- Stand River 2nd Battle Event  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    We've all been waiting for Kotobukiya's new kit announcements, said to be revealed at the Stand River 2nd Battle event. This custom model event showed off a ton of fantastic modifications to HMM and Wild kits, and shortly after, a wave of news announcements hit social media.

- HMM Zoids Wild Kits

    Let's start with some of the new kits! Kotobukiya has announced several Zoids Wild kits that are currently being reimagined as HMMs. Two of these were announced with concept art, the Wild Liger and Fang Tiger. They also announced that the Gilraptor is currently in development, but they currently do not have images of it. With Zoids Wild wrapping up around the middle of the year, and the last remaining kits coming out a bit later, it's a good time for Kotobukiya to pick up the designs.

- HMM Rev Raptor!

    So, so many people have asked for an HMM Rev Raptor, and it's finally here! This Zoid is iconic to the anime, and as a small scale kit it'll be easy to obtain. Kotobukiya posted a tweet with some concept art, and it's the fourth brand new HMM Zoid announced at the event, following the Zoids Wild kit announcements.

- HMM Gojulas Gunner

    The first kit announced in the evening was the Gojulas Gunner! This huge Zoid rereleases the Ogre parts in a traditional Gojulas theme. It'll be a Kotobukiya Shop Exclusive, meaning you'll need a proxy to order. You can see the official tweet here and a photo from Mercy Rabbit here!

- HMM Geno Saurer/Gun Sniper Bone Color

    The announcements included a new set of color variations! The Geno Saurer and Gun Sniper Bone Color Versions. These, like the motorized Zoids before them, will be released at the Dino Expo between June 15th~16th. Afterwards, they'll be available as Kotobukiya Shop Exclusives, meaning you'll need a proxy to order them. You can see both Zoids in this twitter post, as well as some additional photos posted by Mercy Rabbit.

- HMM Shield Liger DCS-J

    The Shield Liger DCS-J is a kit many people have waited a long time for, and it's finally here! This amazing Zoid was announced at the event, with some nice concept art. (For those who may have read the original tweet, it was mistakenly said that the DCS-J would be on exhibit. This was an error. There is still the pretty concept art, though~)

- Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver.

    Saber Tiger has been slotted for a Marking Plus Version rerelease. This Zoid hasn't been rereleased since 2012. That is WAY back. Like the Liger Zeros, we can expect it to get some new decals.

- Geno Saurer Repackage Ver.

    Speaking of Zoids that go way back, the Geno Saurer didn't receive a reissue after its initial release in 2007. Now almost 12 years old, the Zoid is scheduled for a rerelease as the Repackage Version, which, if former repackages are any indication will receive new box art! We can also probably expect it to have the updated parts found in the Raven versions, which improved its charged particle stance, gave it the launching cable claws, etc. You can view the tweet here.

- Godos Old Republic Spec.

    Godos is receiving a new variant called the Old Republic Spec. This version of the Godos will feature a new color scheme as well as a new head design, which is based on the older motorized Zoids. You can view the tweet here.

- HMM Model Section Update  [Site]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    The HMM Zoids Section has had its Customize Part info expanded. If you scroll down on the main page you'll now be able to see a list of parts that are included with each CP. This should help visitors figure out what they're getting, as some CPs have a variety of parts (chrome pieces, clear canopies, etc.) They'll also now include a link to the fliers, if that CP happened to get one.

- Fang Tiger White Tiger Form!  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    CoroCoro is still going strong with the limited model kits. They recently announced the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form", a kit limited to 100 units, which will be given out through a silver peel campaign. The ticket is available through the May issue of CoroCoro. CoroCoro posted about it in a recent blog entry. Zoids Official also posted a photo of a panel lined example on Twitter.

- Zoids Wild Decals  [Official]

- Zoids Wild Full Metal Custom Stickers

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    The May issue of CoroCoro was packaged with decals for the Wild Liger and Death Rex! These shiny decals could be used to create the "Wild Liger Thunder Lion Form" and the "Death Rex Burning Dragon Form". TakaraTomy has a tweet here showing them both off. CoroCoro also has a blog entry about it.

- New Campaign Decals

    TT has announced a new set of campaign stickers. The Wild Liger Blue Thunder Version and the Gil Raptor Black Dragon Version. Starting from April 27th, these decals can be obtained by purchasing 2,000 yen or more worth of items at participating stores. You can see them both applied to Zoids here, and there's a campaign page on the official site. TakaraTomy's youtube channel has a video showing them off in better detail.

- Zoids Wild: King of Blast Updates  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    King of Blast is ramping up to the coming DLC, and they've revealed their fourth new Zoid - the Gilraptor Emperor. This Zoid has a striking resemblance to the Gilraptor Black Dragon Version decals being released soon. Either way, it seems to have its own set of unique animations, which is a nice touch. The official twitter also showed a new image of the red Grachiosaurus.

Gilraptor Emperor

New Commercial

- Battle Card Hunter Updates  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Battle Card Hunter recently received its second wave of cards, featuring a few more new Zoid variations! One of which is the Hunter Wolf Command, a very notable Zoid based on the Command Wolf~ With the launch of the second wave, Zoids Official published the artwork for the Secret Card of the first bulletin, seen here. This artwork was done by Tokuyama, using the same style as the Concept Art Books! Starting today, a promo card of the Hunter Wolf is also available in shops where you can play Battle Card Hunter.

New Commercial

- Zoids Wild Concept Art  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    In concept art news, a height chart was posted for the current Zoids Wild characters. There was also concept art for one of the houses from a recent episode, as well as Arashi's village. Last, have a concept art for Penne's character.

-Wixoss Card Art  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    The artist for the recent Wixoss collaboration cards, Ishibashi Yosuke recently posted beautiful high detail images of the artwork used for those cards. I highly recommend checking it out, because the art is just amazing!

- Death Rex & Licca-chan!  [April Fools]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    For April Fools, CoroCoro set up a joke announcing that a new Licca-chan (a dress up doll popular in Japan) version of the Death Rex would be released! In their blog article they go over a ton of photos featuring the two spending time together, and even went so far as to make a youtube video!

- Liger Zero Marking Plus Example  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, April 27th, 2019: 2:54 AM
    Kotobukiya posted a painted example of the Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver. on their blog recently. Although the review uses a custom painted Liger, it shows off many of the decals that come with the Marking Plus ver. It seems Kotobukiya has intentionally left off any decal instructions for where they should be placed, encouraging model builders to place them according to their own preference!

- Zoids Generations Update!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Zoids Generations has received a very rough update, completing Chapter 1. These translations are rewritten from Google Translate, so expect some errors. The general gist should come across in most cases, and I hope it will still benefit some fans who aren't able to read the original book.

    In addition, the tense of Zoids Generations is a little unclear. While some parts are written in past tense, some parts make more sense from the active perspective of the character. This was difficult to pin down, but for the sake of consistency we've opted to just stick to the present tense. There may be cases where I accidentally switched back to past tense. Feel free to point out those (and any other) mistakes. The few scenes that intentionally use past tense are those describing what happened between scenes.

    Finally, there were some notable issues in the original translation we had posted. So everything in Chapter 1 that we had up before has been corrected to present tense and the mistakes hopefully fixed (for example, neglecting to say that Souga raises his head when he roars, which made the reprimand not make any sense.)

- Zoids NC0 Concept Art!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    We've added a Concept Art page to the New Century anime section! This includes an assortment of 47 pieces of production sketches and renders, featuring various Zoids, characters, and other items or locations.

- Zoids CC Japanese DVD Vol 1 ~ 4!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Quick descriptions for the Japanese DVDs, Volumes 1 through 4 have been added to the Chaotic Century anime section. These reviews contain over 200 pieces of concept art in a small resolution, so I highly recommend checking it out. A big thanks to Falcarius for providing the images used in these overviews!

- Zoids Wild Book of Adventure Vol. 3  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The third volume of Zoid Wild's "Book of Adventure" was distributed in Japanese stores recently. This covers the current and upcoming model kits. Though we don't have more information on it at this time, you can probably find it on sites like Yahoo Japan and Mercari.

- Wild Liger Blade Customize Parts  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The first limited armor for Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter has been released! This kit was released through the Battle Card Hunter arcade game in Japan. During this event the machines may drop an SR Card for the Wild Liger Blade. The right side of this card can be separated along the perferated line, and traded in as a ticket at select stores to receive the armor parts set. Like the Wild Liger Evil Armor it was released in a baggy. Though the pieces don't come in a box, they even did a box art style mockup image! A live stream of the event was posted on CoroCoro's Youtube Channel.


- Gilraptor Commander Machine  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Gallagher's Personal Gilraptor hit preorder stores quite a while ago, officially dubbed the Gilraptor Commander Machine. It features a purple body with black armor, yellow claws/blades, and red caps. The kit has a stock price of 3,000 Yen. TT posted a video of the kit in action, and you can view the stock images and box art on the TT Mall. We've gone ahead and added it to the model kit section, with the basic info snippets.

Build Review

- Zoids Battle Card Hunter News  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Aside from the Wild Liger Blade mentioned earlier, BCH is having a collab with Molly Fantasy stores. For a limited time they're distributing the Grachiosaurus Supreme Ver. and the Gilraptor Death Metal Ver. The Wild Rare Stegosage is also appearing as a limited time boss battle.

- Zoids Wild Various Items!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    A korean website called gmarket has started stocking some of the various Zoids Wild merchandise, including sticker books, lunch boxes, game books, coloring books, and more! There are a ton of items to choose from, and they're all quite cheap, so take a look!

- Wild Liger Black Flame Ver.  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    On March 20th, Zoids Bases in Japan (that is, select stores) started passing out Wild Liger "Black Flame Ver." stickers for purchases over 2,000 yen. This sticker sheet is, once again, for the Wild Liger.


