- Zoids Wild Anime Debut!   [Official]

Posted: Saturday, July 7th, 2018: 8:06 pm
    Zoids Anime has finally debuted in Japan! The first episode delivered even more than expected, with lots of Zoids in the show and elaborated scenes from the manga. While some things were changed for the sake of the story and animation, the overall plot is the same, so people who've read the manga will have a pretty good idea of what's going on.

    The first episode has been made available for free online on youtube, but you'll need a proxy or VPN to view it. In the mean time, we've got the opening and ending for everyone's viewing pleasure!

- Zoids Wild Anime Section!   [Site]

Posted: Saturday, July 7th, 2018: 8:06 pm

    Along with the debut of the anime, we've added a page for Zoids Wild in the anime section. This currently includes a list of characters/zoids (no profiles yet), episode summaries, and episode list. The Episodes page includes lots of screenshots and a list of characters/Zoids. The episode summaries are just that, summaries of everything that happens in the episode. It'll hopefully help people understand what's going on.

- Zoids Wild Manga: Chapter 1  [Site]

Posted: Thursday, June 19th, 2018: 11:29 pm
    Thanks to the diligent work of Falcarius we've now got translations for Zoids Wild: Chapter 1! You can find this in the manga directory. The first chapter is so far the longest, totalling a grand 54 pages, and introduces a few new Zoids. This chapter also shares a lot of themes with what we've seen for episode 1 of the anime, so it'll be interesting to see how close it follows this July!

- CoroCoro Comic April & May Issue  [Site]

Posted: Thursday, June 19th, 2018: 11:29 pm
    Now that its been a little bit of time since the manga first began, we've gone ahead and uploaded the April and May issues of CoroCoro Comic! These volumes first eluded to the fact that we'd be getting a new type of raptor Zoid, including a preview of the model kit that at that time hadn't been seen elsewhere. We've now seen proof of those motorized kits in the trailers.

- Zoids Wild Kit Build Videos!  [Official]

Posted: Thursday, June 19th, 2018: 11:29 pm
    The TakaraTomy Channel on Youtube has uploaded 6 videos of the Zoids Wild model kits, which consists of the whole first wave. These are build videos showing customers how to put together the kits, in case they have trouble with the instructions. We'll likely be seeing these videos in the app which is also expected to release this month, likely on the 23rd along with the kits!

- Trailers and Commercials  [Official]

Posted: Thursday, June 19th, 2018: 11:29 pm
    A few commercials have come out recently in regards to Zoids Wild, both anime and kits, but we kind of dropped the ball on keeping up with Zoids Wild updates. I'll see about getting a more complete list of information up soon, but in the mean time, here's the collection of commercials that we've seen so far!

- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Thursday, April 17th, 2018: 11:02 am
    The May issue of Corocoro has released, and with it, the first chapter of the new serialized manga, Zoids Wild! This manga has some excellent Zoid design. The chapter is 30 pages long not including the color image, and begins the story of Arashi, who is setting out to find a Zoid of his own! We're still awaiting the physical copy of the manga to get some good scans of it.

    On a more exciting note, CoroCoro has decided to make the first chapter free to read to all Zoids fans! This means even those who don't own Corocoro can check out the first chapter on their own, without having to wait!

Introducing Bacon and the Fang Tiger!

    The manga introduces Bacon, a man searching for a dangerous Zoid that escaped from Death Metal territory. Accompanying him is the Fang Tiger, the mysterious silhouette we saw advertised when his voice actor was announced! The Zoid lives up to its name, with giant sabers that seem more specifically designed for combat than most saber-toothed cats of the past.

    Aside from the Fang Tiger, we also get to see several new Zoids, including a generic raptor type (so far known as just raptors.) These differ significantly from the Gilraptor, lacking crests, significant armor, and sporting different-looking equipment. We also see several new types of Zoids on the last 2 pages, such as ankylosaurs. Of course, these are likely manga filler and probably won't develop into anything more. Still, it's nice for people that like those little obscur Zoids!

Kabuto and Scorpear Box Art

    The Zoids Official Twitter released box images for the Kabuto Beetle and the Scorpear. These are decent enough, but may not be the final print versions of the boxes.

