- Zoids FOR Gallery Update!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    The Zoids: Field of Rebellion gallery page has been updated. You can find this under Games > Mobile Games > Field of Rebellion. This includes both the high detail HMM images by Animareal, and the special art images that were added after the game closed. These art images were released as special boxes, etc. during promotional twitter campaigns.

- Zoids Fan Book EX 7 & 8!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    The Zoids Official Fan Book EX volumes 7 and 8 are finally posted! These are the final chapters of the battle story published in Zoids Official Fan Book EX. Its been a while since this was last updated, but hopefully the wait was worth it!

- Zoids Wild Model Section!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    While we don't have reviews of the Zoids Wild kits just yet, we have added a temporary section to the model kits page. Articles without proper reviews will have grayed out thumbnails. These pages do, however, include clean box art images and the stock photos of the Zoids, along with rough translations of the boxes. These translations aren't long, but include a few neat details. Such as the fact that Gabrigator's six fangs vary in length depending on excavation site / location.

- Character & Zoid Index Updates!  [Site]

Posted: Monday, October 6th, 2018: 9:56 pm
    Arashi's profile has been added to the Character Index. The Wild Liger has also been added to the Zoid Index, complete with equipment overview, concept art, etc. While I'll be slowly fleshing out the profiles for Zoids Wild, it's worth noting that the equipment lists are rather tentative. The boxes list features, not distinctly 'equipment' so some redundant items may either make it onto the list or some relevant ones left out by mistake.

- Quad Liger

    Quad Liger has also been added to the Zoid index! This includes a decent amount of backstory on the Zoid, as well as the images that were available from the old web comic. If you have any further imagery for this Zoid, please contact us!

- An Army of Liger Zeros!

    I've barely scratched the surface of adding Liger Zero to the Zoid Index. The sheer volume of content surrounding this Zoid means that the section is vastly incomplete, but a basic Liger Zero page has been added. It includes weapon lists, concept art, etc.

    I'll be working on adding the alternate color variations before I start focusing on the CAS units. For now, that includes the Liger Zero EM, Liger Zero Midnight Shield, Liger Blue Souga, and Liger Red Hiou. While the EM contains minimal information (it is, after all, usually left out of media in favor of the X) the Hiou and Souga include a bit of story info. Including the fact that they're both actually smaller than the typical Liger Zero! See their individual pages in the Zoid Index for more.

- Slight Image Updates!

    Unfortunately my scanner never has and never will be good enough to pick up the Cyberdrive Zoid images. I have, however, updated their pages with ~slightly better~ scans that more accurately reflect the colors. This means no more lavender Espada. Updated images include: Zerstoer, Feuer Wolf, Espada de Plata, and Donner.

- Zoids Wild Images!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    We've got a few more Wild related images. Starting with a new cosplay by AnimaReal, of Emperor Gallagher! There are two versions. The standard version and the background version for phone resolutions. We also have a Wild Blast reference for Bacon. Last but not least, we have a new drawing for Episode 14 on the CoroCoro website!

- Zoids Wild New OP & ED!  [Official]

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018: 3:05 am
    With Episode 14 of Zoids Wild we got a new opening and ending theme song! Quite exciting, as it implies the series has a decent number of episodes left to go. Of course, we kind of guessed that from the lack of Death Metal Zoids that've gotten an episode so far. The opening, "Defiance" by Jae Joong takes on a whole new tone for the series. Battles and imagery that are starting to look more serious and a little reminescent of Zoids Genesis.

    The new ending, "blue moon" by Shoko Nakagawa offsets that serious tone by giving us a look into some casual hangout time between the main characters. Who can draw the Wild Liger best?

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

September 2018: ZW09 RaptorPre Order 960
September 2018: ZW10 Knuckle KongPre Order 2,420
September 2018: ZW11 TriceradogosPre Order 3,630
November 2018: ZW13 GusockNot Available Yet 1200
November 2018: ZW14 StegosägeNot Available Yet 4500
November 2018: ZW15 Wild Liger DX SetNot Available Yet 4000
December 2018: ZW12 Death RexNot Available Yet 6800
December 2018: ZW16 Hunter WolfNot Available Yet 3000
December 2018: ZW17 Catarga CarrierNot Available Yet 4000

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