- Zoids Wild Assemble Models 2  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The next set of Assemble Models for Zoids Wild have popped up for pre-order! This set includes the Fang Tiger, Gilraptor Commander, Dimepulsar, and Wild Liger. Which is a little unusual because the Wild Liger showed up before in the first issue. You can pre-order this on some sites for 4,104 ish yen (not including discount) for a box of 10. This means there will be some extras.

- Wild Liger Extreme Release Form  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The upcoming CoroCoro limited, the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, has seen some new photos. These are posted over on the Zoids Official twitter.

- King of Blast: Summer DLC!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Zoids Wild: King of Blast has confirmed 6 new Zoids to be released in a free DLC available this summer! So far we've seen the Grachiosaurus, Hunter Wolf, and Dimepulsar. A general overview video was posted on the TT Youtube Channel, as well as some individual commercials. See their videos below!


Hunter Wolf


- Zoids Wild Visits Ania!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    TakaraTomy posted a silly crossover video, with Zoids featured on their Ania playsets, which you can see featured at the beginning of the video~

- Zoids Wild Manga Preview  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Zoids Official posted a double page spread from the Zoids Wild Manga. This snippet is from the April issue of CoroCoro~

- Zoids Wild Anime Renders  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The Zoids Wild Anime twitter has posted some new renders from Zoids Wild. This includes the Dilophos Wild Blast, the Spideath's Wild Blast Mode and its pilot, Youkon. They also published some of Arashi's Concept Art.

- Liger Zero Marking Plus Reissue!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    The HMM Liger Zero "Marking Plus Ver." has sold so well that they've already decided on a reissue, even before the kit was officially released. The reissue is scheduled for August, for 6,804 Yen~ The upcoming event on the 27th will be their new kit announcement! Participants are also able to receive a special badge.

- CoroCoro All Clear Wild Liger!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    CoroCoro has made a page where they've posted several photos of their upcoming all clear Wild Liger. This kit looks absolutely beautiful. We covered this earlier, but to reiterate, it is a silver peel limited for CoroCoro Comic. Only 100 will be released through this limited time raffle. The Liger also comes with one Mane Claw as the center claw, and two Twin Fangs (from the Fang Tiger) cast in translucent plastic for the two outter claws.

- New Zoids Wild Leaks!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Earlier we posted about some names that were revealed through patent registrations. Now, thanks to the youtube channel Zoids Tuber, we have images to put to those names, along with some subtle new information. We'll go over these one at a time. It's worth noting that we also don't see the Styrazor in this list, so it may not be the last wave.

    ZW22 Gallagher's Personal Gilraptor: We've seen this guy before, and his release is soon! This is Gallagher's Gilraptor from the anime. A nice addition~ It's scheduled for April, for 3,000 yen.

    ZW24 Pachycedos: Pachycedos' Wild Blast has the crest come forward and close together. Depicted as a sort of grabbing motion in the manga. It's scheduled for June for 3,000 yen.

    ZW25 Beast Liger: Beast Liger contains a two phase Wild Blast. The Mane Claws now resemble actual claws, but in the second phase of the Wild Blast, they extend quite far past the Wild Liger's nose. It's a much further reach than the Wild Liger's previous Wild Blast. It is scheduled to be released in July for 3,500 yen.

    ZW26 Cannon Bull: With a design reminescent of bull Zoids in the past, this is the first Zoid noted to have a "Machine Blast." This special type of skill seems to be limited to long ranged Zoids, but it's one we haven't seen used in the series so far. Its Machine Blast will open up an array of guns on the back. It's scheduled to be released in July for 3,500 yen.

    ZW27 Raptoria: Raptoria is a new variant of the Raptor. It seems to have new silver equipment on the legs, arms, and back. These blades all join the giant Dos Claw on the back for the Wild Blast. It's scheduled for August, for 1,500 yen.

    ZW28 Bazootle: A new take on the Gannontoise. This Zoid is second to have a Machine Blast. The large side panels open up and the bazooka on the back flips forward for the Machine Blast. It's scheduled for August, for 3,500 yen.

    ZW29 Snipe Ptera: This brand new Pteranodon is the third Machine Blast Zoid. It's also the first pteranodon to actually walk on its wing claws, which really sets it apart from fliers prior. For its Machine Blast the mouth opens up revealing a gun within, and the crest rotates forward over the eyes, possibly acting as a sight. It's scheduled for September, for 3,500 yen.

    ZW30 Remodeling Part Set: Although late in the series, we'll finally be receiving some proper customize parts for the Zoids Wild line! This set looks to include items like long range cannons and guns as well as a chainsaw. This parts set is scheduled for September, for 2,500 yen.

- Wild Liger Extreme Release Form!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 9th, 2019: 3:59 pm
    CoroCoro has announced a brand new Silver Peel limited! This time we have the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, which features transparent armor. Unlike the Death Rex Purple Dragon Form, Wild Liger has clear parts for both the armor and the body. A post over on CoroCoro's website notes that more information will be available in the April 2019 issue, released on the 15th of this month. As usual, this will be a Japan resident raffle where consumers can send in properly peeled silver peel sheets for a chance to win.

- Manga Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    The manga section has received a fairly significant feature: A proper manga reader! Thanks to a good friend who was able to assist with this feature, you can now browse by chapter and page. Clicking the center button will still take you back to that manga's section, and like before, you can browse the manga by simply clicking on the image. All standard format mangas on the site have been moved to this new reader.

    (As a side note, the links leading to Zoids: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4, and Zoids Wild: Chapter 3 were broken. This has been fixed.)

Zoids Chaotic Century Overall!

    The Chaotic Century section has received a huge overhaul. The condition of our scans was absolutey deplorable, to an extent that some pages couldn't even be read. The entire manga has been rescanned and spruced up! There shouldn't be any more blurry pages at all. All covers of the manga have been cleaned up to have much crisper art. The exception is volume 8, which we weren't able to get good scans of. Apologies.

    Another notable change is that all double page spreads in the manga have been patched together. While these aren't always perfect, ugly gutter shadows are a thing of the past!

Zoids Chaotic Century Update!

    After a long, long wait, Chapters 28 ~ 29 of the Chaotic Century manga are finally up! I want to thank everyone for being so patient with this. When I got news about the manga reader I wanted to get it finished and ready to launch before updating anything else on the site, so what was supposed to be a shorter wait between chapters turned out to be a long one. I hope with the new Zoids appearing in these 2 chapters, that the time and care put into them will make it worth the wait.

    Nevertheless, this concludes the entirety of the core Chaotic Century manga. It was an amazing manga, and I hope you enjoy it. We'll have some minor updates like extras coming soon.

Zoids Planet Zi Update!

    CC isn't the only manga to receive an update! Chapter 8 of Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest has been added. This is the first chapter of the second volume. With CC concluded this'll be our main manga project. Beware, though. If you're not a fan of Zoids Fuzors, this chapter is going to pinch a little!

- Zoids Model Section Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    The model section has also received somewhat of an overhaul. The most notable difference is that all sections have been forced to their own pages. I know this may annoy some, and if it does, feel free to express your opinions. The previous page was taking a bit long to load at times, and since that's only going to get worse, I figured it'd be better to get this done now.

    Each of these sections now includes a list of most releases that were featured in that line. Everything from limited edition kits to the standard release. Now, these lists are not complete, and may have some inaccuracies. If you have any tips, please let me know! I hope that they'll be a useful reference for people looking to collect, though. A huge thanks to Falcarius for posting a list that was crossreferenced for the international list!

- Zoids Wild Kit Updates

    Stock info pages have been added for the Dimepulsar and Ankyrox. This includes things like their stats, random facts, etc. Build videos have also been posted to the pages of Dimepulsar, Fang Tiger and Spideath.

- Zoids Kit Pricing Info

    A lot of newer kits have been added to the Names page. At the top of the names page you'll also now find a quick, simple guide for how to price check your own Zoids. Hopefully it can help when you're unsure of how much you should be paying for a particular kit~

- Zoids Posters Added!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Two new posters have been added to the CoroCoro Posters page (under Assorted)! This includes a nice battlestory poster, as well as our second Super Real CG poster.

- Zoids Wild Model Kit Updates!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    We've seen some updates on upcoming models recently, but the twitter community also noticed some new patents registered for the series! This gives us the names of a few upcoming, yet to be released Zoids. These Zoids include the: Cannon Bull, Snipe Ptera, Styrazor, Raptoria, Bazootle, and Beast Liger. With 10 episodes left of the series it'll be interesting to see what they all look like!

- Ankyrox

    The ZW21 Ankyrox has also been officially announced as a kit! You can view the official product images on the TakaraTomy Mall, along with the box art. There's a feature video by CoroCoro showing off the construction and Wild Blast of the Zoid. Another Wild Blast video was posted by TakaraTomy on Twitter.

- Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition

    Now that the Sky Peace single is out, we've been seeing posts for the Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition. This kit is a standard Wild Liger, packaged together with the single, any additional benefits, and the Sky Peace custom decals. These are all packaged together in a custom box. Don't be mistaken, the Liger itself is a standard Wild Liger.

- Death Rex Purple Dragon Form

    There are quite a few new posts for the Death Rex "Purple Dragon Form" which should be coming out in a month or so. Someone at TT had a little fun and made a mock up of some fake Death Rex box art. We've also got a few videos, with one featuring the walk and Wild Blast, another featuring a synchronized Wild Blast with the normal Death Rex, and a CoroCoro Review video. This review video shows a close up shot of the Death Rex, as well as a model kit battle against the normal Death Rex! Finally, have a couple of transformers group photos~

- Chrome Contest Prizes

    With TakaraTomy's "My Zoid Contest" closed you can now browse entries, as well as see the prizes! There are so many amazing customs in this contest. It's worth looking through them all. In the mean time, there are some awesome prizes involved, so let's go over them! There are 3 categories in the contest. Elementary students, child and parent teams, and general. Prizes apply to each category, unless otherwise specified. There's also a tweet of the Gilraptor in motion.