Minor Anime Update

    The official anime site has updated with a list of pilots and their Zoids. This is our first look at the Gabrigator in the anime style and it's looking good! The new angle of the Gilraptor also shows off just how nice this Zoid adapts to the anime style. There are still a couple Zoids, including the Fang Tiger that have yet to be revealed for the anime style.

New Model Photos

    The Zoids Official Twitter has been able to post some new high quality photos of touched up Zoids Wild models. It's nice seeing the Zoids from this new angle. So far we have the Gabrigator, Gannontoise, Scorpear, and Kabuto Beetle.

- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Thursday, March 29th, 2018: 11:02 am
    The Zoids Wild official website has received an update. The teaser that was formerly posted online now plays in the background (without sound) and the site has been updated to include a vague story blurb and a list of the cast & characters. We haven't been given any new actor names and there's not a lot here, but it's development nonetheless!

    Zoids! The strongest living entities with bodies made of metal, animal instincts, and fighting spirit stand at the top of the ecosystem! When Zoids and Humans form the ultimate bond, the names of their hidden, ferocious powers are realized... The Wild Blast!

    We've also seen a stat image for the Brachiosaurus type! There are a few oddly specific details about Zoids Wild that are being tightly kept under wraps, and one of those details is the name of this behemoth. Not only is the name blacked out on the image, but we realized the same can be said for a few other Zoids, including the Gabrigator, which we already know.

    Brachiosaurus Type: A giant Zoid that's used for transporting goods, making full use of its massive size.
    Nickname:Earth's Harbinger Hammer? (大地の魁槌)
    Traits: Radiation Fin, Hammer Bone, Outrigger
    Stats: Speed: 7 / Attack: 10 / IQ: 7 / Stamina: 10 / Defense: 10 / Wild Burst: 9
    Wild Burst Technique: Grand Hammer

- Zoids Wild Manga Teaser  [Official]

Posted: Monday, March 27th, 2018: 6:06 am
    A new teaser image has been posted over on the Zoids Official twitter. This is the third out of four teasers posted in the April issue of CoroCoro Comic. We can probably assume that the fourth will be posted online as well. The series will begin its serialization starting in the May issue of this year.

- Zoids Guardian Force Summaries  [Site]

Posted: Monday, March 26th, 2018: 9:48 pm
    We've added Episodes 61 ~ 64 of Guardian Force to the episode summaries. This includes screencaps from each episode and cut scenes from Episode 61, 62, and 63. Episode 64 didn't actually have any cutscene differences between the English and Japanese versions.

- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Monday, March 26th, 2018: 7:19 am
    In no particular order. We're very late on some of these updates, sorry about that! Here's the new information charts that were posted on the Zoids Official Twitter. We still have a few Zoids to hear information on, such as the names of those only clarified by types.

    Scorpear: A small Zoid that hides in sandy areas and specializes in surprise attacks.
    Nickname: Assassination Cactus
    Traits: Scissors, Poison Spear
    Stats: Speed: 5 / Attack: 5 / IQ: 6 / Stamina: 6 / Defense: 4 / Wild Burst: 6
    Wild Burst Technique: Hit and Death

    Gabrigator: It lives on the riverbanks of jungle areas and is good at ambushing.
    Nickname: Devil's Crocodile Jaw
    Traits: Crumble Jaw, Mist Discharger, Claws
    Stats: Speed: 7 / Attack: 9 / IQ: 5 / Stamina: 5 / Defense: 5 / Wild Burst: 8
    Wild Burst Technique: Hell's Jaw Bite

    Zoids Wild featured at Anime Japan 2018, along with the large Wild Liger that we saw at previous showcases. The Zoid featured bright glowing eyes, which certainly makes it look creepier than before! We got a little bit of info, but not a ton, so let's move into it.

    The event featured assorted goods that were given to participants, including: A clear file, Zoids Wild Beef Jerkey, Paper Advertisements, and a plastic baggy for your goods. Just silly little trinkets, mostly, but they're all over Yahoo Japan right now for those avid collectors out there.

    The first new piece of information to mention is that we finally have a broadcast schedule for the Zoids Wild anime. It's scheduled to air starting in July on MBS / TBS channels in Japan, at 6:30 pm every Saturday. This is between 5 and 8 AM for most people in the united states. There are some reliable streams for TBS online for international viewers that are interested in catching these early morning streams.

