- MZ-002 Hammer Rock

Number of Pieces: 109 | Number of Frames: 9

    Hammer Rock is the second in this series, released at the same time as the Shield Liger. It has about half the pieces but it certainly doesn't disappoint. The articulation is great and it also uses painted pieces to help make the design pop. I will say that the paint on some of the sprues make me stare for a second- it is a very sparkly/grainy paint.

    Like the Shieldy it has concept art from the Original Japanese Release printed in the instructions manual. The kit is cast in a VERY dark red that shows up much brighter in photos. I tried to darken them a little bit to be closer but most are still too light. I also forgot that the shoulder/leg pieces are in baggies separately. This is confusing considering it is numbered like it is supposed to go on the sprue, and if you're looking at the sprue you won't find those numbers.

    -Good quality with many pieces
    -OJR concept art on the box
    -Painted pieces for more detail, and painted where cut marks won't be visible
    -Excellent poseability
    -Some additional moving pieces

    -Very tiny pieces can be hard to hold, and may be breakable
    -Confusing parts/sprue ordering
    -Very small size for the price
    -Hands don't extend far enough to grab stuff without being removed first

- Box Art

- Instructions


- Battle Story Information

Imperial Army
    Small Grappling Type | Fighting Mechanical Beast "Hammer Rock"

[Fuselage Summary]
    The Hammer Rock is a small-sized, light-weight, type fundamentally used for grappling.

    Precepts developed about the effectiveness of the Iron Kong's combat results so its duty was to assist large beast types, but even if it's on its own its fuselage is sufficient enough for military strategies.

[Technical Data]
    Overall Length: 5.6 m
    Highest Point: 6.7 m
    Overall Width: 5.9 m
    Weight: 26.8 tons
    Max Speed: 180 km/h

    Guided Antiaircraft Missile x2
    Beam Cannon x1
    Vulcan Cannon Bag

    The cockpit part can fly independently.

*Data based on the original setup.

Fuselage Variation:

[MK-III Specifications]
    A protector was added as a strengthening specification.

[Commander Specifications]
    This type has strengthened communication equipment to give commands to troops.


    The top of the Zoid's head is actually a helmet which flips back, allowing you to also open the cockpit which is a solid piece.

    The head is on a peg that lets it spin around. Unfortunately the lack of up and down mobility means its stuck looking away from the road if it's in certain positions.

    A large silver panel over the chest opens up to reveal a cap on the inside and some general gear-y stuff. This is kind of a cool feature, but kinda creepy in its own way-

    The left gun on the shoulder spins 360.

    The right gun can also spin~ It is much larger, though, so it gets blocked by the head and body of the Zoid.

    Four missiles on the back are attached to the same area and can rotate upwards. These missiles are very hard to attach, though. They're small and the pegs are microscopic so it's very easy to knock them off while posing.

    The shoulder pieces have painted details on them, but can rotate separately from the arm itself. The arm is also extended on a fold-out arm that extends from the body for greater poseability. While these pieces don't come loose as easily as Shieldy's legs if they DO come loose it's a lot more annoying to reattach them.
    The arms rotate at the elbows, and the pipe is set up to retract into the arm when they are folded. Lastly, the hands can rotate on a peg and tilt a little. It'd be awesome if they could actually grab stuff but for that you'd have to just about remove them.

    The legs rotate a good ways at the connection point, and at the knees. Unfortunately I seem to have attached the legs to the leg pipe wrong. They won't move at all, but they're supposed to. Especially the left. I haven't taken them apart yet.
    The feet also rotate up and down a bit but due to the side paneling on the leg they can't turn.

    Three segments make up the body, which can twist down or upwards. Not very far, but definitely enough to make a difference.