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Posted: Friday, November 23rd, 2017
    Finally time to update again! Just as a heads up, we recently checked our contact address and realized there were some old old messages. If you still need to get in contact with us, please resend the messages, and we'll be sure to answer as soon as we can~

    Moving on, we've uploaded the story section of Zoids Official Fan Book to the Books section. This includes a very rough translation, so please expect mistakes. For those who are curious as to what the books are like, though, it may give some insight~ We're still working on the profiles and such.

    Next up, we've added Zoids: Field of Rebellion to the Manga Section. We had uploaded the first chapter a while ago, but forgot to properly link it in the section. Now, chapter 2 is up! We haven't had time to update the sound effects, but for now it contains text translations courtesy of Falcarius~

    Speaking of Field of Rebellion, as we mentioned earlier, we've set up a page for that. We've done some updating for pilots, including story translations courtesy of Falcarius~ We still need to bring the pilot list and Zoids up to date, but we've brought the battle guide up to date, at least.

    We've also removed the former Announcements page for now. It is painfully out of date, and we're slowly working on breaking the previous updates up into a more functional navigation. We'll be categorizing news updates by date now, instead of per-post or all on one page, since this kinds rather long and ridiculous. For now we've updated with the most recent batch of updates, which are valid until the 28th.

    We missed so much news. The Storm Sworder has officially released, and now the Sturm Tyrann is up for pre-order, along with the Sturm Unit! The Tyrann, sold outside of Kotobukiya stores, includes the base frame and the CAS armor only. It does not include any basic Berserk Furher armor, aside from what's absolutely necessary. It goes for 12,000 Yen Retail~

    Kotobukiya has also posted a preview of the Tyrann on a turn table, showing off the beautiful armor and detail of this Zoid.

    The armor was initially excluded, according to Kotobukiya, for the absurd box sizes that it created. However, if you're interested in a red Furher, you can always order through Kotobukiya Direct. Ordering through this route will allow you to get the Kotobukiya Exclusive basic armor and the CAS armor, both in the red color scheme. This sells for a 15,984 Yen.

    If you're interested in the CP unit for your Lavender Furher, you can always get the Sturm Unit on its own. This includes the basic offwhite and red color scheme, but doesn't come with the base Zoid. It's armor only. This retails for 5,800 Yen.

    Finally, there's an obscene amount of rereleases coming up! If you've missed any of these excellent HMM kits, be sure to pick them up!

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December:HMM Liger Zero Schneider RereleasePre Order4,970
December:HMM Death Stinger RereleasePre Order10,830
December:HMM Gojulas The Ogre RereleasePre Order23,420
January 2018:HMM Red HornPre Order4,970
January 2018:HMM Molga CanoryPre Order3,070
January 2018:HMM Psycho Geno SaurerPre Order5,710
March 2018:HMM Sturm TyrannPre Order8,800
March 2018:HMM Sturm Tyrann Kotobukiya Direct ExclusivePre Order15,944
March 2018:HMM Sturm UnitPre Order4,250
March 2018:HMM Pteras Bomber Jamie Ver.Pre Order3,290
March 2018:HMM Dark Horn Harry Spec.Pre Order5,340
March 2018:HMM Lightning Saix Irvine Spec.Pre Order4,620
March 2018:HMM Dibison Thoma Ver.Pre Order7,170
March 2018:HMM Iron Kong PKPre Order12,300
March 2018:HMM Gojulas Cannon SetPre Order3,510
March 2018:HMM Buster TortoisePre Order2,780

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