    A new preview (which we'll post below) has revealed a little scene from the anime, as well as some new characters. However, the display at the event also confirmed a new faction: Supreme, sporting a yellow sabertooth logo, which so far includes the Rhinoceros Beetle, the Brachiosaurus, and an unknown sabertooth looking type shown in the preview!

    Characters and their Voice Actors:
    Arashi: Zoid - Wild Liger / Team: Freedom / Voiced by Kensho Ono
    Bacon: Zoid - Unknown / Team: Supreme / Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai -- (New Character!)
    Gyoza: Zoid - Unknown / Team: Supreme / Voiced by Kimura Subaru -- (New Character!)
    Onigiri: Zoid - Cannontoise / Team: Freedom / Voiced by Kozakura Etsuko
    Penne: Zoid - Scorpear / Team: Freedom / Voiced by Mikako Komatsu

    Not only has CoroCoro Comic April 2018 released some teasers but the Zoids Official twitter has also posted the second of four teaser images shown in the book. We've already seen the first teaser page. The book also included a couple spreads of diaroma style images featuring the Wild Liger kit. We plan to post Corocoro scans 1-2 months after release, unless the Zoids Official twitter releases the last two teaser pages.

- Zoids FOR Pre-Update News  [Official]

Posted: Monday, March 26th, 2018: 7:19 am
    ZOIDS FOR YOU #26 is up, showcasing some of the new items coming to Zoids: Field of Rebellion on the 27th. This is likely the last update for March, and will feature a few more nice changes. The video also covers "The Art of AnimaReal", an artbook released by the professional cosplay group that does FOR's realism images and commercial. You can purchase the book here for 2,808 yen (roughly $26). It includes some of the Zoids works they've done, along with plenty of other series.

    One update includes that containers will now drop from both victory and defeat. Silver Containers will drop from each defeat and victories will award you a blue, purple, or super container only.

    The update will also include a new sub pilot (Sarah Moris?) whose full burst will raise ally defense and EN recovery rate, with a passive skill that also increases the pilot Zoid's defense and EN recovery.

    Shield Attack: A Shield Liger exclusive weapon. Activates an Energy Shield which, upon activation, launches a forward lunging attack. The shield power sacrifices duration (lasting only for the 2 seconds or so of the attack) for improved defensive capabilities, lowering even the damage received from large Zoid attacks.

    Hyper Killer Claw: A Geno Breaker exclusive weapon. It fires the claws in a linear shot, hooking any enemy in its path and dragging them closer to the Geno Breaker. This will allow you to immediately follow up with another attack if you're quick.

    Medium HP Repair Unit (%): This repair unit restores a percentage of the Zoid's HP instead of a static number, like the regular Repair Unit. This means that its effective number of HP restored will go up depending on the target Zoid's maximum HP.

    Large Base Repair Unit (%): A unique repair unit that gives the effects many people wished the Supporter update had given. The ability to repair bases! This item can only restore the HP of bases and headquarters, but cannot repair Zoids. It also restores a percentage instead of a static number.

- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018: 10:27 pm
    First, let's go back to the build video post. Falcarius was able to give some insight into the map included in the Wild Liger instruction booklet, which shows off the Wild Continent. We've rigged up an image with English details using those translations. The text that was printed on screen (not in the booklet) below the map gives a vague teaser.

    "Humans have sighted Wild Liger bones buried in the ground, but it is said that nobody has seen one in the process of being reconstructed..."

    Second, in the past couple of days, the Zoids Official twitter has been posting images and stats of the upcoming Zoids! This includes the fact that the Rhinoceros Beetle is also scheduled for release in June, meaning there are 3 total kits confirmed for that month. We've yet to see a price tag, and we still don't know how many kits will be prepared for that month.

