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    CoroCoro is probably one of the longest standing magazines to carry Zoids. Like Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan Magazine it is a monthly issue that features tons of series, usually with a few pages of Zoids somewhere in between. CoroCoro has also been known to include many extras, including Art Boards and Posters. They've also featured a wide variety of Zoids manga throughout the years, such as the Chaotic Century manga. This content is usually found in CoroCoro Comic, although the quarterly CoroCoro Aniki sometimes includes Zoids content, too.

    Please contact us if you notice any incorrect dates, or know the dates of those not listed with one! Most of our CoroCoro pages from the early 2000s were purchased in loose lots, and may not all be properly labeled.

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    You can use the directory below to browse CoroCoro by year. Each year will contain all of the Zoids content we've collected, including content from CoroCoro Comic and CoroCoro Aniki. Manga Chapters will link to our directory if we have them available.

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    Commentary: This is the first time that we saw the Masterpiece line; an earlier concept of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! The diaroma used in this image were made by --- over on twitter. You can view tweets of the diaroma without all of the effects here.