- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018: 10:27 pm
    First, let's go back to the build video post. Falcarius was able to give some insight into the map included in the Wild Liger instruction booklet, which shows off the Wild Continent. We've rigged up an image with English details using those translations. The text that was printed on screen (not in the booklet) below the map gives a vague teaser.

    "Humans have sighted Wild Liger bones buried in the ground, but it is said that nobody has seen one in the process of being reconstructed..."

    Second, in the past couple of days, the Zoids Official twitter has been posting images and stats of the upcoming Zoids! This includes the fact that the Rhinoceros Beetle is also scheduled for release in June, meaning there are 3 total kits confirmed for that month. We've yet to see a price tag, and we still don't know how many kits will be prepared for that month.

    Moving onto some stats:

    Rhinoceros Beetle Type:
    Nickname: Launching Head Horn
    Features: Head Horn, Crest Horn
    Stats: 5 Speed, 7 Attack, 3 IQ, 6 Stamina, 5 Defence, 5 Wild Blast
    Wild Blast Technique Name: Brass Knuckle Strike

    Nickname: Hidden Shell
    Features: Front Shell, Back Shell, Side Shell
    Stats: 3 Speed, 5 Attack, 8 IQ, 8 Stamina, 10 Defence, 8 Wild Blast
    Wild Blast Technique Name: Tortoise Light Cannon

    Nickname: Gale Dragon Claw
    Features: Head Radar, Talons
    Stats: 5 Speed, 7 Attack, 3 IQ, 6 Stamina, 5 Defence, 5 Wild Blast

    Most exciting for these updates is a Zoids Wild teaser image! The post says to look forward to the upcoming issue of CoroCoro Comic, which'll feature the upcoming manga. We'll have to see where it goes.

    Soon after posting the above, the Zoids Official Twitter posted a teaser page from the brief comic stuff in today's CoroCoro Comic issue! We'll probably see more of this throughout the day from various sources.

- Zoids FOR Upcoming Update!  [Official]

Posted: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018: 10:27 pm
    The Zoids Official twitter also teased the second Zoid that was announced to be released later this month. The silhouette shows the Liger Zero Jager! Now, this is a sensitive Zoid to add. We know that the Zero itself is overwhelmingly powerful, so we can assume the Jager will take an overall stat nerf of some kind. However, will it also be 4.2 speed like the Lightning Saix? Faster, slower? How will that exceptional speed balance with the Zero's immense stat pool? Only time will tell!

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

March 2018:HMM Sturm TyrannPre Order8,800
March 2018:HMM Sturm Tyrann Kotobukiya Direct ExclusivePre Order15,944
March 2018:HMM Sturm UnitPre Order4,250
March 2018:HMM Pteras Bomber Jamie Ver.Pre Order3,290
March 2018:HMM Dark Horn Harry Spec.Pre Order5,340
March 2018:HMM Lightning Saix Irvine Spec.Pre Order4,620
March 2018:HMM Dibison Thoma Ver.Pre Order7,170
March 2018:HMM Iron Kong PKPre Order12,300
March 2018:HMM Gojulas Cannon SetPre Order3,510
March 2018:HMM Buster TortoisePre Order2,780
June 2018:ZW Wild LigerTBA3,000
June 2018:ZW GilraptorTBA3,000

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