- Basic Review

    This is the eighth of nine volumes for home viewing (sales) release of Chaotic Century. It features three complete episodes, the first to cut down on the individual volume episode count. We have not yet reviewed the video itself to see if it contains any extras.

    While our heroes are trying to step away from the war there are many pilots around them that haven't been able to get away from it. Included in those pilots are the Three Guards, pilots of unique Saber Tiger variations. The conspiracy insisting that Rudolph is an impersonator has reached their ears, and they set out, knowing full well that it may be a trap. Will they figure it out before they become responsible for the prince's death?

    The sales DVD also comes with the Sticker Collection Volume 8.

    Episode 29: Heroes of the Sky
    Episode 30: Moonbay's Waltz
    Episode 31: The Three Guards

- Box Images

- Extras

    Chaotic Century (Volume 8) comes with the Sticker Collection 08, which features a CG image of the Storm Sworder and small screenshot stickers from the episodes. Sticker collections are only available in the Sales VHS. They were not included in the Rentals because the rentals were not intended for personal ownership.