    Greatest Awesome Prize: 1 Person
    - Greatest Most Awesome Trophy (Wild Liger Gold Chrome Ver.)
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    Outstanding Performance Prize: 3 People
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    ZFX Prize: 3 People
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Wild Liger Silver Lion Ver. Customize Stickers (CoroCoro limited, previously 1000 made)
    - Wild Liger, Grachiosaurus, & Death Rex Customize Stickers (Z-Campaign)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    TakaraTomy Prize: 3 People
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - 1/35 Size Arashi Figure (The one from WHF)
    - Kabtor Rare White Customize Sticker (Arashi Ver. from WHF)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

- Wild Blast Mini Collection Part 2!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Part 2 of the Zoids Wild: Wild Blast Mini Collection has been announced! These are small figures with movable parts to form their wild blasts. It looks like Part 2 will include Gabrigator, Knuckle Kong, and Triceradogos. There's a tweet about it here~ They'll be available in gachas in Japan for 300 yen each. Usually you can find this type of thing on Ebay, Yahoo Japan, and Rakuten Global as well.

- Zoids Wild: King of Blast News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Zoids Wild: King of Blast is officially released! With that, there's a lot of videos to go over leading up to it. We'll just link them to keep scrolling down. First is a tip video for quick attacks. Then there's a competition video, a 2 hour stream.

    Before the game released they also posted trailers of all 10 starting Zoids. Here they are: Death Rex, Fang Tiger, Gabrigator, Gannontoise, Gilraptor, Grachiosaurus, Knuckle Kong, Scorpear, Stegosage, Triceradogos, and Wild Liger. They've also been posting a few screenshots of the original color schemes in the game, though there are many more! These include Death Rex Origin, Fang Tiger Blaze, and Gabrigator Carion.

- Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter has started adding some new cards to the game! This includes several different cards. One Wild Rare, one Super Rare, one Rare Card, and one Normal card. We can probably expect similar patterns for future additions to the game~ Aside from Knuckle Kong, there was also a cute card released as a CoroCoro limited. You could scan in the QR code at any arcade machine to receive the special card.

- Battle Card Hunter: Hunting Gum!

    Battle Card Hunter will soon be doing some extra card releases alongside the game! Hunting Gum includes x1 pack of chewing gum and x1 card featuring new art, sold together for 100 yen. A box set of 20 packs can be purchased for 2,160 Yen, and will include all 15 varieties of cards. The cards you can collect are listed below. The set is already up for preorder on sites like amiami.

    x1 Super Rare (Wild Liger)
    x4 Rare (Gilraptor, Gabrigator, Knuckle Kong, Stegosage)
    x10 Normal (Kabtor, Kabtor Subspecies, Kuwaga, Kuwaga Subspecies, Raptor, Raptor Subspecies, Scorpear, Gannontoise, Triceradogos, and Grachiosaurus)

- Wixoss Card Game Collaboration News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    TakaraTomy is collaborating with Wixoss, a popular Japanese card game, to see two of their Zoids released in the card series. This includes the Wild Liger and Death Rex, and you can see the cards here! They also decided to collaborate for a cute web comic drawn by OYSTER~

- Zoids Wild Anime News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    We're down to just 10 episodes left for Zoids Wild. Its been an exciting ride! And we've missed a lot of the anime renders, so let's run through those. Gabrigator received a face lift, so here's a picture showing off his new colors. In the same episode we saw the Dimepulsar for the first time. We also now have images for Ankyrox and Pachykedos. Throughout the episodes the cast of Z Boys has been updated, as well as a new character featured, Youkan of the Freedom group. There's also an image for a man named Burger from a recent episode. We even get to see Child!Drake. Last but not least, they went back and showed us two missed Zoid Keys. Scorpear and Triceradogos.

Concept Art

    We've also gotten some new concept art! The most important of which is, of course, Burger's liquor bottle. But the runner ups are: A concept of Death Rex's Wild Blast. Not just one, but two! As well as Fang Tiger's. We also see an early concept of the Hunter Wolf, which looked quite different from how it does now!

- Zoids Wild Volume 2

    TT has posted the box art for the second DVD/Blu-ray release of Zoids Wild. The bonuses are more or less to the same tune as the first one. There are different bonuses for buying from different stores, like before.

- Zoids Wild Kit Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    I've gone through and added temporary pages for all of the Zoids Wild model kits. These, like the others, include basic box information and assorted Zoid facts. All pages now also have the build videos embedded on the page, so that you don't have to look up the names, etc. to go find the instructionals.

- New HMM Zoids & Reissues!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Kotobukiya has some major announcements coming up! An event has been announced, Stand River: 2nd Battle. This was an event that was featured once before, with participants bringing customs of HMM Zoids to be displayed either for the Empire or Republic side. The Zoids are individually scored and the team with the most points win. At this event, Kotobukiya has announced that they'll be showing off a prototype of their brand new HMM kit, and discussing several more minor announcements.

- HMM Zoid Reissues

    Kotobukiya is also pushing out several reissues & updates. The first batch includes the Liger Zero, Jager, Panzer, and Schneider (complete kits) all referred to as the "Marking Plus Version." These versions of the Liger and its various armors will include updated decal sheets based more off of the battle story. As such they won't include the anime-specific pilots.

    The Berserk Furher is also getting a repackage version, which means it'll also be getting a new box art. Like the Zero, it will not come with the anime-specific pilot, but a generic one. Accompanying it will be a reissue of the Sturm CAS (not the Tyrann, just the armor set.)

    The current Kotobukiya release calender looks like this. We've also updated our preorder table. It's... down there... somewhere in the abyss-

        - Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver. (6,300 Yen)

        - Liger Zero Jager Marking Plus Ver. (7,600 Yen)
        - Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver. (8,400 Yen)
        - Liger Zero Schneider Marking Plus Ver. (8,000 Yen)

        - Berserk Furher Repackage Ver. (8,800 Yen)
        - Sturm Unit for Berserk Furher (5,800 Yen)

- Zoids Wild Upcoming Model Kits!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    TakaraTomy has announced the January model kit lineup! It'll include the Fang Tiger and Spideath. Fang Tiger, a long awaited kit in the series has sold out in almost all typical online stores. AmiAmi, CD Japan, etc. This goes for a lot of other upcoming items, so we'll link to things wherever we can find them in the preorder table.

- January Model Kits

    Fang Tiger: The most notable Zoid of January is the Fang Tiger! This kit retails for 3,240 Yen, though most online stores will have it cheaper. You can see the walk cycle and Wild Blast gimmicks here. This cat is in high demand, so if you want it as quickly as possible, don't wait long to order.

    Spideath: After that we have the Spideath. Although this Zoid hasn't made an official media appearance (outside of silhouetted forms) we saw a bit of it in the Zoids Wild gameplay footage that was promptly pulled from the internet. Including its pilot, a girl who seems to work in tandem with Penne and the Scorpear.

    Although the colors aren't for everyone, this Zoid looks amazing. It has a bar in the back of the body where you can loop a string through, simulating a spider dropping down from its web. It looks great to see in action! This Zoid is selling for 1,296 Yen.

- February Zoid: Dimepulsar!  [Official]

    Dimepulsar has been officially announced! Although we saw a leak of this Zoid back in early November, this is the first time it has been officially recognized in any capacity. The Zoid is now available on the TakaraTomy mall where you can see the different features. The spines flip inwards and outwards to release its Wild Blast, a powerful electrical pulse. The upcoming Dilophos is also featured on its box art, in the background on the left side. Dimepulsar has no other Zoids in its wave, but will be released on February 23rd, for 3,240 yen.

- Wild Liger Guren Rerelease!

    While the Wild Liger Guren Ver. was originally released as a CoroCoro campaign, in a run of 100 kits, TakaraTomy has announced a public release version! It will be purchaseable at the 2019 World Hobby Fair (Winter), which is planned for January 19th. At this event it'll be on sale for only 3,240 Yen, though we don't know yet how wide of a release it's planned to be. This version of the Guren is a standard Wild Liger body. This means no chrome parts or speedy motors, but you could switch the parts with a typical Awakened Wild Liger for virtually the same results.

    A number of people have already started taking "preorders" on sites like Yahoo Japan. Often for around $100. Approach these sales with caution. While it's possible that they may be able to be fulfilled, we don't know yet how wide of a release this is. It's more than possible that these sellers won't be able to fulfill all of their orders. The kit is limited to 1 per person at the event, so make absolutely sure that the auction you're buying is for an already purchased item, NOT a pre-order.

- Death Rex Purple Dragon Form!

    A new variation of the Death Rex has been revealed as part of a silver-peel campaign. Like the original Guren, it will be limited to 100 kits, and is a standard Death Rex with transparent dark purple armor. This kit has only been advertised so far, but the silver peel will likely be in March's issue of CoroCoro Comic.

- World Hobby Fair 2019 Winter  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    On January 19th ~ 20th TakaraTomy will be holding assorted Zoid events at the World Hobby Fair. The first of these is the Zoids Wild Large Renovation Lab, where a larger than 1/1 scale Death Rex will appear! (a cardboard cutout most likely.) The large Wild Liger statue will also make an appearance.

    At the renovation lab, kids who enter the event can build a Kabtor (Rare White) Arashi Ver. Zoiders in elementary school will construct the Zoid at the event, then be given the Arashi Ver. stickers to decorate it with. Afterwards, they'll be able to choose from one of three weapons (Bazooka, Middle-Range Gun, or Gatling Gun) to install to it. Finally, if users take a photo of their Zoid at the special diaroma displayed in the booth, they'll receive a small Arashi figure as a free gift.

    The booth will also have a freely playable trial of Zoids Wild: King of Blast, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. Participants can play as any Zoid in the game, and all in game Zoids will be unlocked for the event (though not all color schemes will be available.) People who play the game will receive a Zoid Fighter License of the Zoid that they used, with up to 10 varieties to collect. At the King of Blast Special Stage participants can participate in game matches. Mr. Takei will be participating to tell players the best way to defeat certain Zoids (on the first day at the Tokyo venue.)

