- Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter

    Zoids Wild: Battle is a card game + arcade game available in Japan. Cards could be scanned in (and earned through) normal gameplay at the arcade, in sessions of about 8 minutes. The game has had a ton of cards released, as well as several unique armors that could be redeemed at select stores with limited time, promotional cards.

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    These pages are for now simple checklists for the cards we've collected, but we'll expand with more information on them later!

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- Gameplay

    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter is an arcade game in Japan that combines basic gameplay with collectible cards. By playing the base game you can win cards which you receive from the machine. You can then scan the QR codes back into the game to make use of the Zoids, whose stats all contribute to your success.

Getting Started:

    You can start off a game with a charge of 100 yen ($1) per session. Sessions last an average of 8 minutes. Those who are starting with a save card can also create custom avatars with unique hair colors, clothes, names, and choose their gender. Your starting team will consist of 3 Zoids that you can scan in (there is a starter pack if you need one) using QR codes to access the Zoids in the actual game.

    The game consists of three primary modes: Play a Battle: where you select locations from the map to fight in, Buy a Card: Where you can purchase cards to start with, and Read Battle Code: Where you can scan in the QR code of your existing cards. Your team is then composed, and you gain a Team Point Bonus based on the total value of your individual Zoids, combined. Support Cards can augment these stats to help you out.

- Combat

    When you begin combat, you'll see your team behind you! When your Action Gauge (located on the lower left of the screen) is full, you'll be able to attack. The faster your Zoid is, the faster its action gauge rises. You must operate the buttons and lever in a certain order, following the on screen prompts, and be quicker than your AI opponent to succeed! Every time you enter the commands successfully, you'll also fill your Wild Blast gauge, leading up to a stronger attack.

    Once an attack has been initiated, it's time to defend yourself! Just as with the attack phase, you must match the on screen prompts to prevent your opponent from attacking. Your defense stats can be located on the card, and depending on the Support Power of the Zoid cards, your 2 backup Zoids may randomly support and attack the enemy. This chance will increase depending on your team bonus.

Instincts Unleashed!
    As you attck and defend, your Wild Blast gauge will start filling up. When it's full, pressing the buttons at the right time will release your Wild Blast! Once it's activated, all follow Zoids gain a power up. Entering combat after activating the Wild Blast will increase the gauge even more, and once full you can use a special combat move.

    At the end of the fight you'll see the battle results. The winning score is determined by bonus points received for winning rounds, and the maximum damage. Depending on how well you did, you'll earn a score of C ~ S rank, and if you have a save card, you can save your Zoids "Kizuna Exp." The higher the Kizuna level, the easier it will be to trigger a Wild Blast, as well as increase its attack power when you do decide to use it.

- Excavation!

    When you win a battle, one of your opponent's Zoids will be chosen as your victory bonus. You can turn the lever in the middle of the console to search for which Zoids can be excavated. Next, you can select a place to dig with the left lever and try to excavate it! If you keep inserting coins you can keep discovering the cards. If you've excavated all locations, you can gain excavation points that'll award you a Super Rare or higher!

    When you complete excavation, a card will be discharged from the machine. Yes, a physical card! You can scan this in later to access the Zoids in game. The different rarities include: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Wild Rare, Legendary Rare (as of Set 3, featuring old Zoids), and Secret Rare. There are tons of cards to collect!

    For players using a Save Card, excavating a Zoid that you already own will result in a boost to its stats going forward. Some people have complained about this as it favors adults with money to burn, ensuring kids (the games intended audience) can't access the top 3 high score slots.

- Boss Battles

    You may occasionally encounter limited time boss battles on the Adventure Map! These bosses may include anime-specific Zoids with their human riders, and defeating them gives you a chance to win powerful Zoids! Sometimes limited time bosses will appear, offering special cards or opportunities to get additional game products.

- Treasure Maps

    Some cards may contain maps, which can be added to a 'treasure map' card sheet. You can compare the spot that is marked by the clear card sheet, over the card's map, with the Treasure Decryption Sheet on the console to find locations for extra loot! The map for each game set (set 1, set 2, etc.) is different, and you can purchase the map from the buy cards section.

- Grade System

    The grading system allows you to complete specific tasks in game in order to level up. Things like defeating bosses, buying a shop item, etc. There are 9 "Kyuu" ranks that you can work towards.

    There are also five "Dan" grades where you'll be able to accumulate points from battles onto your save card. With each grade, you'll be able to print off a certificate card featuring your avatar and a special gold Zoid card.