- Zoids Wild Anime Info Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 8th, 2018: 11:05 am
    I've removed the Zoids Wild episode summaries pages, since the anime is getting subs~ These were here to serve as a basic information rundown for people who couldn't understand what was going on, but with subs, this information isn't necessary. We'll still keep the main "Episodes" page which has a brief summary and enough screencaps to drown an Elephander~

    In the mean time, all character and Zoid profiles relevant to Episode 1 have been added. There's also now an Encyclopedia page that will contain world building information and locations. All Zoids Wild anime pages will be updated as we add episode reviews to the site. So don't fret over it missing a lot of information, we simply haven't gotten to those episodes yet!

    Speaking of profiles, some errors in the Character Index regarding Zoids Saga characters have been fixed! This includes fixing the Death Meteor's master, who is supposed to be Zeru, not Juno. Thanks to Falcarius for helping to iron out our information!

- Guylos Empire Enamle Pins!  [Fan Made]

Posted: Wednesday, September 8th, 2018: 11:05 am
    So CloudyMecha over on Tumblr and r/Zoids has decided to do a group order of Zoids Enamel Pins, and for now has the Guylos Empire insignia available! These pins are already created and will start shipping on the 15th. You can check out the store page here. It's awesome to see some fan made content floating around, and the insignias are a great choice for pins, currently being sold at cost (of making and shipping them.)

- Remodeling Character Index  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 11:45 am
    The Character Index has been revamped with a more consistent format between profiles. This will lead to a cleaner format down the line. For now, there've been large updates to Irvine and Zeru's profiles. Pages have also been added for Gard Krueger, Juno Hera, and Leviathe. Since we only have a few profiles right now this doesn't affect much, but I'm hoping there'll be more additions soon as we go through other media sections and integrate their character information.

- Zoids Bible: Part 7 and 8 added!  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 7:35 am
    Parts 7 and 8 have been added to the Zoids Bible book section. We're finally getting into the evolutionary history that bridges Wild Zoids and today's giant mechanical beasts. It also explains the first war between Helic and Guylos, which has some interesting twists.
    Both the translations and the page scans are courtesy of Falcarius!

- Zoids Wild Minor Updates!  [Official]

- Death Rex Model Reveal

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 7:35 am
    We've seen the Death Rex before, both through leaks and through CoroCoro magazine. Now, however, it's officially on display at the TakaraTomy booth at the Christmas Toy Trade Fair 2018! A couple of good pictures can be seen on Mantan Web.

    Dengeki Hobby also took photos at the event, but if you're on a data plan, be warned that there are tons of unrelated images on the same page. Ctrl+F "タカラトミー" to find the TakaraTomy booth, which shows the upcoming September Zoids and the December "Death Rex". A comparison photo of the Death Rex and Wild Liger shows that the kit is not actually that large in comparison, or at least not as much as expected. The Zoid will make up for this in other additional features. The Hunter Wolf was also on display, but so far I've not seen any pictures of it.

- New Zoids Wild Sketch

    A new sketch of the Gannontoise's excellent armor capabilities can now be found on the Zoids Official twitter!

- Zoids Wild Product Video

    A new video on the TakaraTomy channel shows off some of the upcoming Zoids for September. It also goes into an interesting detail; that the Zoids Wild kits contain a tiny amount of interchangeable parts. For example, Gabrigator's back armor being equippable to Knuckle Kong's chest. Most of these combinations are rather horrible, but it's something I hadn't realized before!

- Zoids Bible: Part 5 and 6 added!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    We've added parts 5 & 6 to the Zoids Bible book section. These chapters detail the biology of Ancient Zoidians, their mysterious past, and how the ZAC calender began. It also goes over the emerging tribes of the time and how each of them lived and interacted with Zoids, leading to potential conflicts between them. (Do you ever wake up and find that your fields were pillaged by molgas?)
    Both the translations and the page scans are courtesy of Falcarius!

- Zoids Wild Sketches and Teasers  [Official]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    The Zoids twitter pages have been posting some production sketches featuring the Zoids in action. This includes a Kabtor launching a raptor into the stratosphere and a Gilraptor in active combat. Aside from that though, we have a teaser image of the September issue of CoroCoro, featuring our first major appearance of Gallagher riding a Gilraptor. I believe this is the second Gilraptor we've seen make an official appearance in a character capacity.

- Zoids Wild: Volume 1 Released!   [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga has been officially released! Looks like it has some cool art on the back, and you may still be able to pick it up on Amazon Japan if you're quick (they do ship to the US for some products including this one, and accept US credit/debit cards.) Zoids Official made a tweet showing off the back of the book, as well as some limited edition stickers for the Wild Liger.

    Please note that these stickers do not come with the book. They're showing off stickers that'll be given to 200 lucky individuals who applied for them by sending in cards from an earlier issue of CoroCoro. The Zoids Official twitter posted an extra tweet to clarify this error, but we don't want any English speaking fans to mistake them as a product extra.

- New FOR Manga Update!   [Site]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    We have an update for ZOIDS: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4! You can find this under the Zoids Manga section. There is one more chapter left before this manga ends, but as usual, chapter 4 is full of excellent art.

