- EX Supplementary Story - Liger Zero Phoenix

    A little more than 1 year after the escape from the Central Continent. The Helic Republic Army, which succeeded in increasing production of Gairyuki, gathered together aces from each part of the mobile army and organized a Gairyuki unit.

    The Central Continent re-did their strategy. Even if they worked with the mighty Neo-Zenebas Empire, it was impossible to build a satisfactory defense along the continent's entire vast coastline. After the end of a fierce battle, the Republic army secured a bridgehead on the east coast of the continent. Disembarking again was successful. The Anti-Empire influences which were hiding in various places united one by one and after two months passed they put their strategy into motion, and an army rivaling the Republic's previous to the collapse was reorganized.

    But the name of the formerly most strongly admired "Ray Force" wasn't included. The survivors who battled with the former Eisen Dragoons were held responsible for letting the Emperor of the Empire, Wolff Muroa, free and they were forced to continue taking the cruelest missions as the Disciplinary Force.

    And now they were going to be thrown into a cruel battlefield again. Chimera Fort City. A large fort which blocks the route to the former Republic capital; a stronghold built within a natural giant caldera and at the same time has a large factory that manufactures Chimera Blox. It was a target that the Republic Army had to defeat no matter what.

    But, protected by cliffs and countless forts, it would be suicidal to attack the stronghold from the ground. There was a pack of unmanned flying chimera which were commanded by Lord Gales up in the sky. The Republic's aviation division was in the process of reorganizing and didn't have the decision-making power to breakthrough. Thus the Disciplinary Force was ordered to launch a surprise attack at night.

    29 Blue Liger Zeroes of the Disciplinary Force charged the fortified city. They sprinted at nearly 300km/h. In an instant they were violently bombarded by the stronghold. A sortie of land Chimera also came to counterattack. And yet the Zeroes didn't slow down. Suicide bombers?

    The imperial soldiers became suspicious of the reckless assault.

    But they still didn't notice yet.

    Indistinguishable from the darkness, they flew low after the Zeroes.

    The signs of the 29 Phoenixes...

    A little more than 1 year after the escape from the Central Continent. The Helic Republic Army, which succeeded in increasing production of Gairyuki, gathered together aces from each part of the mobile army and organized a Gairyuki unit. The Republic's new flying Blox, the Phoenix. These were the B-CAS developed for the Zero. The Lord Gales in the air aimed a swarm of Fly Scissors at the Zeroes and the instant they swooped the Phoenixes scattered. The parts combined with the Zeroes. The Zeroes kicked the ground and in and instant took off in the sky. The Zeroes flew...?

    The pilots of the Lord Gales didn't believe their eyes. At speeds of 340km/h, the Zeroes glided in for an assault. The unguarded, lightweight Imperial Chimeras couldn't win against their weight, and were flipped one after another. Clearing the land Chimera, the Zero unit broke through the flying Chimera and reached the outer walls of the fortified city. They separated from the Phoenixes again and rushed into the fort.

    A little more than 1 year after the escape from the Central Continent. The Helic Republic Army, which succeeded in increasing production of Gairyuki, gathered together aces from each part of the mobile army and organized a Gairyuki unit.

    The Zeroes increased their bombardment in terrestrial mode while the Phoenixes supported them from the sky. The imperial headquarters which had allowed them to penetrate it to easily fell into a panic for a moment. That moment was used to the fullest. It was the lifeline of the Disciplinary Force who rushed in with only 29 Zero Phoenixes. Half of the unit held down the gates of the fortress in order to protect to the path for the following Gojulas Gigas and Gairyuki forces.The remaining half aimed at destroying the organized systems of the unmanned Chimera. Each time they destroyed one Lord Gale, Deantler or Storche the fighting potential of the Empire was silenced many times over. Clearly, the Imperial Army's strategy of relying on too many unmanned Chimera to defend the base was a mistake.

    Soon the first of the following forces of incoming Gojulas Gigas arrived at the gates. They won... Everyone on the Disciplinary Force thought so. But it was at that time a beam of light darted before their eyes.

