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Posted: Friday, February 24th, 2016
    We're still working on organizing our old projects and figuring out where everything was at, so site updates will be relatively small in the mean time. Steady as they go.

    For now we've finished adding the rest of the pages for Vol. 13 of the Chaotic Century manga. This includes the conclusion to the battle against the Red Schneider and Deep Blue Jager!

    We've also added the remaining Concept sketches to the Chaotic Century anime page. This concludes the full size scans that we have, but there are still a few smaller, lower quality concepts that will go up when we have the time to organize them. New concepts include: (Zoids) Blade Liger, Command Wolf, Gordos, Iron Kong, Lightning Saix, Molga, Pteras, Rev Raptor, Shield Liger, Ultrasaurus, Ultrasaurus with Gravity Cannon. (Central Characters) Van. (Side Characters) Various. (Environment) Imperial Flag (2nd image), Imperial Ring. (Organoids) Various.

    We've also had a lot of updates from the Zoids franchise lately! It seems like things are starting to kick into gear again, so let's start off with the latest updates. Right now all we have on this figure to look at is the side art.

    The HMM Liger Zero EM! This Empire Variant will be a Kotobukiya Direct Exclusive, meaning that you'll need to go through Kotobukiya's shop (and thus a proxy service) to get it. Check out our article on Buying Zoids if you're unfamiliar with the process~ In the mean time we're still waiting on a release date and price confirmation. It is not up for order just yet.

    At an earlier event we also received news that both the HMM Sturm Tyrann and the HMM Storm Sworder are in production! There are so, so many previews of these. A good place to browse is the Twitter tag. While the Storm Sworder is expected to hopefully hit shelves this year, the Sturm Tyrann isn't expected until 2018.

    We've also had the Zoids Aggressive Liger Zero announced! This one is in the near future, coming out in May. It'll come with alternative Strike Laser Claw parts (a brighter yellow, basically) and if you order through Kotobukiya Direct you'll receive the Leomaster flying stand. See the Koto Page for more pictures! 6,800 Yen retail price, 7,344 for the Koto Direct version.

    There are a few new gallery images on the Zoids: Field of Rebellion site. There was also a campaign, which included some excellent prizes. Unfortunately it was for Japan residents only. All you had to do was retweet a message with the prize you wanted, which included: Prize A (10 Winners): Masterpiece Shield Liger with newly drawn 'sleeve' package by Yuji Kaida. Prize B (5 Winners): Newly drawn art panel by Mercyrabbit. Prize C (3 winners): HMM Gojulas the Ogre. Prize (30 Winners): An original zip-up Parka. Thanks to Falcarius for the notification translations!

    We don't normally post auction sitings anymore, but with WF having some amazing Zoids like the Blitz Tiger and Trinity Liger we wanted to provide a few auction links. Also take a look at Zoikino's blog, which gives an amazing review of what happened. The number of kits released this year is extraordinary.

Black Rhimos FT (ブラックライモス 要塞砲仕様)

Blitz Tiger (ブリッツタイガー)

Brastle Tiger (ブラストルタイガー) | Link

Cannon Fort (キャノン フォート)

Dark Spiner (ダークスパイナー) | Link | Link | Link

1/72 Deathpion (デスピオン)

Killer Dome (キラードーム) | Link

Mirage Fox (ミラージュフォックス)

Ninetail Shadow Fox (ナインテール 改造パーツ)

Smilodon (スミドロン)

Sea Panther HB (シーパンツァー 重戦仕様)

Sturm Tyrann (シュトゥルム テュラン) (*Fan Made, Not Official) | Link | Link | Link | Link | Link

Trinity Liger (トリニティライガー) | Link

    These prices seem a little high for your taste? It may be worth checking Yahoo Japan's closed auction listings to see how earlier kits compare. Not all will be listed in that search, so use the japanese names provided above to do a more accurate one.

    Keep in mind that as kits sell out their price is going to shoot up, so just because someone got it much cheaper doesn't mean it's a good idea to hold out. Not all kits get re-released or resold for those low prices.

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May:ZA Liger Zero (So lonely down here)Pre Order6000
May:ZA Liger Zero (With Leomaster Stand)Pre Order7344

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