    Moving onto some stats:

    Rhinoceros Beetle Type:
    Nickname: Launching Head Horn
    Features: Head Horn, Crest Horn
    Stats: 5 Speed, 7 Attack, 3 IQ, 6 Stamina, 5 Defence, 5 Wild Blast
    Wild Blast Technique Name: Brass Knuckle Strike

    Nickname: Hidden Shell
    Features: Front Shell, Back Shell, Side Shell
    Stats: 3 Speed, 5 Attack, 8 IQ, 8 Stamina, 10 Defence, 8 Wild Blast
    Wild Blast Technique Name: Tortoise Light Cannon

    Nickname: Gale Dragon Claw
    Features: Head Radar, Talons
    Stats: 5 Speed, 7 Attack, 3 IQ, 6 Stamina, 5 Defence, 5 Wild Blast

    Most exciting for these updates is a Zoids Wild teaser image! The post says to look forward to the upcoming issue of CoroCoro Comic, which'll feature the upcoming manga. We'll have to see where it goes.

    Soon after posting the above, the Zoids Official Twitter posted a teaser page from the brief comic stuff in today's CoroCoro Comic issue! We'll probably see more of this throughout the day from various sources.

- Zoids FOR Upcoming Update!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018: 10:27 pm
    The Zoids Official twitter also teased the second Zoid that was announced to be released later this month. The silhouette shows the Liger Zero Jager! Now, this is a sensitive Zoid to add. We know that the Zero itself is overwhelmingly powerful, so we can assume the Jager will take an overall stat nerf of some kind. However, will it also be 4.2 speed like the Lightning Saix? Faster, slower? How will that exceptional speed balance with the Zero's immense stat pool? Only time will tell!

- Gilraptor Box Image, Unboxing Video!  [Official]

Posted: Saturday, March 10th, 2018: 8:31 pm
    There's a new battle style image, this time from the back of the Gilraptor box art. It looks like these two Zoids play off of each other, but both the Gilraptor and the Wild Liger taking a chunk out of each other.

    The Zoids Official twitter has also posted an unboxing and building video of the Wild Liger! This seems to feature a map in the booklet, which we'll have more information on later. It doesn't just feature the map though, it shows a Wild Liger skeleton still in the ground, ready to be restored. A nice aesthetic choice is also highlighted in the video, showing that the on/off switch, at least for the Wild Liger, is hidden beneath an armor piece. This means there'll be no unsightly lever sticking out of your Zoid's box, and that's fantastic.

- Wild Liger Box Image, Zoids Stats!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 9th, 2018: 6:28 am
    Zoids Wild is continuing its trend of posting images from the boxes of their upcoming Zoids. This time we have the battle style image from the back of the Wild Liger's box.

    Falcarius was also able to get some information from the box text that we haven't previously seen. Here's what we have so far:

What are Zoids...?
    Mechanical organisms with metal bodies, born from a single Zoid Core that arrived on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. They come in a wide range of forms such as animals and dinosaurs. They stand at the summit of the ecosystem, and are feared by humans. For a long time, they slept deep within the earth, but when certain humans excavated and reconstructed them, they appeared on the surface once again.

What is a Wild Blast...?
    A special ability hidden within Zoids, which activates when the feelings of the Zoid and its rider synchronise and their fighting instincts rise to their maximum level. The Zoid's physical abilities increase greatly and it takes on a more aggressive form - for instance, hidden weapons may appear. When the Wild Liger uses its Wild Blast, it unleashes its "Mane Claws", weapons hidden on its back, to slice up and pierce enemy Zoids. Its finishing move, "King of Claw", destroys enemy Zoids in a single hit and leaves three claw marks.

Wild Liger Description
    A unique, legendary Zoid with a white mane. It has extremely high combat abilities. It attacks enemies with its sharp claws and fangs. When it uses its Wild Blast [written with the kanji for "unleashes its instincts", but given the reading of "Wild Blast"], it unleashes three Mane Claws and slices up enemies.

    Wild Blast Technique Name: King Of Claw
    Area Excavated: Unknown
    Length: 8.4m
    Height: 4.5m
    Weight: 48.0t
    Max Speed: 205km/h
    IQ: 95

    Features (clockwise from bottom left): Claws, Roar Cannon, Fangs, Rider, Blue Frill, Mane Claws, Radiator Fins, Tail

    Stats (out of 10): 7 Speed, 9 Attack, 7 IQ, 7 Stamina, 7 Defence, 9 Wild Blast

Gilraptor Description
    A medium-sized Zoid that specialises in high-speed movement using its legs, which excel at springing motions, and the Jet Boosters on its back. It slices up enemy Zoids with the large talons on its feet and its "Wing Shotels", a third set of talons that appear when it uses its Wild Blast.