- Zoids Wild: Wave 3 Model Kits!   [Official]

    There's been an official announcement for Zoids Wild: Wave 3 model kits, releasing in September! This includes the Raptor (1200 Yen), Knuckle Kong (3000 Yen), and Triceradogos (4500) yen. These consistent pricing scales are nice, and the Zoids are already up for preorder via proxy through the TakaraTomy mall. We advise that people hold out for the typical shops to post their pre-orders, as TT Mall is retail price, so you won't see any discounts, even if you order the complete set.

Aside from the rather cheeky "Raptor squad" set, that just contains 3 normal Raptors, the TTMall also has box arts of the new Zoids, and excellent, clear product photos. Knuckle Kong, Raptor, Triceradogos.

Videos for Wave 3!

    Knuckle Kong
    Knuckle Kong illustrates how the pegs on the bottom of the feed push the Zoid into a particular strut. They look unusal at a stand still, but it's impressive to see this Zoid try to do something more personable than just "move legs forward."

    Knuckle Kong (Wild Blast)
    It is also the first gorilla type Zoid to beat its chest. While I wish that the fists would come closer to the actual armor, the wild blast motion is greatly appreciated.

    Triceradogos has a straight forward and very fast stabbing motion, deploying the shield and giant drill in an instant.

- Zoids Wild: Concept Sketches   [Official]

    The Zoids Official Twitter has posted a Gilraptor Concept Sketch that was used as a basis for the model kit. They've teased that quite a few details were changed before the final version. Can you spot them all?

    It's also not the first sketch they've shown us. We've also seen the adventure book from Arashi's father and a couple of Wild Liger animation sketches.

- Zoids Wild: Manga Volume 1   [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga is coming out on the 28th! Unfortunately, it seems that it already sold out on CDJapan. You may be able to pick up the book through the Japan branch of Amazon, but it may not ship to your country, so be sure to check into it.

- Zoids Wild: Death Rex Teaser   [Official]

    The latest issue of Corocoro contained some art boards with information on upcoming Zoids, one of which was teased by CoroCoro on twitter. These teasers talk about the Death Rex, code named "Project D." A terrifying Zoid that eats other Zoids.

- New Zoids Wild Products!   [Official]

Posted: Friday, July 20th, 2018: 5:36 pm
    Today there were leaks of several Zoids Wild model kits, giving us a look at some of the brand new Zoids! We've already heard of most of these and have them listed down in the preorders table with released prices so far. Now we get to see some of their Wild Blasts in action!

     ZW09 Raptor: Velociraptor Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is its back spike moving up and forwards

    ZW10 Knuckle Kong: Gorilla Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is the outer halves of its shoulder armour sliding down to form bigger fists

    ZW11 Triceradogos: Triceratops Type, Freedom, Wild Blast is a spike stabbing out of its forehead (and also bringing most of its frill forwards)

    ZW12 Death Rex: motorised XL-size Tyrannosaurus Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is automatic and complicated: stops mid-walk, mouth opens wide, drill inside mouth lights up and spins, side jaws swing forwards, both pairs of jaws make chomping motion, repeats actions 3 times before resuming walking

    ZW13 Gusock: Giant Isopod Type, factionless?, Wild Blast is curling into a ball and sticking its antennae out sideways

    ZW14 Stegosage: Stegosaurus Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is its back plates folding down horizontally

    ZW15 Special Edition Wild Liger/Awakened Wild Liger: motorised M-size Lion Type, Freedom, slight changes from standard Wild Liger: armour is pearl white and metallic blue, claws are painted gold, Mane Claws are chrome gold, motor is improved for a 20% speed increase, comes with special Coro Coro minibook

    ZW16 Hunter Wolf: Wolf Type, Freedom, two-stage Wild Blast is back panels swivelling upwards and gun flipping up

    ZW17 Catalga: Silkworm Type, factionless?, Wild Blast is chin lifting to reveal drills, comes with carrier trailer

- New Keychains!

    A set of five "Deformed Figure Keychains" has also been announced. This includes five of the first wave, but oddly not in order (we're missing Kabtor). Almost all of the first wave of kits even still. Perhaps we'll see more later on down the line!

- Zoids Wild Manga: Chapter 2!   [Site]

Posted: Saturday, July 19th, 2018: 10:37 pm
    The second chapter of the Zoids Wild manga is up, with translations courtesy of Falcarius! This chapter introduces Drake, who's likely to show up in tomorrow's episode of Zoids Wild! This chapter is 37 pages long, so no worries, there aren't missing pages. It just links to a page that doesn't yet exist.

- Zoids Wild: Kit Schedule!   [Semi-Official]

    Some leaked information has lead to a bi-monthly lineup for the next number of Zoids Wild kits, including some brand new ones that we haven't gotten a proper look at! We'll update the upcoming release table at the bottom of this page. There aren't pre-orders for most of these kits yet, but it'll give people an idea of what to budget for.

    Aside from those that've been confirmed for sale, several trademarks also name Zoids that are not on that list. The Awakened Wild Liger, Spydeath, Dimepulsar, Ankylox, Pachykedos, and Dilophos. The Fang Tiger, listed on the trademark list has yet to have a scheduled kit release, which has left a number of people perplexed. We already know that there's a Fang Tiger kit, so don't worry, it'll get here eventually~

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