    There'll be a special stage held at the event with a number of activities. The first stage will be the Modified Zoids Challenge, where Mr. Katayama will hold a workshop course on customizing Zoids, and even a corner where participants can actively participate in modifying their Zoids!

    A third stage, the Zoids Wild Quiz & Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Tournament Stage, users can participate to win assorted prizes.

    During the event they'll also be showing off a Zoid not yet released! This is probably the Dimepulsar, but could possibly be some of the others we've seen teased. The event will also contain a massive diaroma that was used in the shooting of Eastern Front.

- Assorted Model Notes  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Episoze, a group that strives to provide 1 minute videos introducing hobby, model, etc. products did an article on the Wild Liger, along with their accompanying 1 minute video. They did a 2nd article and a second 1 minute and 1 second video featuring the custom "Sword Claw Liger."

    TakaraTomy also posted some silly videos, including a raptor race, a raptor free-for-all, this filtered Wild Liger video, and this March of Grachios.

    There's also an article by Takashi featuring an interview with Hirate and Katayama, and their visit to the TakaraTomy office. The article talks about the evolution of Zoids, and many of the nostalgic points of the original series. It even features some concept art and rough conceptual prototypes of the Zoids Wild model kits.

    Lastly, in early November, Zoids Wild was featured on "Kawaii JAPAN-da!!", a program that talks about pop culture in Japan. This included a photoshoot with the Wild Liger, the most popular kit of the series at the time.

- Model Kit Feature Videos

    TakaraTomy is constantly releasing new videos to show off different aspects of the Zoids Wild kits. First we have a video for the Awakened Wild Liger and Death Rex. Then a build video for the Dimepulsar, where you see it built, a rundown of stats, and its Wild Blast! Some of these videos also include customization options for that particular Zoid, including adding the Gilraptor weaponry to the Dimepulsar. There's also a tweet of this Raptor.

- Build Instruction Videos

- Zoids Wild: Model Kit Summary!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Its been a while since we posted, and there is so much content to cover, that we'll have very little site updates for now! Sorry about that. I do hope to cover most of what has happened in the Zoids franchise over the last 2-3 months, though. Buckle up, this is gonna be a long update!

November Model Kit Summaries

    November saw the release of 3 new Zoids. The Stegosage, Gusok, and Awakened Wild Liger.

    Gusock: The Gusock is a small windup Zoid, and skitters along at a decent pace, as seen in this video. It can also be curled into a ball and rolled across the table, seen here and here. This Tweet by Zoids Official shows off how the Gusock can equip the blades of the Stegosage, which is possibly the best looking parts swap we've seen from this series.

    Awakened Wild Liger: Zoids Official showed off how nice the Awakened Wild Liger can look with some simple panel lining. This kit also came with a special booklet, the Zoids Wild World Guide! Which seems to include profiles, comics, etc. SakuraIbuki over on twitter posted a speed comparison showing off the difference that the 1.2x motor makes. The basic walking and Wild Blast were shown off by Zoids Official.

    Stegosage: The third and most notable Zoid from November was the Stegosage. You can see a size comparison between this large Zoid, and the medium and small kits of the month here. You can also see its walking animations and wild blast here. It's a great looking kit!

- December Model Kit Summaries

    December saw the release of the Death Rex on the 8th, and at the end of the month, both Hunter Wolf and Catalga! Although Death Rex was heavily covered leading up to its release, TT still posted an image of feeding time.

    Hunter Wolf: The second new Zoid was the Hunter Wolf. While this uses the Wild Liger base, it takes quite a few liberties to create a newly designed wolf-type Zoid, including longer legs. Something that inadvertantly makes it appear much larger than the Liger. You can view its basic walk cycle here and its Wild Blast walk cycle here. The Hunter Wolf has two Wild Blast modes. One with the equipment facing backwards, to act as a Sonic Booster, and one with it facing forward to be used as an actual weapon. Finally, an introductory video was posted here.

    Catalga: The third kit is the Catalga! This Molga redesign has been significantly sized up to become Zoid Wild's primary transport Zoid. The kit comes with a trailer and even some rubber 'ropes' to tie down the cargo.

- Zoids Wild: King of Blast!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Zoids Wild: King of Blast is nearing release! We've had a lot of screenshots, including the box art, as well as gameplay videos. Another screenie here. The game is scheduled to be released on February 28th, for 6,458 Yen!

    Famitsu posted an article going over some screenshots and the added armor. It seems each Zoid has several different color schemes, with most of the main cast so far included in the game. It also seems that the game names a number of color variations, but not all. So far we have variations like Wild Liger Blade, Raptor Forest, Fang Tiger Blaze, and Death Rex Origin.

    A free trial of the game is now available in the Nintendo store, and the game is also available to purchase for pre-loading. It's also worth checking out the official website which has updated quite a bit (WARNING: Flashing videos in the background.)

- Wild Liger: Evil Armor

    The game will come with a pre-order bonus of the Wild Liger "Evil Armor." This is the armor specifically (see the bottom left image) and does not include the kit, so you'll need to purchase a typical Wild Liger to use it. TakaraTomy posted a nice picture here and a video of the kit here. The Famitsu Article listed earlier also shows off the Evil Armor in game, along with what appears to be box art.

    Like most early purchase benefits, the Evil Armor is "while supplies last." This means that you may or may not receive it when buying the game. There was also a gameplay video floating around, but it was pulled, likely due to the inclusion of Spideath and its pilot, which weren't officially announced at the time. Amazon has already announced that their listing may not come with the armor, even though it lists it in the name. This is likely true for all stores.

- King of Blast Trailer

Free Trial Version: Gameplay

- Zoids Wild Special

    On January 5th, in place of the Zoids Wild weekly episode, they aired a special. This special had guest stars from Sky Peace, a popular youtube channel in Japan, and the artists for the third opening of the Zoids Wild anime. The set included a full lineup of 2018 Zoids Wild Kits displayed in the background, along with a Battle Card Hunter arcade console in the background.

    The special consisted almost entirely of clip replays. A segment dedicated to Wild Blasts from the show, and a second segment replaying clips from the episode that goes over Penne's history. They also showed off the Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition (more info below) and a clip of King of Blast, the upcoming game for Nintendo Switch. This showed off two new colors for the Death Rex, a purple, and the Death Rex Origin. It also showed off the Fang Tiger Blaze, a blue variant.

- Sky Peace Second Single: Sky Flight  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    On January 12th, Zoids Wild aired with a brand new opening. Sky Flight, by the group Sky Peace. Their single is already showing up for pre-order, with a release date of March 6th. Following the trend as earlier Wild singles, there are several different versions, which we'll go over below. They all contain Sky Flight as the first track, but the remaining tracks vary depending on the edition.

    The Wild Liger (Sky Peace Special Edition) seems to be primarily stickers, but with the photos, it's a little hard to make out all the details. This picture was shown off during the Zoids Wild Special that aired on January 5th.

Sky Flight: Perfect Production Limited Edition
    Price: 4,500 Yen
        - ZW01 Wild Liger (Sky Peace Special Edition) (Model Kit)
        - 1 Trading Card (Randomly selected from 7)
    CD Track List:
        - 01. Sky Flight
        - 02. シャルル
        - 03. オタパリダンシン (Party Remix)

Sky Flight: First Press Limited Edition
    Price: 2,500 Yen
        - DVD
        - 1 Trading Card (Randomly selected from 7)
    CD Track List:
        - 01. Sky Flight
        - 02. スタートダッシュ (Thank you Remix)
        - 03. Sky Flight (Instrumental)
    DVD Contents:
        01.「Sky Flight」Music Video
        02.「Sky Flight」Music Video メイキング映像 (Making Of)
        03.「Sky Flight」ジャケット撮影 メイキング映像 (Cover Photo Making Of)
        04.「Dream Stage Welcome in SkyPeaceisen Party Time」オフショットロードムービー (Off Shot Road Movie)

Sky Flight: Normal Edition
    Price: 1,500 Yen
        - 1 Trading Card (Randomly selected from 7)*
    CD Track List:
        - 01. Sky Flight
        - 02. 証明
        - 03. 世界一幸せな2人へ
    Note: There are 2 versions of the Normal Edition, for the same price. One is a first press limited edition. It's possible that this one comes with a card, but the 'normal' normal edition does not.

- New Animareal Image!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Animareal posted an amazing poster, which was also featured in December issue of CoroCoro Comic. Excellent shots of these appeared on the official twitter accounts, showing off the different models used in the poster. Some additional photos, including wonderful outdoor shots, were posted by the modeler, SigemikanZ on Twitter.

    Death Rex: Link, Link
    Gannontoise: Link, Link, Link
    Kabtor: Link, Link
    Scorpear: Link, Link
    Wild Liger: Link, Link, Link
    Group Shots: Link, Link,

- Z Cap Campaigns!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    During November ~ December there was a Z Cap Campaign, where buyers who purchased more than 3,000 yen worth of products at select stores would receive a set of stickers, with either Supreme Yellow (transparent) or Death Metal Silver caps. The stickers were for the Wild Liger (seen here on enterpuraizu's twitter), Death Rex, and Grachiosaurus. This campaign is now over.

    This month, starting on January 15th, there's a new campaign. It's coupled with CoroCoro Comic, where users who bring in a ticket sold with CoroCoro February 2019 issue can exchange the ticket for a set of Fang Tiger blades, the Twin Fang. This is to make the Fang Liger, a Zoid that has already appeared in the comics and arcade game. You can see some images from CoroCoro here.

    The ticket also covers a set of Supreme Gold caps, which are a solid gold color.

Twin Fang & Z Cap Video

- Wendy's First Kitchen Campaign!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Over the last month or so, Wendy's held a campaign where patrons could receive some Zoids Related items. This was primarily geared towards the First Kitchen Stickers and was limited to Japan. There were other benefits, however, ranging from smokey fries to a Zoids Wild fast food paper bag. It's amazing to see Zoids branching out into such promotions again! Zoids Official even posted a nice dinner photo with Wild Liger and Gannontoise~

- First Kitchen Stickers

    These special stickers included decals for the Wild Liger, with four different sets. The sheets also included small stickers of the Zoid characters themselves. A good example can be seen here. Some people have posted photos of the stickers actually applied to the Zoids, which can be seen here, here, and here. You can see a shot of all four sets, along with the bag which had Wild Liger on one side and Gilraptor on the other side here. The stickers included a QR code that could be scanned to enter a lottery for the First Kitchen Colored Papers (below.)

