- EX Supplementary Story - Seismosaurus

    Spring, ZAC 2106, on the Central Continent. With Cook Fortress captured by the Helic Republic Army, the Neo Zenebas Empire Army immediately began a counterattack. But Cook was a natural fortress, surrounded on all sides by large rivers and mountains. The Republic Army also had their mighty Gojulas Giga force. Even for the Empire Army, which boasted overwhelming combat power, capturing Cook was not a simple task. The battle became a stalemate, and the season soon changed to summer. Even while besieged by countless enemies, the expressions of the Republic Army officers were cheerful. Their mastery of the sky was maintained by powerful air combat Zoids such as Salamander and Buster Eagle, and their supply lines were secured. And more than anything else, the existence of the Gojulas Giga continued to uplift the soldiers' morale. The Giga's armour had been given an ancient titanium coating, and could almost nullify the Empire's weaponry. They had ample expectations that they could hold out until they were finished gathering and reorganising the scattered Republic forces on the Western Continent and Dark Continent. That is, until the moment the balance between the armies was shattered by a sudden ray of light!

    An Arosaurer, which had been transporting goods that it had received from a Buster Eagle, was pierced by the ray and lost its upper half, leaving behind only a circular hole, before exploding. Next Gorhecks, then Leostrikers disappeared, helpless against the rays pouring down on them one after another. Even when they took cover in a rocky area, the rocks themselves were blown away.

    Before the mysterious gunfire, the Republic's Zoids were nothing but moving targets. Amidst this one-sided slaughter that could not be called a battle, the armour of a Gojulas Giga was finally pierced.

    While admittedly jammed by Dimetrodons, the Gorhecks' radar was unable to even detect the enemy, let alone find its sniping position. The Republic Army officers were in chaos, but became speechless upon seeing the final image sent by a Buster Eagle with which they had lost communications. It showed a sauropod-type Zoid they had never seen before, bearing the Empire Army insignia, firing super-long range shots from far outside their radar detection range.

    A long silhouette, different from any sauropod-type Zoids so far. It was the new Zoid that the Neo Zenebas Empire had hoisted as the banner of its reinstatement, the Seismosaurus.

    The Empire Army began its assault on the Republic front line as it fell into a panic. The distinctively huge form of the Seismosaurus awakened further terror in the Republic Army soldiers, and the defence lines were mercilessly trampled.

    As their allies continued to retreat, one Republic force stood in the way of the Seismosaurus. It was a mixed force composed of Gojulas Giga, Arosaurers and Leostrikers. The Leostriker unit deployed in front of the Giga and generated E-Shields. The Seismo's 31 laser guns rained down shots. The Leostrikers collapsed, filled with countless holes. But this sacrifice gave the Giga time for a counterattack.

    The Giga transformed to Pursuit Mode. Accompanied by the surviving Zoid forces, it broke through the siege net and approached the Seismosaurus. It was met by Scissorstorms, Laserstorms and Styluarmors, the Chimera forces assigned to guard the Seismosaurus, but they could not stop the Giga's fierce attack.

    The Giga's Buster Cannons fired. A hit. Thick smoke from the Seismosaurus' flank enveloped it, obstructing the view around it. The Giga's pilot was confident that the Seismosaurus had been destroyed.

    But a moment later, calmly appearing from within the smoke cloud came a strengthened Seismosaurus fusion-armed with its consorts Scissorstorm and Laserstorm, the "Ultimate Seismo". The Crescent Laser Gun mounted on the midsection of the Seismosaurus split the Leostrikers' armour, and the Chain Scissors carved away the Arosaurers along with the ground beneath them. In addition, charged particles fired like a shower from the 31 gun turrets, and erased the Republic Army's small-scale Zoids one after another.

    The reason why the Seismosaurus, originally meant to be a rear support machine, had been advancing was to display the overwhelming combat power of the Ultimate Seismo to the Republic Army soldiers and wear down their will to resist.

    Already, the only healthy Republic Zoid at the front line was the Giga. But the Giga still had a final trump card that could change this situation. The 32-Shot Zoid Core Cannon. A super-destructive weapon that far surpassed the Charged Particle Cannon. It was a forbidden weapon that would steal away the Giga's own life due to its power. The Giga's dorsal plates shone fiercely. But an instant before they fired, a point-blank shot from the Super-Focused Charged Particle Cannon pierced the Giga's Zoid Core. The pride that supported the Republic Army, the huge body of the Giga, slowly collapsed.

    This was the moment that the Ultimate Seismo's victory, and the Neo Zenebas Empire's complete control of the Central Continent, were decided.

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Translations courtesy of Falcarius! Images courtesy of Dratz!