    Wild Blast Technique Name: Instant Slaughter (???)
    Area Excavated: Wild Continent mining zone
    Length: 8.4m
    Height: 4.5m
    Weight: 35.2t
    Max Speed: 259km/h [might not be correct, the photo's not quite big enough]
    IQ: 102

    Features (clockwise from bottom left): Talons, Head Radar, Rider, Jet Boosters, Wing Shotels, Tail

    Stats (out of 10): 9 Speed, 7 Attack, 7 IQ, 7 Stamina, 5 Defence, 8 Wild Blast

- The Zoids Bible: Translations  [Site]

Posted: Sunday, March 9th, 2018: 12:45 am
    We've started posting translations of The Zoids Bible over in Zoids Books > Assorted Stories. A while ago Falcarius was nice enough to do translations for this story. We've formatted it to read how the pages do, with images mixed in as you go. We've also got complete scans posted at the bottom of each page. Since it's natural to scroll down, both clicking on the full scan and the navigation can take you to the next page.

    We'll be posting The Zoids Bible in three parts. Right now we've got pages 1 ~ 10, with the future updates being slightly larger in page count. It's a highly recommended series for anyone who likes the Zoids mythos.

- New Gilraptor Model Kit Image  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, February 9th, 2018: 12:44 am
    Also from the Zoids Official Twitter, a direct side view of the Gilraptor. Like before it has great detail. You can see through the head in spots, as a result of the moving mechanisms for the eyes.

    We've also taken a look at one of the blurbs that appears to be from the Wild Liger box, explaining a bit about the current affairs of Zoids.

What is Zoids...?

    A mechanical lifeform with a metal body that was born from a single Zoid Core, which flew to the Earth tens of thousands of years ago. Their appearance is diverse, including a variety of animals and dinosaurs. They stand at the top of the ecosystem, feared by the people.

    They were buried deep underground for a long time, but were excavated and restored by some human beings, and appeared again on the earth.

- New Wild Liger Model Kit Image  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2018: 5:31 am
    Again from the Zoids Official Twitter, a direct side view of the Wild Liger. You can see a lot of detail, including the new design choice to not have circular leg joints, and to have transparent caps.

- Gilraptor Box Art!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2018: 5:31 am
    The Zoids Official Twitter has posted a great shot of the Gilraptor's boxart! With this clearer image we can see all of the beautiful design work that went into this kit. Interestingly, there are also 2 strange Zoids ontop of the cliff. It's not unlikely that these are just customs, but it's still great to see new "Zoid designs" introduced into the series in any way.

    Or, as Maethius keenly noticed, these are purple versions of the Gilraptor, though a new color scheme. Distinctly different from the purple one we saw on display. Many people, including myself were thrown off by the silhouette of the blades behind the Zoids, which at a glance make them appear to have a hooked beak.

- Zoids FOR: Earn Repair Kits in VS Mode!   [Official]

    We've also finally gotten the March 1st update for Zoids: Field of Rebellion fully up to date. We lumped the balance adjustments that followed into this page, since they didn't really warrant a page of their own.

    The game will also be hosting three single-day Limited Time VS Battle Bonus Missions! These missions are to battle a certain number of times in VS Mode (doesn't matter if it's a win or a loss) to obtain large quantities of repair kits. It's a good opportunity for some cheap items if you've got free time. You can earn 20 Repair Kits a day, for a grand total of 60 if you complete all 3 days worth of missions.

- Zoids Wild App Trailer   [Official]

Posted: Sunday, February 4th, 2018: 7:43 pm
    The Zoids Official Twitter has posted their first look at the Zoids Wild App! This mostly covers the ZFX feature; recording, editing, and uploading your videos, as well as the rating process of the videos. Those with high scores can earn special rewards, but this will likely only apply to residents of Japan, if it's physical goods.     We also see that the game will include missions, such as "Subduing Stray Zoids" and "Discovering fossils sleeping in the mines." Each appears to have a time limit, a rank, and a total score. It's uncertain what this total score contributes to. Most of these are standard "Missions" with one "Battle" mission revealed in the trailer.

