- EX Supplementary Story - Gairyuki

    Autumn, ZAC 2106. Defeated by a Neo Zenebas Empire assault force with the Seismosaurus as its core strength, the Helic Republic's surviving forces were cornered at Cooper Port, a harbour on the southern tip of the Central Continent.

    They no longer had any chance of victory, and moreover had no path left but to escape to another continent where the power of Neo Zenebas would not reach them. But their northern ally, the Guylos Empire on the Dark Continent, was too far away, and in the western seas leading to the Western Continent, the Neo Zenebas main fleet lay in wait.

    The Republic Army stood on the brink of destruction. The one that rescued them was a messenger from the east. It was the Eastern Continent, the stronghold of ZOITEC, the private munitions corporation that invented the Blox system.

    About 80 years ago, Earthlings landed on Planet Zi due to a spaceship accident. Many of them were taken in by Helic and Zenebas for their technological strength. But there were also some who feared the expansion of war on this planet, and were opposed to the casual provision of technology. ZOITEC was a corporation that had been constructed by a people centred around that opposing faction. They held strong dissatisfaction and unease towards Neo Zenebas.

    "By nature, Blox are artificial Zoids for civilian work, and we should make use of them for reconstruction after this great war." That was ZOITEC's ideology.

    But the development plans for reconstruction Blox that ZOITEC had presented to Neo Zenebas were rejected. On the contrary, they had requested (quite threateningly) the provision of Blox that were further specialised for combat.

    "If the Helic Republic rules the Central Continent..."

    ZOITEC's ideology and the Republic Army's intentions coincided, and they began the reorganisation of the Republic Army and the development of a new Zoid to oppose the Seismosaurus on the Eastern Continent. (ZOITEC bore all of the vast military costs, and in exchange, they gained all of the Republic's large-scale Zoid development know-how.)

    And so, a few months later, they rolled out the first large-scale Zoid to fully adopt Blox technology. The Zoid was named "凱龍輝" [Gairyūki, meaning "shining victory dragon"], from the shining appearance of the Condenser Panels all over its body and the Republic's wish to "return victorious" to its fatherland. The Eastern Continent script was used with a sense of gratitude towards ZOITEC.

    The Neo Zenebas coastal garrison protecting the southern coast of the Central Continent was bewildered. There had been no contact from the large-scale oceanic mothership Dragoon Nest that had stopped at the port.

    "Is their transmitter out of order?"

    An inspection force approached, perplexed, and was blown away by an explosion originating from the inside of the mothership's hatch.

    "An enemy attack!"

    An emergency alarm echoed through the port. Amidst the smoke and confusion, a group of Zoids the Imperial soldiers had never seen before appeared calmly from within the destroyed hatch. It was a Republic force composed of Gairyūki, Evoflyer and Dispelow. They numbered only a single platoon. It was an excessively daring surprise attack.

    An Imperial interception force headed out immediately. Deantler on land, Storch in the sky, Diploguns in the sea. Under violent bombardment from all sides, the Gairyūki's body broke into three pieces.

    No, not quite. It voluntarily shed its armour. Part of the armour formed Hien and sliced up the Storches in the sky. The rest formed Gekkou and disposed of the Diploguns in the sea with ramming attacks, slamming its heavy armour into them. And the Gairyūki, having become lighter, routed the Deantlers with its tremendous speed.

    A Neo Zenebas Berserk Führer stood in the way of the Gairyūki. Its huge drills, the Buster Claws, came towards the Gairyūki and its bare body. It dodged them with its Ion Boosters at full power. The Gairyūki was indeed higher in manoeuvrability. While it dodged, it combined with Hien and Gekkou once again, cladding itself in firm armour.

    The Führer's posture lowered. It was preparing to fire its Charged Particle Cannon, at point-blank range. Even with its boosters, the Gairyūki couldn't dodge it.

    A flash. A direct hit. The Führer's pilot must have been convinced of his victory. But a moment later, he saw something unbelievable. Most of the energy wave from the Particle Cannon was absorbed by the Gairyūki's orange panels.