- First Kitchen Colored Paper

    By buying the relevant meals, buyers would receive a sticker sheet. The QR codes on those sheets could be scanned to enter a lottery for Zoids Wild colored paper with images of the characters and a First Kitchen logo. There were quite a few of these, so we'll link to the full size images below.
    Arashi, Drake, Gyoza, Onigiri, Penne

- Anime Related News  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    There are quite a few new things for the anime, including new renders posted online, new opening/ending, etc. For now, let's go over the anime renders posted on the Zoids twitters! Spoilers ahead!

    In the character category, we have images for Rayu, Gyoza's little sister. Then Truffle, the pilot of the Stegosage and final member of Death Metal's main four.

    Next up is Soufflé, who along with her brother cared for a Raptor Forest type, affectionately known as Rain. Soufflé is actually played by Shoko Nakagawa, who is the artist for Zoids Wild's ending theme, Blue Moon.

    Next we have Hermit Mushi (Mushi meaning insect), an old Zoid master claiming to be 500 years old! This old man was responsible for teaching not only Bacon, but Gallagher as well. Arashi goes to learn from this master, but has doubts upon realizing he's mostly just an old pervert. One that his Wild Liger can't catch, but nevertheless! He is played by Kappei Yamaguchi.

    We also have one of Gallagher's lacky, Shallot, who is often at Gallagher's side. Here's Foie Gras as well, one of Death Metal's elite four and pilot of the Knuckle Kong. He's played by Rikiya Koyama, and has a lot to do with Penne's mysterious past.

    Last but not least, we have a render of Salt, pilot of the Hunter Wolf who first started showing up in a serious capacity last episode. Salt will be voiced by Yuma Uchida.

    Also not sure where to put this, but TakaraTomy posted some silly cartoon Zoids around the holidays. Link, Link, Link, Link, Link

- Zoid Anime Renders

    We've gotten tons of anime renders for the Zoids, so we'll just roll through them in somewhat chronological order. Knuckle Kong, Sauce's Kabtor, Gusock, Gusock's Wild Blast, Death Rex's Wild Blast, Stegosage, Catalga's Wild Blast, and finally Hunter Wolf's Wild Blast.

- Concept Art

    A new concept art has been posted for the Triceradogos, showing off both its bone and armored form. The concept art showed a sleeker, more streamlined armor design, with very little of the bone frill still showing on the armorless form.

- Zoid Wild New Opening

    On January 12th, Zoids Wild aired with a brand new opening! This opening is Sky Flight, by Sky Peace, a popular youtube channel in Japan. This is their second single, with CD releases coming up soon! We've posted about that above. Congratulations to Sky Peace!

- Zoid Wild New Ending

    It's not just a new opening that aired on January 12th. The new ending, Speed Up by the Taiwanese boy band "noovy" aired last week as well! An article from Music News notes that Speed Up is their first anime tie-in song, an exciting new development in their career. To celebrate this new step, the band members went out and purchased some Zoids Wild kits; their first Zoids in years~ It's an exciting quarter for the two groups to gain some more recognition.

- Other Music News

    Jaejoong's hit song "Defiance", the second opening for Zoids Wild topped the charts for JAPAN Hot Animation's Top 10, with a significant distance between it and the second place song. Preorders for those singles came out quite a while ago.

- Twitter Icons

    Zoids Official posted a few icons for people to use around twitter~ The icons include: Arashi, Bacon, Death Metal, Drake, Gallagher, Gyoza, Ikadzuchi, Onigiri, Penne, and Sanratan.

- Blu-Ray Volume 1 Release & Benefits

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild Blu-Ray set has released, and along with it, some additional products have been revealed. These are benefits from purchasing either a single volume or a full set from specific stores. For now, in this tweet you can see the bonuses that come standard with the Blu-ray. The book is short, only a few pages, but includes character profiles, etc. You can see images of everything included, including the discs here.

    Full set bonuses mean ordering the entire set in one purchase.


    - Volume 1 Bonus: Round Badge
    - Full Series Purchase Bonus: Canvas Tote Bag (Image unavailable)

    - Volumes 1 ~ 5 Scene Postcards (Featuring anime screenshots)
    - Full Series Purchase Bonus: Wild Liger Original T-Shirt

- New Wallpaper

    A little while ago, the official Anime site held a vote for your favorite character and Zoid, with the two winners getting a special wallpaper. The Zoids ranked from 1st ~ 5th: Wild Liger, Fang Tiger, Death Rex, Catalga, and Gannontoise. The characters ranked: Arashi, Bacon, Penne, Gallagher, with Drake and Sanraton tied for 5th. Voters would be able to receive prizes, with 1 person receiving an autographed blu-ray (Vol. 1) and 5 other voters receiving a signed copy of the Zoids Wild manga (Vol. 1). The resulting wallpaper can be seen on the page.

- Zoids Battle Card Hunter!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    A brand new arcade game, known as Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter has been announced! This game will be launching on January 24th at various arcades. The game will have a collectable card game tied into its functionality, with over 60 cards ready to launch alongside the game. There's a ton of screenshots, including some from mantan-web, and Hobby Japan. The Official Website has the most comprehensive information, including a ton of card images. We'll try to cover all the details below.

- Game Functionality

    Battle Card Hunter is first and foremost an arcade game. You can get 1 play for 100 yen (tax included). A single game is estimated to be about 8 minutes long, and the game is designed for a single player. You start the game by opening an "Adventure Map". Here you'll see information on the different battle stages and locations, and can select one of them to start a Zoid Battle.

    When entering battle mode you can select 3 Zoid Cards and challenge the enemy team's 3 Zoids, using a primary and two support Zoids. You can modify your game strategy using various Support Cards. Occasionally a boss battle will appear, as well as the game's original legendary subspecies of certain Zoids, adding some surprise to the gameplay. Battle appears to depend on how quickly you can adjust the buttons and levers to make your attacking and defending moves more successful. As expected, there's a Wild Blast gauge that fills up throughout battle.

    When the battle is over, you enter a Zoids Card Excavation Mode. Here you'll see a display of hidden Zoids, along with an excavation radar. When you unearth a particular Zoid, it's distributed as a physical trading card, which you can use in the next battle via QR code.

- Card Game Tie-In

    Over 60 cards have been prepared for the launch of the game. Not only do these tie into the gameplay, but are physical, collectable items earned by playing the game. Quite a few were already shown in online sales after an early access gameplay exhibit held last month. The cards come in five rarities: Wild Rare, Super Rare, Rare, Normal, and Secret Rare. The Secret Rare supposedly uses concept art by Tokuyama Mitsutoshi, one of the creators of Zoids. The cards also include a Team Point (beside the rarity marker). When your team reaches a value of 15 ~ 20 points, you'll receive additional bonuses!

    You'll receive the Wild Liger as your first game card. There are two main types of cards, Zoid Cards and Battle Support Cards. Zoid Cards are the zoids that you use in battle. The ecology of the Zoid is written on the Commentary Log Card. Battle Support Cards change certain aspects of battle in your favor.

    There are also two types of "Log Cards", which include "Commentary Log Cards" and "Adventure Log Cards." Adventure Log Cards include information about the world of Zoids Wild.

    There are already two limited edition cards that've been revealed. The Fang Liger, a limited from CoroCoro Comic (February issue), and the Wild Liger Evil, which is bundled with the Nintendo Switch game "King of Blast."

- Adventure Guide

    Additional products such as the Card Album Adventure Guide have been developed to support the game. This is a card album specifically for organizing your Zoid cards, providing a sense of completeness to those who wish to collect all that they can.

    You can get additional treasure maps to piece together using the Treasure Decription Refills, which will be distributed at over-the-counter campaigns and events. These clear sheets overlay across the maps on the cards, marking a small symbol in a specific area. You can compare this location with the Adventure Map in the arcade game, obtaining special items as you go.

- Sebuca Card

    A limited edition Sebuca card is being released for 500 yen, featuring an image of the Wild Liger. Playing with this card provides a lot of additional benefits. For one thing, you'll be able to make your own avatar, selecting the sex and appearance of your character, including different clothes and hairstyles.

    Second, the progress of your adventure can be recorded, allowing you to easily resume progress. There may also be additional enemies to face in certain locations. You'll also be able to record the (Kizuna?) level of your Zoids. The higher their level, the more power is released with their Wild Blast.

    Lastly, when playing with Sebuca cards, you may receive additional Treasure Maps. These can be used to uncover additional items in the game.

- Starter Set

    Aside from buying the Adventure Guide, you can also buy a Starter Set for 900 yen, which comes with a limited edition Sebuca card along with three limited edition Zoid cards (Scorpear, Gannontoise, Triceradogos), all Freedom Group Versions. You'll also get one refill for your Adventure Guide. If you have this set you can jump right into Battle Card Hunter.

- Commercials

    The game was revealed with a commercial, featuring RAMAR. There's a good reason that this may sound familiar; they're the artists of Wild Flowers, the original opening for Zoids Chaotic Century / Guardian Force.

- New Commercials  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    We have some new commercials! All embedded below. The Hunter Wolf commercial's diaroma was shown before the commercial itself, in this tweet from Zoids Official. They also posted the diaroma setup for the Grachiosaurus commercial, along with the colosseum, which if I'm not mistaken is also shared with the Wild Liger commercial.

- Old Commercials

    TakaraTomy have posted some other commercials. Some of the very old ones. These are worth a mention just for nostalgia's sake! Megatopros and Gorem.

