- Introduction

    CoroCoro Magazine is probably one of the longest standing series to carry Zoids. Like Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan Magazine it is a monthly issue that features tons of series, usually featuring a few pages of Zoids somewhere in between. CoroCoro has also been known to include many extras, including Art Boards and Posters.

    While we aren't in the habit of collecting CoroCoro we were blessed to find an auction with quite a few pages from it. What we can identify will be uploaded below, but please be aware we may not have all dates entirely accurate. If you see something in the wrong place, or know the date of something without the issue listed, please contact us!

- CoroCoro May 2018

Zoids Wild Chapter 1: Included as an appendix, not in the monthly issue itself.

- CoroCoro April 2018

- CoroCoro Aniki March 2015

- December 2006

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- October 2006

- July 2006

- June 2006

- May 2006

- April 2006

- February 2006

- January 2006

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- January 2002

- December 2001 Special: A to Zi

    While I'm not sure what volume this came from it was an interesting extra. The concept scribble on the back of the book features an example of a custom Konig Wolf. Evidently there was a contest for people to send in their custom Konig drawings and one lucky winner would receive the 3 Clear Zoids (Death Saurer, Molga, and Red Horn) as well as their submission made into a model. Runner up winners would receive 1 Clear Zoid each.

    The contest ran until December 14th, and the winner was featured in the February issue of 2002. This turned out to be the Wolf Death Spark.

    Otherwise the extra included several artworks that were made into real custom Zoids, including a guide on how to replicate the creations if you owned the kits.

    "Consider the Ultimate K√∂nig Equipped with a huge shield like a wing, and a turret on par with large Zoids."