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- How To Price Your Zoids?

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:59:34

 So, as some of our visitors are aware, we have a little infoblurb on the Names page, which discusses how to price Zoids. I wanted to make a dedicated post discussing this matter in more depth. Both because of recent events, and because of the global shipping complications. Not to mention insane claims of value like that absurd article! This is going to be a long post, but if you buy lots of Zoids, and aren't using Yahoo Japan, please consider reading.

Services Taking Advantage Of Buyers

 Lately there have been a lot of "hobby hunting" services popping up online, claiming that they can help you find any Zoid for a nominal fee. Now, this would be a fair service. The problem is, they're hiding their real fees behind heavily inflated prices. They take advantage of people unfamiliar with international markets. The buyer thinks they're finding super rare kits, and have no idea how common (or cheap!) they actually are.

 The other half of this problem is Ebay, which has had such inflated prices for so long, that many YJ sellers are now listing their products for two or three times as much on Ebay. There's a market for it, because pricing resources can be hard to find. To people unaware, these look like the normal prices, and they'll pay them.

- How Expensive Are We Talking?

 To address this question I'm going to look at Ebay. I'll provide the Zoid, its lowest sold price (including shipping) and then a comparison. The comparison will be based on YJ sales within the last 3 months, and what you'd be paying by using Buyee. They will be based on DHL shipping, a fast, reliable, and expensive shipping service. You can save more by using slower, uninsured shipping methods. The buyee price is an average, not lowest.

HMM Death Stinger Hiltz: $748*
  Buyee Estimate: $430 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $60 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $495 (Saving $253)

HMM Geno Breaker Raven: $393
  Buyee Estimate: $200 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $50 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $255 (Saving $138)

HMM Blade Liger AB Bang Ver: $303
  Buyee Estimate: $150 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $50 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $205 (Saving $98)

HMM Storm Sworder Ala Barone Ver: $340**
  Buyee Estimate: $200 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $45 shipping fee (estimated)
  You Would Pay: $250 (Saving $90)

Tomy Konig Wolf: $97
  Buyee Estimate: $30 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $40 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $75 (Saving $22)

Tomy Berserk Furher: $126
  Buyee Estimate: + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee
  You Would Pay: $84 (Saving $42)

Tomy Death Saurer: $379
  Buyee Estimate: $250 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $50 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $305 (Saving $74)

Tomy Geno Breaker: $174
  Buyee Estimate: $75 + $3 service fee + $2 payment fee + $4 shipping fee
  You Would Pay: $84 (Saving $90)

 * Had no recent sold Ebay listings, so going with lowest available price.
 ** I do not have an item weight estimate, so shipping may be slightly off.

Note: Shipping fees are based on the Zoids weight, and may be higher depending on the seller's packaging. These prices were also calculated over 2 weeks ago, some may have changed since then. For example, when I made the images, the $140 (Sold) Konig Wolf was the most recent one.

Breakdown: For this example I chose popular Zoids that I often see people requesting price estimates for. I chose Zoids both from the rarer end of the spectrum (like the Hiltz) to the more common (like the Konig Wolf). If you purchased all 8 of the Zoids above from Ebay, you would pay $2560. If you purchased the same items yourself, through a proxy like Buyee, you would pay around $1753. You would save almost a thousand dollars by buying them direct from Yahoo Japan, and that $1000 could buy you at least another 5-10 rare Zoids.

- But the service does the work for you!

 Factually correct. The service goes through the trouble of setting up the deputy service account and finding it for you. This is worth a small fee. My problem is that they are giving you a "modest" service fee and then putting an enormous price hike on the item price to cover how large their fees actually are.

 So why are these items so expensive? For one thing, you're paying the cost of importing on top of importing it again to your location. So let's say the dropseller imports the Konig Wolf for $75 after all is said and done. They're in the US, and sell it to you for $140. Let's assume domestic shipping to you is then $25. That's a $40 profit before you pay any additional service fees for their time and effort. If their service fee is 10%, you should be paying $82.50 for that Konig Wolf before domestic shipping. Is it becoming more clear? They are actually charging you almost 60% service fee, most of it is just hidden in the 'rare' item price.

- Importing Is Pretty Intimidating, Though!