- Zoids Wild Eastern Front  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    On December 14th, TakaraTomy published a video called ZOIDS WILD Eastern Front. This dark, gritty promotional video took a lot of people by surprise, and is worth a watch. It's part of Zoids Wild Battle Wars, which refers specifically to a series of diaroma style images created using customs of the Zoids Wild line.

    The video was directed by Taguchi Kiyotaka, who has worked on a wide variety of series. Two major players of the Tomy team during the NJR Days, Yutaka Tajime and Takashi Nakase were credited as planners for the video. Shuu Katayama, the current figurehead of Zoids Wild even made an appearance, voicing "Soldier B."

- A New Challenger: Chocolate Rex!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    During the holidays, CoroCoro published a video in which they made a beautifully crafted chocolate Death Rex! Though the incredible beast was not long for this world.

- Zoids Wild Custom Contest!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    TakaraTomy is holding its first Zoids Wild custom contest for residents of Japan, from January 31st ~ February 28th. Participants can create customs, then take either photo or video of their creation through the ZFX feature of the Zoids Wild app. They can then submit them to twitter under one of three hashtags: One for children, one for parent/child teams, and a general division for adults. Some of the prizes are simple, like additional ZFX Effects, and some left entirely ambiguous. More details will be announced later.

    Please note that this contest is for residents of Japan only, although there is no limit to the number of entries a person can post. Entries are expected to be new photos, not previously published ones. Winners will receive a notice via SNS. Prizes are expected to be sent out mid-April 2019.

Employee Only Custom Contest

    Around the same time as this announcement it was revealed that TakaraTomy had their own employee custom contest, where participants and their families could create custom creations to be displayed in the building. Preceded only by this adorable Christmas Death Rex. They've posted so many creations (and continue to add more) that I'm not sure where to begin. So, link spam.

    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
    Link, Link, Link, Link, Link

- CoroCoro Illustrations!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    CoroCoro has continued its habit of posting last minute drawings from the manga artist on their website. This was skipped over for the special, understandably, but there are plenty of others! Let's see... Gallagher and his Death Rex, Gannontoise Wild Bike Version, our team dressed up in Death Rex Costumes, Death Rex eating some zoids cookies, Gallagher not pulling off the Zoid plushie nearly as well as Caviar, Salt and Hunter Wolf, Christmas Liger & Rex, Arashi, A fancy Death Metal Catalga, and finally a nice game of jenga~

- Zoids Wild Manga  [Official]

Posted: Friday, January 18th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    The second volume of the Zoids Wild manga released on December 29th, 2018. It includes Chapters 1 ~ 8, the short "Arashi and Liger" that featured in the Awakened Wild Liger's booklet, and a Zoids Wild special from CoroCoro Comic that included talk about the model kits. The book also had some of the images that've been featured on the CoroCoro site as part of the last minute drawing campaign. A teaser page for Chapter 9 was also posted on twitter.

- Zoids Index: Liger Zero X!  [Site]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    Liger Zero X has been added to the Zoids index! This includes basic stats, equipment overviews, some of its combat history, etc. Donner has also received a new, much cleaner image mirroring its colors in the game. A seperate page is available for the Liger Zero X that was featured in The Iron Bible. We'll add pages for the other Zoids in this promo video since they include a lot of nice individual markings, etc. We may also make separate articles for those that differ in equipment from the standard (Battle story) design.

    Also fixed the link to the Liger Red Hiou, as well as some of the Fan Book links that weren't working.

- Death Rex News!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    The Death Rex was fully revealed in the November issue of CoroCoro. In celebration for the holidays CoroCoro is raffling 100 copies of the Zoid, which will be shipped on its release date. This is done via silver peel, but we'll have to update with more information on this later. In the mean time, they've also posted a video reveal.

- Zoids Wild Images!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    Plenty more drawings from the Zoids Wild side of things! First, Hijiki and his family from the latest episode. Then this little concept of the Raptor. In early production it seems that the Zoid had two blades on its back instead of one. A final concept shows off the Triceradogos using its Wild Blast!

    Don't forget that CoroCoro's manga artist for Zoids Wild posts a drawing every week before the episode airs. Here's the last one!

- Zoids Wild Switch Game Screenies!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    There have been two new screenshots from the Zoids Switch Game. The Gannontoise and the Gilraptor. These two screenshots were seen previously from the Book of Adventures, a small promotional booklet obtained at certain Japanese stores.

- Zoids Wild DVD & BR!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    Zoids Wild has announced their full lineup of Zoids Wild DVDs & Blu-Rays! The DVDs will sell for 8,800 Yen and the Blu-Rays for 12,000 Yen, + tax for both. There are 5 volumes in total, containing roughly 10 episodes each. This means that Zoids Wild is slotted for about 50 episodes! Very welcome news to those of us that've been wondering. This means the series will run until the middle of next year.

    The Blu-Rays are rendered in 1080p High Def. The discs all contain a special 3-sided case (typical of any Zoids Blu-ray releases) and a special 8 page booklet. You can view more information, along with the box art here!!

- Zoids Wild Wave 4!  [Official]

Posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: 9:24 pm
    Zoids Wild Wave 4 has gone up on pre-order! This wave includes the Stegosage (4,500 yen) and the Gusok (1,200 yen). The Gusok will boast a rolling gimmick that we saw earlier in the Valga.

    Although not officially part of Wave 4, the Awakened Wild Liger is also up for pre-order! Scheduled to be released November 10th. The Awakened Wild Liger will feature white pearl armor, blue metallic armor, gold plated mane claws, and gold painted regular claws. It'll also have a motor that allows the Awakened Wild Liger to move faster than the standard kit, and include a CoroCoro special booklet, which'll contain article and manga stuff. Chances are, this booklet will consist of stuff that was printed in CoroCoro Comic up until this point.

- Zoids FOR Gallery Update!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    The Zoids: Field of Rebellion gallery page has been updated. You can find this under Games > Mobile Games > Field of Rebellion. This includes both the high detail HMM images by Animareal, and the special art images that were added after the game closed. These art images were released as special boxes, etc. during promotional twitter campaigns.

- Zoids Fan Book EX 7 & 8!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    The Zoids Official Fan Book EX volumes 7 and 8 are finally posted! These are the final chapters of the battle story published in Zoids Official Fan Book EX. Its been a while since this was last updated, but hopefully the wait was worth it!

- Zoids Wild Model Section!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    While we don't have reviews of the Zoids Wild kits just yet, we have added a temporary section to the model kits page. Articles without proper reviews will have grayed out thumbnails. These pages do, however, include clean box art images and the stock photos of the Zoids, along with rough translations of the boxes. These translations aren't long, but include a few neat details. Such as the fact that Gabrigator's six fangs vary in length depending on excavation site / location.

- Character & Zoid Index Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    Arashi's profile has been added to the Character Index. The Wild Liger has also been added to the Zoid Index, complete with equipment overview, concept art, etc. While I'll be slowly fleshing out the profiles for Zoids Wild, it's worth noting that the equipment lists are rather tentative. The boxes list features, not distinctly 'equipment' so some redundant items may either make it onto the list or some relevant ones left out by mistake.

- Quad Liger

    Quad Liger has also been added to the Zoid index! This includes a decent amount of backstory on the Zoid, as well as the images that were available from the old web comic. If you have any further imagery for this Zoid, please contact us!

- An Army of Liger Zeros!

    I've barely scratched the surface of adding Liger Zero to the Zoid Index. The sheer volume of content surrounding this Zoid means that the section is vastly incomplete, but a basic Liger Zero page has been added. It includes weapon lists, concept art, etc.

    I'll be working on adding the alternate color variations before I start focusing on the CAS units. For now, that includes the Liger Zero EM, Liger Zero Midnight Shield, Liger Blue Souga, and Liger Red Hiou. While the EM contains minimal information (it is, after all, usually left out of media in favor of the X) the Hiou and Souga include a bit of story info. Including the fact that they're both actually smaller than the typical Liger Zero! See their individual pages in the Zoid Index for more.

- Slight Image Updates!

    Unfortunately my scanner never has and never will be good enough to pick up the Cyberdrive Zoid images. I have, however, updated their pages with ~slightly better~ scans that more accurately reflect the colors. This means no more lavender Espada. Updated images include: Zerstoer, Feuer Wolf, Espada de Plata, and Donner.

- Zoids Wild Images!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    We've got a few more Wild related images. Starting with a new cosplay by AnimaReal, of Emperor Gallagher! There are two versions. The standard version and the background version for phone resolutions. We also have a Wild Blast reference for Bacon. Last but not least, we have a new drawing for Episode 14 on the CoroCoro website!

- Zoids Wild New OP & ED!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    With Episode 14 of Zoids Wild we got a new opening and ending theme song! Quite exciting, as it implies the series has a decent number of episodes left to go. Of course, we kind of guessed that from the lack of Death Metal Zoids that've gotten an episode so far. The opening, "Defiance" by Jae Joong takes on a whole new tone for the series. Battles and imagery that are starting to look more serious and a little reminescent of Zoids Genesis.

    The new ending, "blue moon" by Shoko Nakagawa offsets that serious tone by giving us a look into some casual hangout time between the main characters. Who can draw the Wild Liger best?

- Zoids Wild App Section Update!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    The Zoids Wild App section (Under Games > Mobile Games) has received a decent sized update. This'll help members get started on the game, but we still have a lot of work to do!

    Zoids Section: A Zoids section has been added and includes some of the earlier colors you'll see in the game. Most don't have stats right now and we don't have a section set aside for the Lumberjack Zoids yet.

    Missions Section: A missions page has been added for most of the starting missions. This list includes the Japanese names so that you can find the exact mission you're looking for.

    Introduction Section: The introduction section includes all of the tutorial segments at the beginning of the game. Read this first if you're confused about how to play.

    Story Section: The story section so far is just the opening story bits, but we'll be turning this into a full story translation/walkthrough as we progress through the game. Please be advised that the translations are rough guesses based on Google Translate, but it should get the point across.