    The beam of light continued for a full 6 seconds. It was an emission from a high output charged particle cannon mowing down things horizontally. With one hit the Gojulas Gigas vanished from the neck up. Groans similar to screams rose up from the Disciplinary Force that looked back. There was a huge Zoid looking down on them.

    "A, a Seismosaurus!"

    Someone shouted. A monster Zoid which had pushed out the Republic Army from the whole Central Continent a little more than 1 year ago. It's mouth shone and turned to the fort gates again. A flash. The second set of Gigas that planned to invade crumbled. In the background, the allied troops that planned on invading were delayed by a huge traffic jam. This time it was the Republic army's turn to fall into a panic.

    The third time, the Seismosaurus' mouth turned towards the fort gates. In that instant the Zero Phoenix troops leapt away from the Seismosaurus in every direction. They knew that the Zero's weapons couldn't compete with a Seismosaurus because of the battle 1 year before. But they had to earn time until their allies regained their footing. When they were the Ray Force they weren't able to stop the Eisen Dragoons. So this time they would protect their comrades. Even at the risk of their own lives!

    Nothing was more reckless than high-speed Zoids sacrificing their speed to use their body as a shield and challenge a Seismo. They were trample, thrown, shot through and one by one the Zeroes collapsed. Before long, when the last Zero dropped quietly, a howl roared at the fort gates. A Gairyuki. The 11 condensed panels shone, like flames of anger rising in the darkness. The Seismo slowly turned its nose towards the Gairyuki. The battle that would determine the future of the Central Continent, the decisive battle, the head-to-head confrontation between Zoids was starting now.

Liger Zero Phoenix - Machine Explanation

    Because of the collapse of the Republic, the "Weapons Development Department", which was directed to develop Zoids until then, was terminated. Now the engineers were divided into a few teams, each competing with each other to advance development. For example, the engineer team that developed Gojulas, the "Strategic Technologies Department," constructed the Gairyuki. What's special about this fuselage is that even if the body gets disconnected vital functions are preserved, and as a Blox it can combine with other Zoids as armoring. This technology is called B-CAS.

    But, a separate "Weapons Development Department" team planned and developed a similar idea. They had an eye on a new CAS using the Blox technology for the Republic's strongest mass-produced Liger Zero. Even if the idea was the same, with different developers the completed appearance was changed a lot. The B-CAS of the Liger Zero, called the Phoenix System, was completely different from the Gairyuki.

    The Gairyuki links the Blox core with the installed Zoid core, and changes into various shapes according to the state of the war. It specializes in being flexible; it has an additional fuselage, so to speak. On the other hand, the Zero Phoenix uses its Blox as an additional generator, and with the multiplicative fuselage the Zero's original abilities are doubled. The Blox core of the Phoenix resonates with the Zero's core, amplifying the energy originating from the Zoid's core and improving its mobility dramatically. Above all else, the rotation ability and grappling abilities rivaled that of the current base body of the Gairyuki, and its jumping power and flight duration were intensified to be roughly equal to an assault type flying Zoid. Moreover, the surplus amplified energy from the Phoenix System was stored in the Charge Missiles on its back by introducing the energy CAP technology. The power matched that of a canon of the Gojulas Giga when fully charged for 360 seconds.

    The effectiveness of the Phoenix System was highly evaluated by the upper echelon of the Republic. But the Republic, where the national power was limited, gave priority to deploying Gairyuki. In the battle with the Chimera fortified city, there were only 29 Zero Phoenixes in the sortie.

    Weight: 118t
    Depth: 23.8m
    Height: 12.6m
    Max Speed: 290km/h

    [Liger Zero Phoenix Complete Body]
    AZ Shock Cannon x4
    AZ208mm Double Shock Cannons
    Charge Missile
    Strike Laser Claws x4

    Liger Zero - Armor + Fire Phoenix -> Liger Zero Phoenix
    Liger Zero Phoenix + Dispelow -> Liger Zero Blaster
    Fire Phoenix (Glide Mode) + Evoflyer -> Gale Phoenix

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