- Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter

    Zoids Wild: Battle is a card game + arcade game available in Japan. Cards could be scanned in (and earned through) normal gameplay at the arcade, in sessions of about 8 minutes. The game has had a ton of cards released, as well as several unique armors that could be redeemed at select stores with limited time, promotional cards.

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- Sebuca Card

Basic Sebuca Card
Price: 500 Yen
Saves: 400

    Sebuca Cards are essentially memory cards used for arcade games, and often have a limited time use. The Sebuca card allows you to save your game 400 times. This particular card works with Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter and the other arcade game housed in the console, Snack World Jarasta. It's an easy way to pick up your progress and get special bonuses.

    When it comes to Zoids Wild BCH, the card lets you save your progress on the map. It also allows you to create your own character avatar, which can actually be seen riding the Zoid! You can select the character's sex, hair style, hair color, clothes, etc. Other bonuses include encountering more enemies on the map, gaining new treasure maps, using the Card Boost function, and achieving both Kyuu (Ranks) and Dan (Grades). You can check out the gameplay section to learn more, by clicking the banner at the top of the page.

- Book of Adventure Card Album

Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter: Book of Adventure Card Album
Price: 1,300 Yen
Card Storage: 48 Cards

    The Book of Adventure Card Album is an album to store your cards from Battle Card Hunter. It contains 8 sheets (referred to as 'refills') which hold 3 cards each. Additional refills can be purchased separately, and if you put a card in the front and back of each slot, you can store up to 48 cards. This is a bit of a problem, given that the first set contains around 80 cards. I'm not sure how many refills it can comfortably hold, either.

- Book of Adventure Additional Refill

Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter: Additional Refill
Price: 500 Yen

    With the Book of Adventure holding so few cards, it may be necessary to buy additiona refills depending on the size of your collection. Refill packs cost 500 yen each and contain 5 refills (card pages). Each of these refills contain 3 slots, so if you place cards in both the front and back of each slot, a refill pack will let you store 30 additional cards. These can be added to your existing Book of Adventure.

- Starter Set

Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter: Starter Set
Price: 900 Yen

    This special starter set was released when the game first launched. It contains everything to get you started on your adventure! The set contains your first 3 cards, which include a Scorpear (Normal Rarity), Gannontoise (Rare Rarity), and Triceradogos (Super Rare Rarity), all "Freedom" versions. These are the rarities you'll most often encounter by playing the base game.

    The set also contains a limited edition Sebuca Card, which allows you to save your progress on the arcade machine as well as access a number of features that are restricted to use with a save (Sebuca) card. This limited edition card contains an image of the Wild Liger, so is instantly recognizable compared to the standard blue card.

    Finally the set contains a single refill for the Book of Adventure. This page can store up to 3 ~ 6 cards (depending on if you put one or two in each slot) and can be added to the Book of Adventure, allowing you to experience the archiving part of this right away.

- Hunting Gum

Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter: Hunting Gum
Price: 100 Yen

    The Hunting Gum packs are booster packs. Each pack contains a single promotional card and a small square of gum. Priced at 100 yen, these boosters are sold separately in Japan and perfect for kids to collect a little at a time. This first set contains 15 cards: One Super Rare (using the Wild Liger image on the advertisement), Four Rares, and 10 Commons. Although these are intended for separate sale, many websites sell the whole box, which contains a guaranteed complete set of 15 cards + 5 extras, for a total of 20 boosters.

    Aside from the Super Rare Wild Liger, each card is almost identical to the base game "Set 1" cards, except they have an anime style rendering for the 3D models. This means lines instead of a purely CG look, with the cards being flipped in some cases. The combat stats are the same.