 True, but please believe me when I say importing services aren't as scary as they look! It basically boils down to, you enter the item URL, click bid/buy, and they handle the rest. Then when the item arrives at their warehouse, you select your shipping method, and you're done! The scary part is the fees. You should definitely research and understand the fees before buying. Learn everything you need to know in our Buying & Importing Zoids article. Contact us for any additional questions!

 Now, it's true that you have less seller protection overseas, but if you buy many Zoids, you'll still save more than you've lost. For example, if you bought the above Zoids over a few months, and you lose the Geno Breaker Raven, it's a tragedy. But, you still saved $654 with the other Zoids. You could buy another Geno Breaker Raven for $255 and still have saved $399. If you buy a lot of Zoids, it will always be worth it to import yourself. Actual loss is also extremely rare. I've only lost a couple items in the hundreds that I've purchased.

- So how do I price my Zoids?

 Check out our names page! Copy the Zoids Japanese name, click the Yahoo Japan link at the top of the page, and paste. Then click the link on the upper right (there's an image to show you where) to see sold listings. You can get a rough idea by just taking off the last couple digits. So if it is for 1500 yen, it is around $15, give or take a few dollars for more expensive items.

 After that you can use Buyee's fee calculator to get an estimate on cost. CAUTION! Buyee keeps the box in the seller's packaging, so always allow for around 400-500 g for packaging. Also be sure to keep your consolidated boxes under 3.5 kg. At that point, DHL shipping shoots up to over $200.

What if I'm buying locally? Then it's fair to include all costs of importing, because they had to pay those prices to get the item to you. They'll probably want at least a few dollars for their trouble, just make sure that they aren't hiding the actual cost! A % fee can be fair, as long as they're honest about how much it is.

Final Notes

 I know it took a long time to get to the point. I've been seeing people taken advantage of left and right, and it's hard to see this happening to other fans. I'll put it under the unique "Pricing" tag so you can easily find it again. You should all be getting a fair price on your items. I hope this helps, and Happy Zoid Hunting!

 The folks over on the Zoids Reddit / Discord also have a convenient price guide for Zoids before shipping & fees. If you want a more updated price, contact us! I'd be happy to help you get an updated price.

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- Zoids Anime Section Updates!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:58:49

 I've got a good few updates for the anime section. CC and Guardian Force now occupy one section, to save on space. Before getting onto the updates I wanted to clarify something: The dubtitles for Wild and Wild Zero have been discontinued. This was probably obvious from the lack of updates, but Wild is getting subtitles on one of the official overseas youtube channels. We'll post these when they are complete. Zero will likely receive the same treatment, so holding off on that for now.

- Zoids Fuzors Updates!

 Zoids Fuzors has finally received an update! Episodes 5, 6, and 7 have been added to the Episodes page. These include blu-ray quality screenshots, notable facts, and videos of the differences. I plan to redo the earlier episode differences as new videos, and from here on out, they'll be in the episode summaries themselves instead of their own page.

- Zoids Wild Senki Updates!

 A section has been added for Zoids Wild Senki! This includes notable facts, screencaps, and an embed of the video on TakaraTomy's youtube channel! The character and Zoids section is currently unavailable, but will be expanded upon when there's more to see. It also includes a Concepts page, featuring the concept art of the recent kit releases!


- Art Area Shield Liger Review!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:58:31

 A special review has been added for the Art Area Shield Liger, the ever elusive resin kit. I'm sure many people have seen the box of this Zoid, but not many have been completed, so I'm excited to add this little guy to the site! It is currently listed as a custom at the bottom of the model kits page, since I took some liberties with how it was assembled and painted.

 This custom also includes some WIP shots of the build process, since there's very little information on the kit and it's an overwhelming Zoid to look at fresh out of the box. Hopefully the rough build photos can give you an idea of what you're getting into. It's not as scary as it looks!

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- New Poster!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:58:19

 A beautiful large-scale poster featuring customs from the Zoids Fuzors line has been added to the Assorted category!

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- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:58:07

 Scans have been added for DHM January, February, and March, 2004! This is Deathpion Fandom Hour, so if you're interested in Deathpions, check it out! Also included is a photo of an unreleased Master Action Blade Liger figure, Energy Liger, the Tasker Sisters SRDX figures, unreleased One BLOX concept sketches, and a Dimetroptera custom.