    We also get a good look at the Wild Liger, using the same anime style, and a generic man standing on a platform. Perhaps this man represents your character, or he could just be a random mechanic, who knows.

    Speaking of reading too much into things, one of the missions mentions the Empire. Up until this point we haven't heard any mention of the Empire or Republic in the actual story, so it's interesting that they're included in the app. The menu includes Missions, Zoids, Shop, Options, and another that I can't really make out. Rather simple so far.

- Zoids FOR Rolling Update   [Official]

Posted: Wenesday, February 28th, 2018: 8:50 am
    We've updated the Zoids: Field of Rebellion News page to include some minor older updates. We've also changed the layout of the site's Games section so that it includes most games in a more compact table. This'll make it easier to find games without a lot of scrolling. For now, cards remain in list format.

    Zoids FOR has just released a huge game update. It includes a lot of new stuff (including a lot of invalidations of the gameplay guide, but we'll work on that in our free time.) For now we'll update this post as we add news to the page. Please check this post for more information later!

    The current stage is the Forest / Urban stage. Keep in mind that all glow effects, including supporter buffs will show to enemies in the Forest. For the Urban area, beware of particle cannons, which can fire through the buildings.

    A new Player Zoid is here, and that Zoid is the Gojulas CA! This Zoid is based off of the Gojulas from the Zoids Concept Art Books. It's awesome that they included flavor text debating over the definition of "CA" implying that characters in the world have no idea what it actually stands for. As a Commander its job is to back up Small Zoids, and with overall high stats it's not a bad choice at all.

    Along with the Gojulas CA, its new dedicated SR weapon, the Assault Beam Gun has also made an appearance. This is pretty unique since it fires over a side-spanning area, but there are gaps between the beams, and the range isn't long. Aside from that, the Command Wolf has a new dedicated Smoke Discharger, which is very useful for hiding from enemies who might see your icon on the mini map and come charging. With Command Wolf's growing popularity it's nice that it gets some love.

- Zoids Wild Updates   [Official]

Posted: Wenesday, February 28th, 2018: 1:28 am
    Minor details are starting to surface about Zoids Wild as more and more websites are publishing their articles. The first is that while we saw painted figures earlier, these are likely going to come with the clear pilots instead. It's still unclear if the painted figures will make an appearance in some way, shape, or form.

    We've also gotten our first look at the instruction booklet (or Reconstruction Document), which is in full color and places the parts list on the inside cover. This means that instead of switching back an forth between pages, you can keep a constant eye on the parts you need. It's a small but appreciated quality of life update to the building process. The parts themselves are in baggies, called "excavation packs." Yes, it's gimmicky.

    We saw a black and purple version of the Gilraptor in the diaroma display, but according to Robostart's new article this is likely a painted display. We'll see if it's painted to match an anime variant or not!

    Their article also shows us the back of the boxes! This is very exciting. The design looks to include diaroma images and even flavor text (an explanation of the Wild Burst), much like the NJR. No battle story, but still great designs. It seems that the kits will also use 3mm pegs. This means they'll be able to mount some weapons/etc. from older Zoid designs.

    Maidigitv has posted a complete look at the conference, which is split up into 3 different parts. Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3. A lot of it we've already covered but it's worth watching to see the animations, interactions with the toys, etc.

    In the presentation there were some higher res images of the comic drafts, which is expected to launch in the April issue of Corocoro. Click the images below to enlarge!

    The slide showed the conceptualized store, a Zoids dedicated store that'll be opening up to sell the merchandise. There are shelves lined with Zoids, already with a tiny thumbnail look at what we can expect for the box art of the Cannontoise, Gabrigator, etc. A three-dimensional Wild Liger is placed in the back right of the store, with steps up to it so that fans can go and take their picture petting a full scale Zoid! This is also just a great way to see how this Zoid would really look next to a person. It really is sized to carry kids around.

    There's a picture with tons of merchandise. Admittedly, it's hard to tell what the many square items are, but we can assume things like postcards or notebooks and similar items might surface. Things that are pretty standard for any series, really. What we can definitely see are pens, thermos, cups, bags, backpacks, shoes, keychains, hats, coasters, boots, shoes, etc. Most apparel can be expected to be in kids sizes, but things like hats will hopefully have a larger size available.

