- Zoids Face Marking Page!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:09:06

 An article on face markings has been added to the encyclopedia! This features not only an overview of official statements on face markings, but also a fairly extensive list of them, with visual reference on a generic pilot. There isn't a lot of rhyme or reason to what face markings are used, but it seems to be a topic that people enjoy delving into. If you notice any markings missing, feel free to contact us and let us know!

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- Zoids Index Updates

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:08:55

 Temporary indexes (basically stats only) have been added for the Berserk Fuerher, Bamburian, Ankyrox, Arosaurer, and Bazootle. Larger indexes have been added for the Barigator and Guysack. Guysack includes a beginning color guide!

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- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:08:25

 July and October 2005 have been added to DHM. October includes some Generations content as well as a look at model kits for Souga, Hayate Liger, the Reaper custom, a custom Blade Liger BLOX, and Hayate Liger concept art. July includes Generations, a look at the Murasame Liger and Bio Megaraptor model kits, Souga and Rez Wolf customs, and Bio Zoid concept art.

- CoroCoro Comic Update!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:08:22

 September and December 2019 have been added to CoroCoro Comic. December includes some awesome images for Drei Panther and Genospino, while September includes images for Sniptera and Beast Liger ABU.

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- ZW44 Zero Grizis Product Photos!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:08:13

 TakaraTomyToys has posted some initial product photos for the giganotosaurus-type Zoid, the ZW44 Zero Grizis! This thing looks to be a moster with bulky proportions. In a reply they also posted the old box art for the Gojulas!

- HMM Pteras Bomber Marking Plus Ver.!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:08:03

 Kotobukiya has announced their next MPV, the Pteras Bomber Marking Plus Ver.! It is scheduled for October 2020, for 4800 yen. This guy gets the usual treatment, with new decals and clear colorless copies of the orange parts, but in a surprising twist the article mentions it may be getting all new box art! This would be the biggest change for an MPV to date. The article also mentions that their next posts will consist of a sample of the Iron Kong Yeti, the next Repackage product announcement, and a Wild Liger test shot introduction.

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- Zoids Battle Card Hunter Updates!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:07:50

 BCH posted a tweet with images for the Drei Panther Blood, appearing June 11th and themed after the Descat, along with another post including the Rising Liger GCU, Omega Rex Breaker, and Gatling Fox Shadow. They'll be rerunning the boss cards between July 2nd and August 5th, to help out people who were unable to attend earlier limited boss events.

- 3rd Bulletin: Commercial #6

Zoids Concept Art Book Images!

Posted: 2020-06-05 01:07:37

 Imachorii, over on twitter posted some beautiful images of a couple of concepts from the Concept Art Books! Always nice seeing clean digital images of these!

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

Jun 2020: HMM Cannon Tortoise RereleasePre Order 3,144 Yen
Jun 2020: HMM Buster Tortoise RereleasePre Order 3,634 Yen
Jun 2020: HMM Iron Kong YetiPre Order 13,705 Yen
Jun 2020: ZW43 Zero PhantothPre Order 3,378 Yen
Jul 2020: HMM Dibison Marking Plus Ver.Pre Order 8,080 Yen
Jul 2020: HMM Iguan (Reissue)Pre Order 3,460 Yen
Jul 2020: HMM Customize Parts Gojulas Cannon Set (Reissue)Pre Order 3,960 Yen
Jul 2020: HMM Berserk Furher Repackage Ver. (Reissue)Pre Order 7,260 Yen
Aug 2020: HMM Wild LigerPre Order 7,260 Yen
Sep 2020: HMM Lightning Saix Marking Plus Ver.Pre Order 4,290 Yen
Oct 2020: HMM Pteras Bomber Marking Plus Ver.Pre Order 3,960 Yen