- Zoids Wild Concept Art!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    I've added a concept art page to the Zoids Anime > Zoids Wild section. This will include all of the concept art posted to the official twitter accounts, @Zoids_Official and @Anime_ZoidsWild. Everything from rough sketches to general earlier design concepts for the model kits.

- Zoids Name Translation Page!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    A new page has been added to our side bar under Encyclopedia. A Zoids name list! This will include the English and Japanese versions of Zoids names as well as some of the common phrases needed to accurately search Yahoo Japan/etc. A HUGE thanks to Maiasa Liger, who generously donated the PSD they made! This is linked at the top of the page for reference.

    With this update we've also extended the Zoids Index list, which now includes a more complete list of Zoids and variations. Spelling errors have also been fixed.

- Buying Zoids From Japan Article!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    The Buying Zoids article has been completely revamped (and renamed to more accurately represent its intention). The page now includes a comprehensive comparison of popular buying services, such as Celga, Buyee, From Japan, etc. This includes comparisons of fees, a list of the free and extended storage time limits, etc. There are also new stores added, such as Mercari, Suruga-ya, etc. Please read the descriptions before using these stores because they include possible cons. I'm in the process of testing a couple of these services for myself, but everything on the list has come recommended by other Zoiders!

- 1st Edition Zoids Article

    The 1st Edition Zoids Article has been updated to include most of the Genesis Zoids. I haven't had a chance to check for Fuzors cards. If there's any items missing from the list, please send us an E-mail! I'll be glad to add it if you can provide a picture of the box showing the sticker.

- CoroCoro Silver Peel Article!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    When the Zoids Wild kits started to release, CoroCoro began releasing limited items through a silver peel raffle. This is basically a card like a scratch off (don't scratch it-) that you peel off with sticky tape. If you get the right combo of kanji/words, you can submit the ticket for a chance to win the item. Unfortunately this is mostly limited to Japan residents, but in case anyone out there has friends in Japan that are willing to submit the ticket for them, we've included a guide on how to win!

    You can find this article listed under Model Kit articles, in our newly revamped articles section! Some articles are still painfully out of date, but we'll address that eventually.

- Zoids Books Sections Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    The Zoids Books section has received a facelift. All thumbnails now use a unified template. The page also now shows books that we don't have extensive information on just yet. If we have no relevant information, the image will be faded. If we don't own the book at all, it'll be barely visible, but you can hover over these thumbnails to see the full opacity image. Though this section is vastly incomplete just yet, I plan to expand it to include a thumbnail gallery/list of all known Zoids books. We'll try to include at least a rudimentary page that includes page count, ISBN, original price, and Japanese name for easier searching.

- Watching Zoids Wild Live!  [Info]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    A lot of people have asked how I and a couple of friends have seen Zoids Wild so early. We have a subscription to FujiTV, now renamed ForJoyTV.com, a recent IPTV service. This subscription costs $30/month (or less, for longer subs) and provides a multitude of Japanese TV stations, including many popular anime stations like TBS, MBS, TokyoMX, etc.

    The online stream isn't the best (lots of video lag) but the downloadable app for PC/etc. includes flawless 1080p streaming for these stations. The subscription does not auto renew, for those wondering. Not only can you watch earlier broadcasts up to 2 weeks old (so no worries if you missed your show) but you can download it to the app for easy future viewing.

    Zoids Wild airs at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST every Friday, on TBS and MBS. I personally recommend TBS for the less distracting timestamp color. We all know there are anime download sites out there, but the sub is worth it if you like anime (and Japanese TV in general) and wish to watch at the same time everyone else does! The last episode was absolutely amazing and it was so hard not to post spoilerrific images everywhere.

- Awakened Wild Liger Guren Ver.!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    The latest CoroCoro silver-peel limited is the Awakened Wild Liger: Guren Version! This Liger uses the Awakened Wild Liger as a base, which sports an improved motor with 20% higher speed than the normal model kit. The Guren replaces all of the blue parts with translucent red. It retains the gold chrome blades and gold painted claws/teeth, which are also seen in the upcoming standard Awakened Wild Liger.

- A Death Rex From Animareal!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    Animareal, responsible for the beautifully realistic Zoids: Field of Rebellion artwork has returned to render the Zoids Wild Death Rex! It's fantastic to see this group returning. The image was in celebration of the Death Rex's major reveal in Episode 13. A short ad using the image has started airing in Japan on billboards, etc. to hype people up for the model kit release.

    A ton of photos were posted by the modeler, SigemikanZ. This kit looks amazing up close, where you can see all of the tiny details. We'll link all of the relevant tweets below, with the last being a picture from the Anime Zoidswild channel.

     Tweet 1     |     Tweet 2     |     Tweet 3     |     Tweet 4     |     Tweet 5

- Death Rex Reveals  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    All of this Death Rex celebration follows the Christmas Toy Tradefair, where TakaraTomy showed off their new Death Rex! Along with the September and November/December release kits. Even Hunter Wolf was there, although photography wasn't allowed for the kits not yet officially announced.

    Following these celebrations, they've also posted a teaser of the October 2018 issue of CoroCoro Comic. This shows the Death Rex right before it's about to wake up. The anime twitter has also given us the stock anime images of the Death Rex.

Death Rex Video Reveal

    With hype around the Death Rex building, TakaraTomy has also put out a promotional video, which illustrates some close up views of the model kit. This longer version, seen on the CoroCoro Youtube Channel hints at a reveal coming up on October 15th. This will likely be a full reveal of the model kit, but we'll see!

- Gallagher's Personal Gilraptor  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    In last week's episode of Zoids Wild (episode 12) Gallagher showed up on his own special color Gilraptor. This Zoid looked familiar. We saw a custom of it at the initial press release sitting in the back of the display, ridden by its pilot. Although it was shrugged off as a random custom at the time, perhaps we'll get to see this Zoid in the future! A teaser of this Zoid, which first premired in the September/October issues of CoroCoro was posted online. The manga version has the middle claws replaced by giant spikes, frequently used for stabbing people.

- Zoids Wild Anime/Manga Images  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    Lots of images for Zoids Wild! For anime renders we also have the Catalga, a transport Zoid that'll haul others behind it much like the Gustav. It's the first revamped old world Zoid design, based on the Molga base. A recent tweet has also gathered up anime images for the Raptor, Knuckle Kong, and Triceradogos. The Raptor is a new image we haven't seen before.

    We also got some concept sketchs, the first being of Caviar hugging his crocodile plushie, which he cuddles with every night! The second is a Grachiosaurus early design concept. It seems that earlier on in the design process, the Grachiosaurus had bones located at the base of its neck to help support the weight.

    There've also been a couple new images in the collection of pre-episode airing sketches on the CoroCoro website! This is well worth checking out. The images are drawn by the Manga's artist, and there's even articles with the staff of Zoids.

- Wild Customs & Switch Game!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    TakaraTomy has posted a video illustrating some other ways to combine Zoids Wild kits. This time it's a little more coherent, with the Kuwaga being the best of the bunch. The kits are designed to combine using common pegs. This is our second video example, but a recent booklet called the Book of Adventures has surfaced. It not only shows off example customs but also a couple of screencaps from the upcoming Switch game.

- Minor Changes and Fixes

    Kotobukiya updated their website recently which caused all of the HMM/ZA/etc. links to break. This has been fixed.

    Volume 8 of the Zoids Chaotic Century manga is no longer missing the front cover.

    The Zoids Chaotic Century manga section now contains a list of the Japanese volumes and their covers.

    The Zoids Model Kits section has been rearranged. Still need to sort some things (limiteds). Information link for each series is now more obvious in the headers.

- Zoids Wild Anime Section!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    The Zoids Wild anime section has been updated to include all relevant information up to Episode 6. This includes character profiles, Zoid profiles, and encyclopedia entries. Eventually we may need to split the encyclopedia entries into multiple pages but for now, heavy load warning.

- Zoids Wild Manga Update!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    The Zoids Wild manga has updated with Chapter 3! This begins the first chapter involving the Gabrigator battle, oddly fitting timing considering this week's anime episode was the introduction of the beast. Fair warning that there's a lot of toilet humor in this chapter. This is kind of just par for the course for the comics in corocoro. Bare with us!

- New Zoids Wild App Section!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    We've added a section for the Zoids Wild app! This is still in its infancy; I've barely begun to parse through all the Zoids, missions, etc. For now it contains the first part of the game's introductory tutorial. This is still incomplete and we'll be going through it and adding notes to help people along.

- Zoids Chaotic Century Manga!  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    I want to start off by saying thank you to the several people who offered to provide scans for this chapter. I know it took an obscene amount of time to actually get uploaded, but we now have the first chapter of Volume 14! The final chapter will not be far off, and after that, the CC section will be complete. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to this beautiful manga. It's one of my favorites for sure.

- Zoids Wild for Nintendo Switch!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    We've known for some time that there was a Zoids Wild game coming out for the Nintendo Switch. Last week we got our first look at a screenshot from the game! It looks to have a 3D style, with some information included in this issue of CoroCoro. I don't know yet if Corocoro contains more information than shown here, but I'll update with a memo on that once I've received the issue. In the mean time, the game is slotted for Winter of this year!

- Zoids Wild for Nintendo Switch!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, September 16th, 2018: 8:35 pm
    I knew there were some concept sketches from the Zoids twitters, but didn't realize how gatoriffic this month has been. Zoids Official posted both an armorless concept sketch of the Gabrigator, and an armored version. It seems that the earlier concepts of the Gabrigator featured six smoke dischargers on the back!

    On the anime side of things, we've had our first look at how the Knuckle Kong will appear in the anime. We've also received some nice renders of how the Gabrigator's Death Blast will look, in preparation for next week's episode!

- Zoids Wild Anime Info Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 8th, 2018: 11:05 am
    I've removed the Zoids Wild episode summaries pages, since the anime is getting subs~ These were here to serve as a basic information rundown for people who couldn't understand what was going on, but with subs, this information isn't necessary. We'll still keep the main "Episodes" page which has a brief summary and enough screencaps to drown an Elephander~

    In the mean time, all character and Zoid profiles relevant to Episode 1 have been added. There's also now an Encyclopedia page that will contain world building information and locations. All Zoids Wild anime pages will be updated as we add episode reviews to the site. So don't fret over it missing a lot of information, we simply haven't gotten to those episodes yet!