    Finally we saw some conceptualized pieces leading up to the series. The original skeletons shown earlier, a diaroma of a preserved Shield Liger, and concepts for the skeletons that are brought back from these fossilized Zoids. The archeology theme is a fun take on the toy line.

- Zoids FOR New Gallery Image   [Official]

Posted: Monday, February 27th, 2018: 6:47 am
    In preparation for tomorrow's update, Zoids: Field of Rebellion has posted a new realism-based cosplay image by Animareal. The new update is set to introduce a more intelligent matching system which will match players based on equipment and strength over LP, providing more balanced combat. It'll also introduce the new Gojulas CA, a player Zoid, as well as the third upgrade stage (and accompanying level increases).

    There will of course be updates to the Gacha Container Shop during this time, and let's not forget that the current campaign has a higher chance of dropping the Gacha exclusive items. So if you're a gacha junky, buy them while you can. The odds are about 0.83% per weapon, compared to the 0.15% of other SR weapons. That's about a 10% chance of a Gacha Exclusive item. The odds are higher for gacha containers awarded from Premium Ticket (Gold.)

- Zoids Wild Conference Summary (2)  [Official]

Posted: Monday, February 27th, 2018: 6:16 am
Some innaccuracies in the front page updates have been corrected.

    An article from Get News has gone into more detail about the presentation for Zoids Wild. Including that the line will be 1/35 scale, which sounds bigger than it is. However, since the Zoids themselves are much smaller, allowing pilots to ride on them, they'll probably turn out a bit smaller than the motorized versions.

    The bond between pilots and riders will be emphasized in the new series, and with many shots of the hero, Arashi, riding his Wild Liger, it's likely we'll see character figures with each Zoid. Hopefully they'll still come with the clear pilots.

    According to a post made by Falcarius on Phenotype Zoids, they've discussed wanting to work with their global partners in North America, Europe, and Asia, to bring Zoids Wild to children around the world. This may mean we have a chance of seeing Zoids in these countries again, and perhaps even a dub of the anime, though it's too early to tell.

    Placed in the display of the current product lineup was an alternate color of the Gilraptor, piloted by Gallagher. Perhaps he'll trade up? It's unclear at this time if it's planned to release as an actual product after the Gilraptor.

    The new Zoids have a decent number of features, and we've gone through every video we could find to provide a detailed list of what parts seem to be movable on the motorized kits. These are mostly automatic features, but some may require you to adjust the armor manually.

Wild Liger Features: Medium Motorized Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Chomping Jaws
    - Mane Blades flip forward and continue to slash downwards repeatedly
    - Rib cage/hip moves separate from the body
    - Shoulder Cap Spins

Gilraptor Features: Medium Motorized Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Chomping Jaws that move the neck, providing a natural 'riding' movement for the pilot
    - Tail moves up and down
    - Eyes slide forward to hide under protective armor
    - Shoulder cap spins
    - Blades swing inwards
    - Blade / Booster (?) unit lifts up

Cannontoise Features: Medium Motorized Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Tail moves up and down
    - Cannon moves forwards/backwards in a firing motion
    - Shoulder cap spins
    - Head moves around

Gabrigator Features: Medium Motorized Zoid
    - Walk cycle
    - Ribs/hips move independently of the body
    - Head/neck open up in a repeating chomping action
    - Shoulder cap moves
    - Tail sways back and forth

Rhinoceros Beetle Features: Small Windup Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Horn moves up and down
    - Wings open up, weapon extends from head

Scorpear Features: Small Windup Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Pincers Move
    - Back armor opens up into new weapons

Stag Beetle Features: Small Windup Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Pincers move
    - Side armor becomes forward-facing blades
    - Wings open up

Brachiosaurus Features: Extra Large Motorized Zoid
    - Walk Cycle
    - Head moves up and down
    - Tail swings side to side
    - Side armor flips forward to head, which then swings up and down like a hammer

    There was a preview shot of the effects you could apply through the "Zoids Wild" app. The app will also provide instructions for your figures and Zoids games that are accessible without having the toys. There are already plans to hold contests related to creating your own Zoids videos through the app.

