- Zoids Wild Manga: Chapter 2!   [Site]

Posted: Saturday, July 19th, 2018: 10:37 pm
    The second chapter of the Zoids Wild manga is up, with translations courtesy of Falcarius! This chapter introduces Drake, who's likely to show up in tomorrow's episode of Zoids Wild! This chapter is 37 pages long, so no worries, there aren't missing pages. It just links to a page that doesn't yet exist.

- Zoids Wild: Kit Schedule!   [Semi-Official]

    Some leaked information has lead to a bi-monthly lineup for the next number of Zoids Wild kits, including some brand new ones that we haven't gotten a proper look at! We'll update the upcoming release table at the bottom of this page. There aren't pre-orders for most of these kits yet, but it'll give people an idea of what to budget for.

    Aside from those that've been confirmed for sale, several trademarks also name Zoids that are not on that list. The Awakened Wild Liger, Spydeath, Dimepulsar, Ankylox, Pachykedos, and Dilophos. The Fang Tiger, listed on the trademark list has yet to have a scheduled kit release, which has left a number of people perplexed. We already know that there's a Fang Tiger kit, so don't worry, it'll get here eventually~

- Read Older News

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

July 2018: ZW08 Zoids Wild GrachiosaurusPre Order 5,490
July 2018: ZW07 Zoids Wild KuwagaPre Order 960
July 2018: Zoids Wild Jigsaw PuzzlePre Order 1,380
September 2018: ZW09 WraptorNot Available Yet 1200
September 2018: ZW10 Knuckle KongNot Available Yet 3000
September 2018: ZW11 TriceradogosNot Available Yet 4500
November 2018: ZW13 GusockNot Available Yet 1200
November 2018: ZW14 StegosägeNot Available Yet 4500
November 2018: ZW15 Wild Liger DX SetNot Available Yet 4000
December 2018: ZW12 Death RexNot Available Yet 6800
December 2018: ZW16 Hunter WolfNot Available Yet 3000
December 2018: ZW17 Catarga CarrierNot Available Yet 4000

- Donations

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