- ZW52 Xenorex and the Xeno Evolutions!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:57:53

 Xenorex is making a big appearance in CoroCoro! Not only is the Zoid itself striking a pose, but the December issue also discussed the upcoming Xeno Evolution S! The text seemed to imply that Xeno Evolutions may actually change size, not just armor. The issue also confirmed the spelling to be "Xenorex" all as one word, like Fangtiger.

 A promotional image of the Xenorex that appears in CoroCoro has been posted by Zoids Official. New product images for the kit were exhibited on TakaraTomy Mall's page for the ZW49 Missile + Laser Combat Unit, and it was also featured in the video that showed off these parts. The video gives us a clear look at the Zoid as it looks unmodified, out of the box. You can see the pilot beneath the clear orange canopy, which is an interesting and different placement from the Burning Liger.

Xenorex Data:
Length: 9.8 m
Height: 4.9 m
Width: 3.1 m
Weight: 45.0 tons
Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
Scheduled for a winter release

 Connecting Radar   (blue piece over canopy)
 Forced Cooling System   (boxes on top of arms)
 Laser Bite Fangs   (mouth)
 Protection Canopy  (canopy)
 Multi Connector Unit   (pegs on back)
 Multi Hands   (hands)
 Reinforce Cylinders   (legs)
 Smash Tail   (tail)
 Strike Heavy Claws  (feet)
 Zoid Factor Converter  (Maybe vents on lower back? Not sure what it's pointing to)


- Korean Limited: Death Rex Gold Version!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:57:32

 Daewon, who handles the domestic Zoids releases for Korea, has posted an exciting announcement! They'll be releasing their first truly Korean exclusive model kit, the limited edition Death Rex Gold Version! This gold chrome Rex will be releasing for 79,500 Won (roughly $70 USD) later this month on the 26th. It is limited to domestic shipping within Korea, so international fans will need to find a shopping service. I've personally not had any experience with this, so am unfortunately unable to provide any recommendations.


- CoroCoro 100: Burning Liger Ltd Black Gold Ver.!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:57:16

 The December issue of CoroCoro revealed our first CoroCoro 100 limited of the new line, the Burning Liger Limited Black Gold Version! This black Burning Liger with added gold parts will be available as a Silver Peel. Aside from that image, a fuller view of it (albeit small) can be seen on the My Zoids Contest 2020 page, as a Burning Liger will be part of the top prize set for each category.


- New Zoids Wild Weapon Sets!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:56:59

 Two new weapon sets have been announced for the Zoids Wild series! The ZW49 Missile + Laser Combat Unit and the ZW50 Cannon + Laser Combat Unit! These include brand new weapons that we've seen in the short monthly anime episodes of Zoids Wild Senki. They feature almost the same weapons between them in different colors. They are scheduled to release on December 12th for 1000 Yen.

 A video posted online showed that they also have a couple of pieces not shown in the video. This includes the Attachment Frame (rereleased from earlier sets in red-blue) and the Flexible Joint, which is a ball joint that allows the weapons to swivel in quite a few directions! This, combined with the Conversion Caps that fit over a Zoids cap to turn them into a standard 3mm peg means tons of customization options, even for older Tomy kits.

Universal Weapons: Available in both sets.
 A-Z 4-Barrelled Short Laser Gatling x1
 A-Z Knight Sword x1
 A-Z Laser Drill x1
 A-Z Laser Shot Gun x2
 A-Z Mega Shield x1
 Attachment Frame (count unknown)
 Compact Ion Booster x2
 Conversion Caps x2
 Flexible Joint (count unknown)
 Support Gun Pod x1

ZW49 Exclusive: A-Z 3-Shot Guidance Missiles (Blue)

ZW50 Exclusive: A-Z Long Cannon (Red)

 These weapons sets include some weapons from more expensive kits, for use on other Zoids. The missiles from the blue set are from the Omega Rex, and the cannons from the red set are from the Genospino.

 The larger weapons are designed to attach to the front of the CDW Impact Gatling, spinning along with the motorized function. This includes the 4-Barrelled Short Laser Gatling and the A-Z Laser Drill for certain. The A-Z Knight Sword can be included as a knife within a case, or have the case fasten around the handle to turn it into a longsword.


