- CoroCoro All Clear Wild Liger!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    CoroCoro has made a page where they've posted several photos of their upcoming all clear Wild Liger. This kit looks absolutely beautiful. We covered this earlier, but to reiterate, it is a silver peel limited for CoroCoro Comic. Only 100 will be released through this limited time raffle. The Liger also comes with one Mane Claw as the center claw, and two Twin Fangs (from the Fang Tiger) cast in translucent plastic for the two outter claws.

- New Zoids Wild Leaks!  [Official]

Posted: Sunday, March 10th, 2019: 8:29 pm
    Earlier we posted about some names that were revealed through patent registrations. Now, thanks to the youtube channel Zoids Tuber, we have images to put to those names, along with some subtle new information. We'll go over these one at a time. It's worth noting that we also don't see the Styrazor in this list, so it may not be the last wave.

    ZW22 Gallagher's Personal Gilraptor: We've seen this guy before, and his release is soon! This is Gallagher's Gilraptor from the anime. A nice addition~ It's scheduled for April, for 3,000 yen.

    ZW24 Pachycedos: Pachycedos' Wild Blast has the crest come forward and close together. Depicted as a sort of grabbing motion in the manga. It's scheduled for June for 3,000 yen.

    ZW25 Beast Liger: Beast Liger contains a two phase Wild Blast. The Mane Claws now resemble actual claws, but in the second phase of the Wild Blast, they extend quite far past the Wild Liger's nose. It's a much further reach than the Wild Liger's previous Wild Blast. It is scheduled to be released in July for 3,500 yen.

    ZW26 Cannon Bull: With a design reminescent of bull Zoids in the past, this is the first Zoid noted to have a "Machine Blast." This special type of skill seems to be limited to long ranged Zoids, but it's one we haven't seen used in the series so far. Its Machine Blast will open up an array of guns on the back. It's scheduled to be released in July for 3,500 yen.

    ZW27 Raptoria: Raptoria is a new variant of the Raptor. It seems to have new silver equipment on the legs, arms, and back. These blades all join the giant Dos Claw on the back for the Wild Blast. It's scheduled for August, for 1,500 yen.

    ZW28 Bazootle: A new take on the Gannontoise. This Zoid is second to have a Machine Blast. The large side panels open up and the bazooka on the back flips forward for the Machine Blast. It's scheduled for August, for 3,500 yen.

    ZW29 Snipe Ptera: This brand new Pteranodon is the third Machine Blast Zoid. It's also the first pteranodon to actually walk on its wing claws, which really sets it apart from fliers prior. For its Machine Blast the mouth opens up revealing a gun within, and the crest rotates forward over the eyes, possibly acting as a sight. It's scheduled for September, for 3,500 yen.

    ZW30 Remodeling Part Set: Although late in the series, we'll finally be receiving some proper customize parts for the Zoids Wild line! This set looks to include items like long range cannons and guns as well as a chainsaw. This parts set is scheduled for September, for 2,500 yen.

- Wild Liger Extreme Release Form!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 9th, 2019: 3:59 pm
    CoroCoro has announced a brand new Silver Peel limited! This time we have the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, which features transparent armor. Unlike the Death Rex Purple Dragon Form, Wild Liger has clear parts for both the armor and the body. A post over on CoroCoro's website notes that more information will be available in the April 2019 issue, released on the 15th of this month. As usual, this will be a Japan resident raffle where consumers can send in properly peeled silver peel sheets for a chance to win.

- Manga Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    The manga section has received a fairly significant feature: A proper manga reader! Thanks to a good friend who was able to assist with this feature, you can now browse by chapter and page. Clicking the center button will still take you back to that manga's section, and like before, you can browse the manga by simply clicking on the image. All standard format mangas on the site have been moved to this new reader.

    (As a side note, the links leading to Zoids: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4, and Zoids Wild: Chapter 3 were broken. This has been fixed.)

Zoids Chaotic Century Overall!

    The Chaotic Century section has received a huge overhaul. The condition of our scans was absolutey deplorable, to an extent that some pages couldn't even be read. The entire manga has been rescanned and spruced up! There shouldn't be any more blurry pages at all. All covers of the manga have been cleaned up to have much crisper art. The exception is volume 8, which we weren't able to get good scans of. Apologies.

    Another notable change is that all double page spreads in the manga have been patched together. While these aren't always perfect, ugly gutter shadows are a thing of the past!

Zoids Chaotic Century Update!

    After a long, long wait, Chapters 28 ~ 29 of the Chaotic Century manga are finally up! I want to thank everyone for being so patient with this. When I got news about the manga reader I wanted to get it finished and ready to launch before updating anything else on the site, so what was supposed to be a shorter wait between chapters turned out to be a long one. I hope with the new Zoids appearing in these 2 chapters, that the time and care put into them will make it worth the wait.

    Nevertheless, this concludes the entirety of the core Chaotic Century manga. It was an amazing manga, and I hope you enjoy it. We'll have some minor updates like extras coming soon.

Zoids Planet Zi Update!

