- Fan Book EX Vol. 6 [Leogator]

October, ZAC 2108
The Central Continent of Delpoi, Wilson River

    Wilson River stretches out across the northeast of the Central Continent, the Republic Army's new position, and flows into Akua Sea. It is a great river that originates in a huge lake, Wilson Lake. The Empire Army foresaw a danger of the Republic Army crossing this river and reaching the former Republic capital, which was located to the south. They built strong encampments across 300 kilometres of the opposite shore and deployed vast numbers of manned Chimeras, beginning with Styluarmors in underwater form (Doriaspis).

    But in the predawn hours of late October, ZAC 2108, an emergency alarm rang out at one of these defence encampments. Contact from a Chimera on patrol duty had ceased. The order came immediately to scramble dozens of Doriaspis.

    Suddenly, Wilson River began to flow in reverse. Leogators appeared from the river's surface, carrying the wreckage of the Doriaspis in their mouths. Immense numbers of Leogators covered the entire river. They numbered around 150. This operation was counting on quantity.

    "Scissor Arm Gators", construction forms combined with Evoflyer, sliced up the outer wall of the base and opened a huge hole. The Leogator army all flooded into this hole at once. Unable to hold out until reinforcements arrived, the Imperial encampment surrendered.

    The Republic Army had brought down a corner of the encampments, but now they were unable to avoid a defensive battle to protect the beachhead from the Empire Army reinforcement force's attack. A huge force of the Empire Army dominated the land. It was a bombardment division centred on Scisserstorm and Laserstorm. Their Storm Gatlings all fired at once. It was tremendous concentrated gunfire. The frontmost and rearmost machines of the Leogator force's ranks were destroyed, and the force became unable to move.

    But the moment the Empire Army was convinced of its victory, the Leogator force transformed into Liger Mode one by one. Their gale-speed legs dodged the gunfire in every direction, and they surged onwards at once to close the distance to the enemy force. Just then, several Leogators in the foremost row were sliced in half and exploded. The Empire Army's fearsome, cutting-edge high-speed Zoid Energy Liger had appeared. Behind the Energy Liger was a group of new Zoids. The Empire Army's reinforcements were increasing their combat strength minute by minute.

    Suddenly, several dozen of the Zoid Gairyuki's B-CAS units, Gekkou and Hien, flew in. They combined with the Leogators one after another, re-equipping them to form the heavily-armoured form Armoured Leo. Behind them, the Republic's main forces had succeeded in crossing the river and arrived at the battlefield. A huge force far exceeding even the Imperial reinforcement force advanced forwards. Even so, the Energy Liger did not falter. Filled with anger, it assaulted the Armoured Leos. The heavy armour of the Leos withstood its slashing attack just once. That was enough. In that time, the Leogator force had grappled with the Storm force and inflicted devastating blows. Now, the Empire Army was beginning to be pressured by the astonishing production capabilities of the Republic Army, which had gained the support of ZOITEC.

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Translations courtesy of Falcarius! Images courtesy of Green Gairyuki!