- ZW45 Burning Liger Videos!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:56:43

 Burning Liger and its associated weapon and set are now released, but in the mean time, it has gotten a lot of video updates! Including TakaraTomy Toys posting a video of the Impact Gatling attached to the shoulder, which still spins! They also have an information video over on Youtube. The commercial shows off the upcoming ZW53 Ignition Boosters and the silhouette of the upcoming Twin Pile Bunker

- Commercial

- Build Review Video


- Gilraptor LC Build Review Video!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:56:30

 TakaraTomy posted a build review video for the Gilraptor LC, too! Although they didn't have any LC-specific concept art, it was interesting to see that they included some new Gilraptor concept art. This has been added to the anime section for Zoids Wild, and marked with a green border!

- Build Review Video


- Zoids Concept Art Exhibit!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:56:17

 A surprising event has been announced, a Zoids Concept Art Exhibit! This intriguing event will be held from December 12th through January 24th, and will include both in-person visits and virtual tickets run by GoFa (the Gallery of Fantastic Art). The concept art exhibit will include images in a style like the Concept Art Books, which is how the designer Tokuyama has started off many of the Zoid designs from the Wild series. An article by Akiba-Souken shows off one of the pieces, a never-before-seen concept art of Fangtiger.

 Tickets are 900 yen (or 1,200 for same-day tickets) for visitation and 300 yen for virtual. The exhibit will showcase roughly 160 original Zoids works, including the Evolution of Zoids, Battle of Planet Zoid, Zoids Wild Concepts, Infinity Blast, Art of Planet Zoid, and Art settings. There are also approximately 10 original drawings shown.

 Tokuyama will be a guest speaker along with guest artist Yuji Kaida. There will be a diorama exhibit, as well as limited event goods, including the HMM Saber Tiger Concept Art Color Version. Autographed images will be available (for a fee) and participants who attend the actual venue (not through virtual venue) will receive 5 random art cards. People who purchase the Tiger at the event will receive a yet-undisclosed super special bonus.


HMM Saber Tiger CA Color Version!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:56:03

 In an unexpected update, Kotobukiya announced that there would be a new Saber Tiger variation released at the Zoids Concept Art Exhibit! This unique "Saber Tiger CA Color Ver." is based off of the Concept Art Book iteration of the design, complete with black-red color separation. To achieve this look, the kit has several sprues cast in both black and red, similar to how the Liger Zero EM was handled earlier. You can use the all-red sprues to create a Saber that looks quite close to the original motorized colors!

 This kit is being handled similarly to the Bone Zoids. It'll have an early pre-sale at the venue starting December 24th, and will then be made available on Kotobukiya Direct at a later date. This means you'll need a proxy to order. It's also worth mentioning that the CA does not include decals.

- HMM Release and Re-Release News!

 Hobby Japan Magazine posted a nice, short video looking at the HMM Wild Liger. It's a fully finished example with custom painting and detailing.

- HJM Video

- Pteras Bomber Article!

 Kotobukiya has posted a blog entry detailing the Pteras Bomber released in October. They show off an early concept sketch for the box art, as well as a completed example of the kit itself.

- Rerelease Information!

 Kotobukiya has confirmed a few rereleases recently! This includes the HMM Liger Zero Schneider Marking Plus Ver., scheduled to be released in March for 8,800 yen. While the CAS-specific kit was already confirmed, we now know the full unit will also be available. Similarly, the Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver. was announced for April, for 8,400 yen. Also on the list are the Iron Kong PK, released in March for 16,800 yen, and the Berserk Fueher Repackage Ver., released in April for 8,800 yen.


- Stand River Updates!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:55:40

 While Stand River as an event has already passed and its contents already known to the public, it is only recently that we've seen the video of the event! For easier viewing they've split the event stream up into two videos, with the second following soon. The first part is already up, so take a look to see what all went on!

- Air Stand River Battle - Part 1

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- Zoids Wild Senki Updates!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:55:25

 Zoids Wild Senki has seen its second episode! It looks like updates are going to be posted mid month. You can watch the second full episode below. The TakaraTomy Asia YT channel has also started posting official subs for the series, which is the second video down below. The subs leave something to be desired, but it's certainly enough to understand what's going on!