    CC isn't the only manga to receive an update! Chapter 8 of Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest has been added. This is the first chapter of the second volume. With CC concluded this'll be our main manga project. Beware, though. If you're not a fan of Zoids Fuzors, this chapter is going to pinch a little!

- Zoids Model Section Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    The model section has also received somewhat of an overhaul. The most notable difference is that all sections have been forced to their own pages. I know this may annoy some, and if it does, feel free to express your opinions. The previous page was taking a bit long to load at times, and since that's only going to get worse, I figured it'd be better to get this done now.

    Each of these sections now includes a list of most releases that were featured in that line. Everything from limited edition kits to the standard release. Now, these lists are not complete, and may have some inaccuracies. If you have any tips, please let me know! I hope that they'll be a useful reference for people looking to collect, though. A huge thanks to Falcarius for posting a list that was crossreferenced for the international list!

- Zoids Wild Kit Updates

    Stock info pages have been added for the Dimepulsar and Ankyrox. This includes things like their stats, random facts, etc. Build videos have also been posted to the pages of Dimepulsar, Fang Tiger and Spideath.

- Zoids Kit Pricing Info

    A lot of newer kits have been added to the Names page. At the top of the names page you'll also now find a quick, simple guide for how to price check your own Zoids. Hopefully it can help when you're unsure of how much you should be paying for a particular kit~

- Zoids Posters Added!  [Site]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Two new posters have been added to the CoroCoro Posters page (under Assorted)! This includes a nice battlestory poster, as well as our second Super Real CG poster.

- Zoids Wild Model Kit Updates!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    We've seen some updates on upcoming models recently, but the twitter community also noticed some new patents registered for the series! This gives us the names of a few upcoming, yet to be released Zoids. These Zoids include the: Cannon Bull, Snipe Ptera, Styrazor, Raptoria, Bazootle, and Beast Liger. With 10 episodes left of the series it'll be interesting to see what they all look like!

- Ankyrox

    The ZW21 Ankyrox has also been officially announced as a kit! You can view the official product images on the TakaraTomy Mall, along with the box art. There's a feature video by CoroCoro showing off the construction and Wild Blast of the Zoid. Another Wild Blast video was posted by TakaraTomy on Twitter.

- Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition

    Now that the Sky Peace single is out, we've been seeing posts for the Wild Liger Sky Peace Edition. This kit is a standard Wild Liger, packaged together with the single, any additional benefits, and the Sky Peace custom decals. These are all packaged together in a custom box. Don't be mistaken, the Liger itself is a standard Wild Liger.

- Death Rex Purple Dragon Form

    There are quite a few new posts for the Death Rex "Purple Dragon Form" which should be coming out in a month or so. Someone at TT had a little fun and made a mock up of some fake Death Rex box art. We've also got a few videos, with one featuring the walk and Wild Blast, another featuring a synchronized Wild Blast with the normal Death Rex, and a CoroCoro Review video. This review video shows a close up shot of the Death Rex, as well as a model kit battle against the normal Death Rex! Finally, have a couple of transformers group photos~

- Chrome Contest Prizes

    With TakaraTomy's "My Zoid Contest" closed you can now browse entries, as well as see the prizes! There are so many amazing customs in this contest. It's worth looking through them all. In the mean time, there are some awesome prizes involved, so let's go over them! There are 3 categories in the contest. Elementary students, child and parent teams, and general. Prizes apply to each category, unless otherwise specified. There's also a tweet of the Gilraptor in motion.

    Greatest Awesome Prize: 1 Person
    - Greatest Most Awesome Trophy (Wild Liger Gold Chrome Ver.)
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    Outstanding Performance Prize: 3 People
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    ZFX Prize: 3 People
    - Wild Liger Silver Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - Wild Liger Silver Lion Ver. Customize Stickers (CoroCoro limited, previously 1000 made)
    - Wild Liger, Grachiosaurus, & Death Rex Customize Stickers (Z-Campaign)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

    TakaraTomy Prize: 3 People
    - Gilraptor Red Chrome Ver. Customize Parts (Armor only)
    - 1/35 Size Arashi Figure (The one from WHF)
    - Kabtor Rare White Customize Sticker (Arashi Ver. from WHF)
    - Zoid Wild Wrist Band x2 (x1 Freedom, x1 Death Metal)

- Wild Blast Mini Collection Part 2!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Part 2 of the Zoids Wild: Wild Blast Mini Collection has been announced! These are small figures with movable parts to form their wild blasts. It looks like Part 2 will include Gabrigator, Knuckle Kong, and Triceradogos. There's a tweet about it here~ They'll be available in gachas in Japan for 300 yen each. Usually you can find this type of thing on Ebay, Yahoo Japan, and Rakuten Global as well.

- Zoids Wild: King of Blast News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Zoids Wild: King of Blast is officially released! With that, there's a lot of videos to go over leading up to it. We'll just link them to keep scrolling down. First is a tip video for quick attacks. Then there's a competition video, a 2 hour stream.

    Before the game released they also posted trailers of all 10 starting Zoids. Here they are: Death Rex, Fang Tiger, Gabrigator, Gannontoise, Gilraptor, Grachiosaurus, Knuckle Kong, Scorpear, Stegosage, Triceradogos, and Wild Liger. They've also been posting a few screenshots of the original color schemes in the game, though there are many more! These include Death Rex Origin, Fang Tiger Blaze, and Gabrigator Carion.

- Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter has started adding some new cards to the game! This includes several different cards. One Wild Rare, one Super Rare, one Rare Card, and one Normal card. We can probably expect similar patterns for future additions to the game~ Aside from Knuckle Kong, there was also a cute card released as a CoroCoro limited. You could scan in the QR code at any arcade machine to receive the special card.

- Battle Card Hunter: Hunting Gum!

    Battle Card Hunter will soon be doing some extra card releases alongside the game! Hunting Gum includes x1 pack of chewing gum and x1 card featuring new art, sold together for 100 yen. A box set of 20 packs can be purchased for 2,160 Yen, and will include all 15 varieties of cards. The cards you can collect are listed below. The set is already up for preorder on sites like amiami.

    x1 Super Rare (Wild Liger)
    x4 Rare (Gilraptor, Gabrigator, Knuckle Kong, Stegosage)
    x10 Normal (Kabtor, Kabtor Subspecies, Kuwaga, Kuwaga Subspecies, Raptor, Raptor Subspecies, Scorpear, Gannontoise, Triceradogos, and Grachiosaurus)

- Wixoss Card Game Collaboration News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    TakaraTomy is collaborating with Wixoss, a popular Japanese card game, to see two of their Zoids released in the card series. This includes the Wild Liger and Death Rex, and you can see the cards here! They also decided to collaborate for a cute web comic drawn by OYSTER~

- Zoids Wild Anime News!  [Official]

Posted: Friday, March 8th, 2019: 3:58 pm
    We're down to just 10 episodes left for Zoids Wild. Its been an exciting ride! And we've missed a lot of the anime renders, so let's run through those. Gabrigator received a face lift, so here's a picture showing off his new colors. In the same episode we saw the Dimepulsar for the first time. We also now have images for Ankyrox and Pachykedos. Throughout the episodes the cast of Z Boys has been updated, as well as a new character featured, Youkan of the Freedom group. There's also an image for a man named Burger from a recent episode. We even get to see Child!Drake. Last but not least, they went back and showed us two missed Zoid Keys. Scorpear and Triceradogos.

Concept Art

    We've also gotten some new concept art! The most important of which is, of course, Burger's liquor bottle. But the runner ups are: A concept of Death Rex's Wild Blast. Not just one, but two! As well as Fang Tiger's. We also see an early concept of the Hunter Wolf, which looked quite different from how it does now!

- Zoids Wild Volume 2

    TT has posted the box art for the second DVD/Blu-ray release of Zoids Wild. The bonuses are more or less to the same tune as the first one. There are different bonuses for buying from different stores, like before.

- Read Older News

    Older news posts are archived here!                             |                            Read official release news only!

- Upcoming Zoid Releases

Jan 2019: ZW18 SpideathPre Order 960 Yen
Jan 2019: ZW19 Fang TigerPre Order 2,569 Yen
Feb 2019: Zoids Wild: King of Blast (Nintendo Switch)Pre Order 5,860 Yen
Feb 2019: ZW20 DimepulsarPre Order 2,400 Yen
Mar 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 2 (Blu-Ray)Pre Order 11,000 Yen
Mar 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 2 (DVD)Pre Order 8,070 Yen
Mar 2019: noovy Single "Speed Up" (Regular Edition)Pre Order 1,296 Yen
Mar 2019: noovy Single "Speed Up" (Limited Edition)Pre Order 1,759 Yen
Mar 2019: Sky Peace Single "Sky Flight" (Regular Edition)Pre Order 1,389 Yen
Mar 2019: Sky Peace Single "Sky Flight" (Limited Edition)Pre Order 1,759 Yen
Mar 2019: Sky Peace Single "Sky Flight" (Special Edition)
+ ZW01 Wild Liger (Sky Peace Special Edition)
Pre Order 4,167 Yen
Apr 2019: HMM Liger Zero (Marking Plus Ver.)Pre Order 6,804 Yen
May 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 3 (Blu-Ray)Pre Order 11,000 Yen
May 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 3 (DVD)Pre Order 8,070 Yen
May 2019: HMM Liger Zero Jager (Marking Plus Ver.)Pre Order 6,130 Yen
May 2019: HMM Liger Zero Jager (Marking Plus Ver.)Pre Order 6,130 Yen
May 2019: HMM Liger Zero Panzer (Marking Plus Ver.)Pre Order 6,780 Yen
May 2019: HMM Liger Zero Jager (Marking Plus Ver.)Pre Order 6,460 Yen
Jun 2019: HMM Berserk Furher Repackage Ver.Pre Order 7,100 Yen
Jun 2019: HMM Sturm Unit for Berserk FurherPre Order 4,680 Yen
Jul 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 4 (Blu-Ray)Pre Order 11,000 Yen
Jul 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 4 (DVD)Pre Order 8,070 Yen
Sep 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 5 (Blu-Ray)Pre Order 11,000 Yen
Sep 2019: Zoids Wild Vol. 5 (DVD)Pre Order 8,070 Yen