    By design it could provide hours of entertainment for Zois enthusiasts! Though be aware, contests will likely be for Japan residents only. Still, it's a fun idea. The app is scheduled for June 2018.

- Zoids Wild Conference Summary!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, February 27th, 2018: 1:05 am
    Dengeki Hobby has gone into great detail regarding the press conference about the upcoming Zoids franchise, "Zoids Wild." This is the third generation of the Zoids series, and they want to make a scene with their new product line. A ton of images surfaced on Dengeki's website regarding the event, where they captured countless slides of the presentation.

    To start off with, a decent number of concept images were shown at the conference. Ideas of what the base skeletons would look like for different species, including a stegosaurus, a saber tiger, and a velociraptor.

    We also got a look into what goes into these kits. The designs are extremely simplistic, build wise, with about 30 parts for the Wild Liger's skeletal frame and 25 parts for the armor, most of which goes into the head. This simple design will work well for kids, with a parts number (55) not unlike the Murasame Liger (around 51 parts) which sold for 2500 yen. Either way, a simpler build may be a nice break for some fans, easy for kids, and the smaller size may also be a welcome addition to overflowing collections.

    A few slides gave us our first introduction to the cast of the OLM anime, along with English names for some of the Zoids. The series will start airing in summer 2018 on MBS. The character designs are suitably childish, and it looks like our new main character will be Arashi. More is likely to come with the update of the new Zoids Wild Official Site. The pilots and their Zoids that've been revealed so far:
    Arashi: Wild Liger
    Onigiri: Cannontoise
    Penne: Scorpear
    Gallagher: Death Rex
    Dorake: Gilraptor
    Caviar: Gabriator

    It was mentioned earlier that Corocoro would be launching a monthly comic alongside the anime, and we got a look at the rough drafts for some of those comic pages. These are just roughs before the final comic, but it looks promising with good art and a dynamic style.

    With brief previews into the app it looks to contain unlockable items for the previous generation of Zoids, providing a nice tie-in with the series we've already known. The app will allow for you to shoot, process, post, and view movies of your models in the future, complete with added effects. This could, in theory, allow fans to create their own 'trailers' in the same way as the older diaroma trailers.

    So what do we know about the kits so far?
    Zoids Wild is the third generation of Zoids. In their world, Zoids are being restored from archeological finds, which you'll get from "excavation packs" or in other words, the baggy to build the frame. The Zoids don't come on sprues, so there's no having to cut each part by yourself. You can start building as soon as the kit is purchased.

    The basic skeletons can move fine on their own, but when you attach the armor you'll be able to see their "Wild Blast" skills: Special motorized gimmicks that manipulate the armor. For example, with the Gabriator, the whole mouth and neck will open up and chomp.

    Zoids Wild will have either a standard electric motor or a simpler spring based action for the smaller Zoids. It'll be standard to have at least two actions, including walking, chomping of jaws for some Zoids, swaying tails, etc. The size of these Zoids will be smaller than what we're used to, but they're not tiny.

    Each Zoid seems to follow the anime design of having a pilot ride on the Zoid, but this time, they might come with either clear pilots or character-specific pilots. Hopefully both, as this would be a nice touch since clear pilots won't stand out too much.

    The box art has also been posted, and doesn't look too different from older Tomy kits. In fact, the Wild Liger shares a pose scheme similar to both Shield Liger and Blade Liger box arts from the old motorized line. Here's hoping we get battle story and all that along with it!

    Funny enough, the Wild Liger box art uses the same desert backdrop as the Desert stage in Zoids: Field of Rebellion, which also features Monument Valley.

- Zoids FOR New Zoids Capaign!   [Official]

Posted: Monday, February 26th, 2018: 10:01 pm
    With the new announcements for Zoids Wild, Zoids: Field of Rebellion is holding a campaign where for 5 days you can log in and get an SR Gacha Ticket. This ticket will allow you to get 5 gacha containers, one of which will be guaranteed to be an SR weapon. You can also get pilots and other gacha-exclusive items from this ticket, so don't forget to log in to grab your free item! Sent automatically to the gift box.

    We'll also be splitting updates into individual headers like this for the time being. It'll make it easier to process new information from the older information.

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