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Posted: Thursday, April 17th, 2018: 11:02 am
    The May issue of Corocoro has released, and with it, the first chapter of the new serialized manga, Zoids Wild! This manga has some excellent Zoid design. The chapter is 30 pages long not including the color image, and begins the story of Arashi, who is setting out to find a Zoid of his own! We're still awaiting the physical copy of the manga to get some good scans of it.

    On a more exciting note, CoroCoro has decided to make the first chapter free to read to all Zoids fans! This means even those who don't own Corocoro can check out the first chapter on their own, without having to wait!

Introducing Bacon and the Fang Tiger!

    The manga introduces Bacon, a man searching for a dangerous Zoid that escaped from Death Metal territory. Accompanying him is the Fang Tiger, the mysterious silhouette we saw advertised when his voice actor was announced! The Zoid lives up to its name, with giant sabers that seem more specifically designed for combat than most saber-toothed cats of the past.

    Aside from the Fang Tiger, we also get to see several new Zoids, including a generic raptor type (so far known as just raptors.) These differ significantly from the Gilraptor, lacking crests, significant armor, and sporting different-looking equipment. We also see several new types of Zoids on the last 2 pages, such as ankylosaurs. Of course, these are likely manga filler and probably won't develop into anything more. Still, it's nice for people that like those little obscur Zoids!

Kabuto and Scorpear Box Art

    The Zoids Official Twitter released box images for the Kabuto Beetle and the Scorpear. These are decent enough, but may not be the final print versions of the boxes.

Minor Anime Update

    The official anime site has updated with a list of pilots and their Zoids. This is our first look at the Gabrigator in the anime style and it's looking good! The new angle of the Gilraptor also shows off just how nice this Zoid adapts to the anime style. There are still a couple Zoids, including the Fang Tiger that have yet to be revealed for the anime style.

New Model Photos

    The Zoids Official Twitter has been able to post some new high quality photos of touched up Zoids Wild models. It's nice seeing the Zoids from this new angle. So far we have the Gabrigator, Gannontoise, Scorpear, and Kabuto Beetle.

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March 2018:HMM Gojulas Cannon SetPre Order3,510
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