Zoids Stats Page!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-13 00:00:08

 Today I've added a Zoids Stats page! You can find this linked under the name list. I hope to someday (in the very distant future) have a much more complete Zoids Index, but it takes a long time to add each individual article, and in the mean time people (including myself) are often wanting a quick reference for stat lists of certain Zoids. This page will include the primary stats (length, height, weight, and maximum speed) as well as a weapons list that denotes the location of each individual weapon. This should hopefully remove a lot of the guess work about what your Zoids' weapons actually are.

 Some profiles rely on automatic translation, but weapon names are very straight forward. There should be relatively few mistakes that actually make a difference in what the weapon is or does. If you notice anything that seems off, feel free to let me know!

 This section is incomplete at the moment. There are still lots of things to add, like Zoids BLOX, some video game Zoids, obscure variations, etc. but its got quite a lot of the fan favorites on there already.


News Section Revamped!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:11:09

 So, its been a long time since an update! But while I've been delaying updates, I've had some assistance from a good friend to revamp the news section. This site is almost a decade old, and has been archiving news posts going all the way back to 2013 (which, even still, is quite a while after the site began in 2010). Seven years worth of news posts squished into 6 extremely overcrowded pages. Which, of course, had to be manually updated every time there was a new news post, further augmenting the problem.

 News posts are now properly coded into a database, so that they can be sorted and browsed without killing your internet connection. All posts have at least 2-4 tags, which you can use to look up news for specific topics. This means that our links down below, to browse site-specific and official-specific news are both now properly updated every single time there's a news post! So if you only want to know what TakaraTomy is announcing in an official capacity, you can stay up to date. The links under our main news section will also include a tags page, so you can search more easily for specific topics.

 We've also implemented a comments section on a trial basis. I wanted people to be able to ask for clarification on certain topics, and thought this would be a convenient way to do so, without having a full blown forum (which isn't needed, with numerous active communities on facebook, discord, etc.) The current setup uses the Disqus comment system, and we'll be ensuring that it remains appropriate for all audiences. This means we ask that you be respectful to other posters, and avoid swearing. This system was created to help people better understand the franchise, and if it turns out to be used as a means to simply bash certain topics or people, with little civil discussion, it'll be removed.

* The links at the bottom of the page are broken, but will be fixed soon!

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Official Fan Book Vol. 1 Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:10:45

 Falcarius dropped an amazing Christmas gift around December 24 ~ 25th -- A full translation of the Official Fan Book Vol. 1! He's given permission for the Fan Book Vol. 1 book to be updated with these translations, so they should now be free of all the errors that crop up from automatic translation~ The whole book is already done.


DHM & HJM Section Revamps!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:10:26

 Our sections for Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan Magazine (found under articles) have received some much needed care. Both have been divided into pages organized by year, to cut down on the mass thumbnail loading spam. The main page now, instead, contains tables for the magazines throughout the years. This is a simple checklist, mostly for my own reference, to include what magazines I currently own (and will eventually post- as scans are cleaned up), what ones are known to (or not to) contain Zoids content, and what ones are currently unknown.

 With this update, Dengeki Hobby Magazine has also received some updates. You can now find scans for April, November, and September 2002. This contains some neat stuff, like the old Wild Liger statue used in the box art, a Gojulas Mariner custom (well, lots of Giggles content), and some concept art from the Smack Zoids series.

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO!

 On the topic of HJM, the January 2020 issue launched a new series known as "Zoids Wild EX-ZERO". This featured a battle story esque plotline, using custom models in diorama settings to deliver the story. Custom examples were included following the story, and it was heavily implied that it would continue in later issues. However, the February issue contained no Zoids content at all. Here's hoping that more will be added in later issues!

 In the mean time, an automatic translation of the new story, Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been posted! You can find this both under the HJM 2020 page (in the header for that month), and in the books section. As this relies on automatic translation it is bound to have a lot of mistakes, and is provided only as a convenient way to better read those automatic translations. The page includes all content published during that month.


Zoids Index Updates!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:10:14

 Two articles have been added to the Zoids Index: Gojulas and Fangtiger! Fangtiger is also our first to include citations, which I'll slowly be working on adding to the earlier articles where necessary. This includes the basics, such as weapon lists and explanations, concept art, and a general overview.

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ZW Model Kit Section Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:09:51

 The Zoids Wild model kit section has been brought up to date, to include basic product details on all currently announced (standard-release) Wild kits. This includes build videos, weapon names, etc. We've got a lot of Wild kit news to cover in the official franchise announcements below!


Names List Page Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:09:34

 The names page has been updated. It now includes multiple categories at the bottom, such as series names, assorted products, some book names, etc. This should make our footnote sections easier to navigate. The issue of the YJ link directing to kit-specific categories has also been fixed. For AmazonJP this is intentionally set to toys so that it will only display kits sold through Amazon directly, not third party Amazon sellers.