- Zoids Wild Senki - Episode 2

- Zoids Wild Senki - Episode 1 Subs


- Zoids Wild Senki Website!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:55:13

 A brand new website has been added for Zoids Wild Senki! This page is located on TakaraTomy's official Zoids site, and contains images of some of the Zoids that've appeared so far, with brief profiles and episode summaries. I've included rough google translations for those segments below!

Episode 1:
 With the global population boom, energy resources have been depleted, and frequent local conflicts have surfaced as the Earth is once again entering a full-scale war between the Zoids of the Republic and the Empire, the two major powers.

 In the current war, the Imperial Army has become the lesser force due to the extraordinary activity of the Republican Army's primary machine, the Gilraptor LC. In order to break through the fierce battlefield, the Imperial Army has succeeded in restoring their new lion-type Zoid, the Burning Liger.

 An order to sortie is given to the Burning Ligers, with the intent to annihilate the Republican Army Zoids led by the Gilraptor LC. The battle between the Burning Liger and the Gilraptor LC is about to begin.

Episode 2:
 Gilraptor LC confronts the Burning Liger. Their first match was a fierce back-and-forth battle.

 In the midst of all this, an explosion echoes, and the two machines brace themselves.

 An extraterrestrial Zoid, the ancient emperor dragon, Zero Grizis, who once threatened to destroy the earth, has reappeared.

 The fighting spirit of the Zoids involved in the war awakened the Zero Grizis from its long sleep. Now, as a result of its instincts, the destructive god continues to run wild.

 The Zero Army once led by Zero Grizis also revives, and intervenes in the war between the two great powers, and the outcome of this battle seems to be a three-way war...

 In the mean time, the Republic's new Zoid, which is currently under restoration appears...

Burning Liger: (Lion Type)
 A lion-type Zoid restored by the Imperial Army. It has a lightly armored body, large claws, and several types of small powerful auxiliary weapons. It's equipped with a ZO Visor, so it's possible to draw out the power of the lion species at the rider's discretion, and the Power Cylinders of its limbs allow it to perform agile movements in battle. The Blow Claw has been remodeled to a larger size to give it a stronger impact against enemy Zoids.

 In addition, it's the first machine to be equipped with a Core Drive System recently developed by the Imperial Army, and its Core Drive weapons can be swapped out.

Burning Liger Impact Gatling Conversion Mode:
 A Burning Liger unit equipped with a Core Drive weapon, the Impact Gatling. After equipping it to the Burning Liger it gains an instantaneous and dramatic improvement in combat power. By firing Ion Converging Bullets that are composed of converted core energy, powerful artillery from medium range becomes possible. The Burning Liger can withstand the weight of the Impact Gatling thanks to its legs being reinforced by the Power Cylinders.

Gilraptor LC: (Deinonychus Type)
 A deinonychus type Zoid that acts as the main unit of the Republican Army. The Gilraptor LC (Laser Custom) is a custom machine equipped with an AZ Laser Gun and an AZ Impact Laser Gun. It's capable of high-speed movements using the Jet Boosters on its back and the excellent spring-performance of its legs, and it's skilled at short-term decisive battles, specializing in hit-and-run tactics.

 Basically, it's good at launching assaults against enemy armies using only a single unit, but it's also able to coordinate with multiple units for an attack, and the head radar on its head, which has highly developed sensory functions, allows it to reliably kill while keeping track of the movements of both friend and foe.

Gilraptor LC Wild Blast Mode:
 Gilraptor LC, which has activated its Instinct Release (Wild Blast). A form that specializes in close-range combat by deploying the claw-shaped weapons, the Wing Shotels, on its back while accelerating with the Jet Boosters on its back. It can cut through enemy Zoids with endless quick strikes.


- Zoids Wild Infinity Blast Updates!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:54:46

 Zoids Wild Infinity Blast is just about to release (on November 26th) and some places are even charging for the item already! As we hit release week it may be worth keeping an eye out for stores stocking small stocks of the Rising Liger set. Although all are sold out currently, within the last week BicCamera JP, Toys R Us JP, and HLJ all got a small lot of sets. They sell out quick, so check around often!