    This time, the Gairyūki lowered its posture. At the same time, it combined with Evoflyer and Dispelow. Their Zoid Cores linked with each other, and the output gauges leaped up due to the synergistic effect.

    The moment the Führer tried to turn around, sensing danger, it was swallowed up by a violent swirl of light and obliterated.

    The shot the Gairyūki had fired was the Condensing Charged Particle Cannon, which generated the beams absorbed by the Condenser Panels within its body and fired them. This was the answer that the Republic and ZOITEC's engineering staff had come up with to oppose the Super-Focused Charged Particle Cannon of the Seismosaurus.

    Having finished the combat test, the Gairyūki force calmly withdrew aboard the stolen Dragoon Nest. They swore that when this force was mass-produced, they would once again return to this land. So that next time, they could truly return triumphant.

Gairyuki - Machine Explanation

    On the Eastern Continent, which was markedly affected by the Grand Catastrophe of Planet Zi, Wild Zoids were on the verge of extinction, and even the ecosystem was beginning to collapse. The artificial Zoid technology of Blox was therefore an inevitable development.

    The Republic engineering staff sought a powerful large-scale Wild Zoid for their new Zoid development, but finding an individual that met their demands on the Eastern Continent was difficult. So they requested the provision of Wild Zoids from the Guylos Empire, with which they had formed an alliance. Guylos' wounds had not healed from the Dark Continent War and they had no spare power to capture new Wild Zoids, but they were unable to overlook the rise of Neo Zenebas any further, and provided a Tyrannosaurus-type Wild Zoid (the wild form that was the basis of the Berserk Führer) which was the strongest among the Wild Zoids they currently possessed.

    Consequently, the Republic engineers and ZOITEC fused Blox technology and Gojulas-class Zoid technology with the Berserk Führer, and it was reborn as the new Zoid "Gairyūki".

    The Gairyūki gained manoeuvrability surpassing the original Berserk Führer through its Magnesser Wings and Ion Boosters on each leg, and its melee abilities were strengthened at the same time through its Bite Fangs and the Killer Claws on all four limbs.

    In addition, ZOITEC's prided Blox technology was inserted into the CAS (Changing Armour System), which the original Führer was unable to make full use of. They succeeded in making two individual, independent Blox into symbiotic forms as the B-CAS (Blox Changing Armour System). These were the swallow-type Blox "Hien" and the horseshoe crab-type Blox "Gekkou".

    These two Zoids would be assigned to scouting and combat in the air and sea independently as unmanned units. This meant that the Gairyūki was also a commander unit that would make use of the other two. Furthermore, they planned for it to link Zoid Cores with Dispelow and Evoflyer, Blox developed at the same time, and enabled it to augment its firepower and melee abilities further by fusing with these two Zoids.

    It also has the "Condenser Panels", which were developed from E-Shields and the Gojulas Giga's Ancient Titanium Alloy, and form its trump card against the Seismosaurus. They are defensive equipment that can absorb beam weaponry attacks fired by enemies and halve their power. They can also rapidly generate the absorbed charged particles internally and fire them as the "Condensing Charged Particle Cannon".

    Will the "Gairyūki", the new-generation Zoid born to defeat the Seismosaurus, be able to bring victory to the Republic Army as its name suggests?

    Weight: 118t
    Depth: 23.8m
    Height: 12.6m
    Max Speed: 290km/h

    Magnesser Wing x2
    Condensing Charged Particle Cannon
    Bite Fangs
    Killer Claws x4
    Core Block x2
    Condenser Panel x12 [11 according to manual]
    Ion Booster x2
    Blox Mount x19 [not mentioned in manual]
    Beam Vulcan x4 [only listed for Gekkou]

    Gairyuki + Dispelow -> Gairyuki Destroy
    Gairyuki + Evoflyer -> Gairyuki Speed
    Gairyuki + Dispelow + Evoflyer -> Commander Gairyuki + Strengthened Gekkou + Strengthened Hien

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Translations courtesy of Falcarius! Images courtesy of Green Gairyuki!