- New FOR Manga Update!   [Site]

Posted: Friday, August 15th, 2018: 4:28 am
    We have an update for ZOIDS: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4! You can find this under the Zoids Manga section. There is one more chapter left before this manga ends, but as usual, chapter 4 is full of excellent art.

- Zoids Wild: Wave 3 Model Kits!   [Official]

    There's been an official announcement for Zoids Wild: Wave 3 model kits, releasing in September! This includes the Raptor (1200 Yen), Knuckle Kong (3000 Yen), and Triceradogos (4500) yen. These consistent pricing scales are nice, and the Zoids are already up for preorder via proxy through the TakaraTomy mall. We advise that people hold out for the typical shops to post their pre-orders, as TT Mall is retail price, so you won't see any discounts, even if you order the complete set.

Aside from the rather cheeky "Raptor squad" set, that just contains 3 normal Raptors, the TTMall also has box arts of the new Zoids, and excellent, clear product photos. Knuckle Kong, Raptor, Triceradogos.

Videos for Wave 3!

    Knuckle Kong
    Knuckle Kong illustrates how the pegs on the bottom of the feed push the Zoid into a particular strut. They look unusal at a stand still, but it's impressive to see this Zoid try to do something more personable than just "move legs forward."

    Knuckle Kong (Wild Blast)
    It is also the first gorilla type Zoid to beat its chest. While I wish that the fists would come closer to the actual armor, the wild blast motion is greatly appreciated.

    Triceradogos has a straight forward and very fast stabbing motion, deploying the shield and giant drill in an instant.

- Zoids Wild: Concept Sketches   [Official]

    The Zoids Official Twitter has posted a Gilraptor Concept Sketch that was used as a basis for the model kit. They've teased that quite a few details were changed before the final version. Can you spot them all?

    It's also not the first sketch they've shown us. We've also seen the adventure book from Arashi's father and a couple of Wild Liger animation sketches.

- Zoids Wild: Manga Volume 1   [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga is coming out on the 28th! Unfortunately, it seems that it already sold out on CDJapan. You may be able to pick up the book through the Japan branch of Amazon, but it may not ship to your country, so be sure to check into it.

- Zoids Wild: Death Rex Teaser   [Official]

    The latest issue of Corocoro contained some art boards with information on upcoming Zoids, one of which was teased by CoroCoro on twitter. These teasers talk about the Death Rex, code named "Project D." A terrifying Zoid that eats other Zoids.

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

July 2018: Zoids Wild Manga: Volume 1Pre Order 490
September 2018: ZW09 WraptorNot Available Yet 1200
September 2018: ZW10 Knuckle KongNot Available Yet 3000
September 2018: ZW11 TriceradogosNot Available Yet 4500
November 2018: ZW13 GusockNot Available Yet 1200
November 2018: ZW14 StegosägeNot Available Yet 4500
November 2018: ZW15 Wild Liger DX SetNot Available Yet 4000
December 2018: ZW12 Death RexNot Available Yet 6800
December 2018: ZW16 Hunter WolfNot Available Yet 3000
December 2018: ZW17 Catarga CarrierNot Available Yet 4000

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