    Speaking of profiles, some errors in the Character Index regarding Zoids Saga characters have been fixed! This includes fixing the Death Meteor's master, who is supposed to be Zeru, not Juno. Thanks to Falcarius for helping to iron out our information!

- Guylos Empire Enamle Pins!  [Fan Made]

Posted: Wednesday, September 8th, 2018: 11:05 am
    So CloudyMecha over on Tumblr and r/Zoids has decided to do a group order of Zoids Enamel Pins, and for now has the Guylos Empire insignia available! These pins are already created and will start shipping on the 15th. You can check out the store page here. It's awesome to see some fan made content floating around, and the insignias are a great choice for pins, currently being sold at cost (of making and shipping them.)

- Remodeling Character Index  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 11:45 am
    The Character Index has been revamped with a more consistent format between profiles. This will lead to a cleaner format down the line. For now, there've been large updates to Irvine and Zeru's profiles. Pages have also been added for Gard Krueger, Juno Hera, and Leviathe. Since we only have a few profiles right now this doesn't affect much, but I'm hoping there'll be more additions soon as we go through other media sections and integrate their character information.

- Zoids Bible: Part 7 and 8 added!  [Site]

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 7:35 am
    Parts 7 and 8 have been added to the Zoids Bible book section. We're finally getting into the evolutionary history that bridges Wild Zoids and today's giant mechanical beasts. It also explains the first war between Helic and Guylos, which has some interesting twists.
    Both the translations and the page scans are courtesy of Falcarius!

- Zoids Wild Minor Updates!  [Official]

- Death Rex Model Reveal

Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: 7:35 am
    We've seen the Death Rex before, both through leaks and through CoroCoro magazine. Now, however, it's officially on display at the TakaraTomy booth at the Christmas Toy Trade Fair 2018! A couple of good pictures can be seen on Mantan Web.

    Dengeki Hobby also took photos at the event, but if you're on a data plan, be warned that there are tons of unrelated images on the same page. Ctrl+F "タカラトミー" to find the TakaraTomy booth, which shows the upcoming September Zoids and the December "Death Rex". A comparison photo of the Death Rex and Wild Liger shows that the kit is not actually that large in comparison, or at least not as much as expected. The Zoid will make up for this in other additional features. The Hunter Wolf was also on display, but so far I've not seen any pictures of it.

- New Zoids Wild Sketch

    A new sketch of the Gannontoise's excellent armor capabilities can now be found on the Zoids Official twitter!

- Zoids Wild Product Video

    A new video on the TakaraTomy channel shows off some of the upcoming Zoids for September. It also goes into an interesting detail; that the Zoids Wild kits contain a tiny amount of interchangeable parts. For example, Gabrigator's back armor being equippable to Knuckle Kong's chest. Most of these combinations are rather horrible, but it's something I hadn't realized before!

- Zoids Bible: Part 5 and 6 added!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    We've added parts 5 & 6 to the Zoids Bible book section. These chapters detail the biology of Ancient Zoidians, their mysterious past, and how the ZAC calender began. It also goes over the emerging tribes of the time and how each of them lived and interacted with Zoids, leading to potential conflicts between them. (Do you ever wake up and find that your fields were pillaged by molgas?)
    Both the translations and the page scans are courtesy of Falcarius!

- Zoids Wild Sketches and Teasers  [Official]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    The Zoids twitter pages have been posting some production sketches featuring the Zoids in action. This includes a Kabtor launching a raptor into the stratosphere and a Gilraptor in active combat. Aside from that though, we have a teaser image of the September issue of CoroCoro, featuring our first major appearance of Gallagher riding a Gilraptor. I believe this is the second Gilraptor we've seen make an official appearance in a character capacity.

- Zoids Wild: Volume 1 Released!   [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga has been officially released! Looks like it has some cool art on the back, and you may still be able to pick it up on Amazon Japan if you're quick (they do ship to the US for some products including this one, and accept US credit/debit cards.) Zoids Official made a tweet showing off the back of the book, as well as some limited edition stickers for the Wild Liger.

    Please note that these stickers do not come with the book. They're showing off stickers that'll be given to 200 lucky individuals who applied for them by sending in cards from an earlier issue of CoroCoro. The Zoids Official twitter posted an extra tweet to clarify this error, but we don't want any English speaking fans to mistake them as a product extra.

- New FOR Manga Update!   [Site]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    We have an update for ZOIDS: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4! You can find this under the Zoids Manga section. There is one more chapter left before this manga ends, but as usual, chapter 4 is full of excellent art.

- Zoids Wild: Wave 3 Model Kits!   [Official]

    There's been an official announcement for Zoids Wild: Wave 3 model kits, releasing in September! This includes the Raptor (1200 Yen), Knuckle Kong (3000 Yen), and Triceradogos (4500) yen. These consistent pricing scales are nice, and the Zoids are already up for preorder via proxy through the TakaraTomy mall. We advise that people hold out for the typical shops to post their pre-orders, as TT Mall is retail price, so you won't see any discounts, even if you order the complete set.

Aside from the rather cheeky "Raptor squad" set, that just contains 3 normal Raptors, the TTMall also has box arts of the new Zoids, and excellent, clear product photos. Knuckle Kong, Raptor, Triceradogos.

Videos for Wave 3!

    Knuckle Kong
    Knuckle Kong illustrates how the pegs on the bottom of the feed push the Zoid into a particular strut. They look unusal at a stand still, but it's impressive to see this Zoid try to do something more personable than just "move legs forward."

    Knuckle Kong (Wild Blast)
    It is also the first gorilla type Zoid to beat its chest. While I wish that the fists would come closer to the actual armor, the wild blast motion is greatly appreciated.

    Triceradogos has a straight forward and very fast stabbing motion, deploying the shield and giant drill in an instant.

- Zoids Wild: Concept Sketches   [Official]

    The Zoids Official Twitter has posted a Gilraptor Concept Sketch that was used as a basis for the model kit. They've teased that quite a few details were changed before the final version. Can you spot them all?

    It's also not the first sketch they've shown us. We've also seen the adventure book from Arashi's father and a couple of Wild Liger animation sketches.

- Zoids Wild: Manga Volume 1   [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga is coming out on the 28th! Unfortunately, it seems that it already sold out on CDJapan. You may be able to pick up the book through the Japan branch of Amazon, but it may not ship to your country, so be sure to check into it.

- Zoids Wild: Death Rex Teaser   [Official]

    The latest issue of Corocoro contained some art boards with information on upcoming Zoids, one of which was teased by CoroCoro on twitter. These teasers talk about the Death Rex, code named "Project D." A terrifying Zoid that eats other Zoids.

- New Zoids Wild Products!   [Official]

Posted: Friday, July 20th, 2018: 5:36 pm
    Today there were leaks of several Zoids Wild model kits, giving us a look at some of the brand new Zoids! We've already heard of most of these and have them listed down in the preorders table with released prices so far. Now we get to see some of their Wild Blasts in action!

     ZW09 Raptor: Velociraptor Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is its back spike moving up and forwards

    ZW10 Knuckle Kong: Gorilla Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is the outer halves of its shoulder armour sliding down to form bigger fists

    ZW11 Triceradogos: Triceratops Type, Freedom, Wild Blast is a spike stabbing out of its forehead (and also bringing most of its frill forwards)

    ZW12 Death Rex: motorised XL-size Tyrannosaurus Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is automatic and complicated: stops mid-walk, mouth opens wide, drill inside mouth lights up and spins, side jaws swing forwards, both pairs of jaws make chomping motion, repeats actions 3 times before resuming walking

    ZW13 Gusock: Giant Isopod Type, factionless?, Wild Blast is curling into a ball and sticking its antennae out sideways

    ZW14 Stegosage: Stegosaurus Type, Death Metal, Wild Blast is its back plates folding down horizontally

    ZW15 Special Edition Wild Liger/Awakened Wild Liger: motorised M-size Lion Type, Freedom, slight changes from standard Wild Liger: armour is pearl white and metallic blue, claws are painted gold, Mane Claws are chrome gold, motor is improved for a 20% speed increase, comes with special Coro Coro minibook

    ZW16 Hunter Wolf: Wolf Type, Freedom, two-stage Wild Blast is back panels swivelling upwards and gun flipping up

    ZW17 Catalga: Silkworm Type, factionless?, Wild Blast is chin lifting to reveal drills, comes with carrier trailer

- New Keychains!

    A set of five "Deformed Figure Keychains" has also been announced. This includes five of the first wave, but oddly not in order (we're missing Kabtor). Almost all of the first wave of kits even still. Perhaps we'll see more later on down the line!

- Zoids Wild Manga: Chapter 2!   [Site]

Posted: Saturday, July 19th, 2018: 10:37 pm
    The second chapter of the Zoids Wild manga is up, with translations courtesy of Falcarius! This chapter introduces Drake, who's likely to show up in tomorrow's episode of Zoids Wild! This chapter is 37 pages long, so no worries, there aren't missing pages. It just links to a page that doesn't yet exist.

- Zoids Wild: Kit Schedule!   [Semi-Official]

    Some leaked information has lead to a bi-monthly lineup for the next number of Zoids Wild kits, including some brand new ones that we haven't gotten a proper look at! We'll update the upcoming release table at the bottom of this page. There aren't pre-orders for most of these kits yet, but it'll give people an idea of what to budget for.

    Aside from those that've been confirmed for sale, several trademarks also name Zoids that are not on that list. The Awakened Wild Liger, Spydeath, Dimepulsar, Ankylox, Pachykedos, and Dilophos. The Fang Tiger, listed on the trademark list has yet to have a scheduled kit release, which has left a number of people perplexed. We already know that there's a Fang Tiger kit, so don't worry, it'll get here eventually~

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