This lets them be moved forwards or backwards.

    Otherwise the fins have two rotation points, the middle and the tip. The middle part can rotate up and down, and maintain the downwards pose, but not the upwards pose. It just flops back down. The tip maintains either pose.

Mid Section:
    The lower part of the sinker can pull out, allowing left to right motion. It can also retract to be flat, if you just want it lined up well.

    The tail is capable of up-down movement. That fin on the bottom is one of the more obnoxious pieces to attach. Don't stab yourself.

    The missiles on the underside of the fins can rotate left and right, limited slightly by the large engines, which are stationary.