- Zoids Wild Infinity Coloseum!

 There've been several Infinity Coliseum, an event where viewers share ZiNA codes of customs they've designed in the game, and the hosts use them in tournament-style combat! Episode 6 was particularly interesting. After the battles, Perfect Human Katayama was invited to feature some of the Zoids model kits along with Dr. T, a popular figure from CoroCoro in the early 2000s. The panel also had a special guest, Mitsutoshi Tokuyama, who has played an active designing role in the Zoids Wild series and been a prominent figure of the franchise for decades. In this panel he shows off special, never-before-seen concept art (in the style of the concept art books). You can see this around the 29 minute mark. Chances are, some of these will be seen at the exhibit as well!

Episode 7 showed off the old Tomy motorized Death Stinger. Episode 8 was also Death Stinger focused.

Episode 9 took a brief look at the Quest menu, which includes Quest, Continuous Battle, and Training. The Quest menu shows a continuous progression, starting at Chapter 1, and features numerous pieces of concept art in the style of the Concept Art Books. It also reveals a currency system (Zeny). There are various quest menus including weapons and junk. The battlefields are designed to look like you're actually out in the field, which is a nice visual design. Like the former game, you can retry the battle if you aren't satisfied with the results.

Episode 10 shows off the multi-Zoid battles. This is comparable to King of Blast, where you fight 10 Raptors that constantly respawn. In Infinity Blast, it seems you can take on multiple Zoids at once! This mission type shows up to 4 on the field at once, with a total count of 20 in each round.

- Zoids List

 The full Zoids list has been out for a while, but for those who missed it, these are all of the Zoids featured in the main Zoids list:

 Awakened Fangtiger
 Beast Liger
 Blade Liger
 Cannon Bull
 Command Wolf
 Command Wolf AC
 Death Rex
 Death Stinger
 Geno Breaker
 Gilraptor Commander
 Hunter Wolf
 Iron Kong
 Iron Kong PK
 Knuckle Kong
 Rising Liger
 Rising Liger Infinity Blue Ver.
 Sonic Bird
 Wild Liger
 Zero Grizis

- Full Opening Video Revealed!

- New Trailer!

- Short Trailer!


- Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed Released!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:54:19

 Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed, the English port of King of Blast, has been released! Outright Games was gracious enough to give us a code, so you can expect some walkthrough content in the near future. In the mean time, there's some stuff to cover! Outright Games has posted an official website for the game, where you can take a look at features, screenshots, and the trailer. So far the game has been quite fun, and its been years since we saw an English Zoids title! If you're interested in picking it up, it's currently available for $20 over on Amazon and will have similarly-priced sales at other stores like Game Stop around Black Friday!


- Zoids Wild Zero Graffart Merchandise!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:53:29

 Zoids Wild Zero is collaborating with GraffArt Shop to release some new merchandise, which you can view here! This includes the following items: A set of 10 Can Badges featuring various screenshots, sold for 480 Yen each or 4,800 for a box. A set of 9 Acrylic Holders, also featuring screenshots, for 780 Yen each or 7,020 Yen for a box. A Chara Pass (card holder) for 1,380 Yen, featuring the series title image. A Large Character Mirror for 1,000 yen. A set of 7 Chara Clear Figures (Standees) for 1,600 Yen each, featuring the Zoid's stock photos. Last but not least, a mug featuring the second title card for the series for 1,500 Yen.


- Older Zoids Art By Mercy Rabbit!

Posted: 2020-11-23 19:53:11

 Mercy Rabbit, the current artist for the HMM Zoids box art and the artist for Zoids Generations, has been posting some of their old work over on twitter! This thread has the Gusoku Myoukou, Rez Tiger, Hebby Rhimos, Liger Red Hiou, as well as a lineart for the Hound Soldier from one of the box arts. It includes a look at DHM scans from the series, and model kit mockups of Hebby Rhimos and Rez Tiger. Mercy also posted an adorable Command Wolf drawing based on another fanart by actuallypunny, who was responding to their post with the old art for the One BLOX Command Wolf! Finally, there are some nice looks at Murasame fanart. Mercy is an amazing artist, and it's so nostalgic to look back on these works.

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