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Zoids Wild Crowdfunding Campaign!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:09:08

 Zoids has seen the start of its first crowdfunding campaign! Measuring at a massive 50 x 44 cm, ZOIDSWILD The ART of BATTLEFIELDS is a book that showcases tons of the beautiful Zoids works seen in CoroCoro Comic and other outlets. It's wonderful to see these beautiful photos without all of the text that clutters them in the accompanying magazine.

 In addition, if the project is funded, everyone who pledged the required 11,000 yen (roughly $110) will receive the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" armor parts set, a set that was currently one of CoroCoro's 100 limiteds. They will also receive a special poster of the cast from the Chaotic Century manga. The poster is printed in the same size as the book, so there will be no creases in it.

 The cover of the book features a 1/1 scale Wild Liger cap, which is fitting for the recent series. The book also has a double fold to see the panorama style diorama images.

 So, what do we need to know? First off, the crowdfounding is available to residents of Japan only. If you try to support from another country, your pledge will be cancelled. However, services like From Japan, Celga, and White Rabbit Express will be able to help you relay your support. The project is currently 15% funded with 27 days to go, ending on January 31st.

  End Date: January 31st
  Crowdfunding Rewards: * Pledge costs 11,000 Yen
   x1 "ZOIDSWILD The ART of BATTLEFIELDS" book (50 x 44 cm)
   x1 Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" armor parts set
   x1 Large Poster by Michiro Ueyama
  Proposed Schedule: (In the event of successful funding
   Project Starts December 27th, 2019
   Project ends January 31st, 2020
   Book Delivery planned for mid April 2020
   Armor parts delivery planned for late May 2020
* Crowdfunding schedules are subject to change
* Price includes shipping and taxes

 The Zoids Crowfunding Twitter account has posted a lot of the interior art, at a nice, clear resolution. Definitely take a look, and expect even more beautiful pieces in the actual book, should it get funded~

Wild Liger, Fang Tiger White Tiger Form, Wild Liger, Death Rex, Gatling Fox, Kid Lineup, CoroCoro Weapons, Hangar Lineup, Empire Zoids, Beast Liger, Liger Poster, Battle Wars, Book size comparisons.

- Crowdfunding Video


Zoids Wild Official Fan Book Vol.1!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:08:42

 The crowdfunding isn't the only momentus occasion! Zoids Wild released its first Fan Book on December 27th! You can purchase it here for 990 yen. So, what all is in it? The book contains profiles featuring images from earlier issues of CoroCoro, along with small fact files. Many of those profiles contain a tiny thumbnail of concept art for the Zoid as well. There are a couple custom examples.

 Aside from that, the book also contains a new chapter of Zoids Wild 2, featuring how Kai (as a child) first encountered the Beast Liger! It contains a second manga chapter, this time from Ueyama, telling the story of how Irvine met Tornado.

 The book also comes with a carrying case made out of thin plastic, which is large enough to fit a medium scale Zoid. This should be perfect for people who like to travel with a kit! A limited card of the Rising Liger is also included.

- Example Video


ZW35 Drei Panther!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:08:16

 We have a ton of Wild and HMM kit news to sort through, so let's start with the Drei Panther! This cat was released on December 26th, for a price of 4,000 yen. It gets its name (Drei - German for Three) from the three blades hidden inside of its Shadow Shields. The whole unit is designed to emphasize stealth, silently sniping enemies with the guns on its back. As a side note, the Drei Panther is the smartest of all currently released feline Zoids in Zoids Wild, by far.

 TakaraTomy posted a couple of videos of its Machine Blast on twitter, and you can view its images and box art on the TakaraTomy Mall. It has a build video up on youtube already. You can also check out this tweet to see its beautiful smile~

Technical Information:
  Wild Blast: Drei Slasher, Length: 8.1 m, Height: 4.2 m, Weight: 49.8 t, Max Speed: 206 km/h, IQ: 145

  3-Barreled Silent Gun
  A-Z Drei Blade
  Air Intake
  Horizontal Armour
  Night Vision Scope
  Shadow Claw
  Shadow Shield
  Stabilizer Armour
  Z-O Visor


- Read Older News

Older News       Site News       Tag List       Official News

- Upcoming Zoid Releases

Jan 2020: HMM Godos Old Republic SpecPre Order 3,960 Yen
Jan 2020: ZW36 Rising LigerPre Order 3,394 Yen
Feb 2020: HMM Blade Liger ABPre Order 6,430 Yen
Mar 2020: HMM Blade Liger ABPre Order 6,760 Yen