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- Air Stand River Battle!

Posted: 2020-08-11 21:20:05

 Kotobukiya announced that the next Stand River Battle will be held online, and livestreamed on youtube! This comes with a ton of exciting announcements, and will take place on October 3rd, 2020, streamed live to Youtube at 13:00! Aside from a live assembly of the HMM Wild Liger, we'll also be seeing announcements of new MPV versions of Zoids. Even more exciting, prototypes for the HMM Gilraptor, HMM Fangtiger, and HMM Rev Raptor will be shown for the very first time! These are Zoids that have previously only been shown off as illustrations. If that weren't enough, they're planning to announce another brand new HMM Zoid during the live broadcast!

 What is Stand River? It's an event held in Japan, where typically people bring in customs that they align with the Empire or the Republic, and set them up on the appropriate tables. Each Zoid is judged for a certain number of points, and at the end of the event, the side with the most points wins! However, since they are holding the event virtually in respect for the ongoing pandemic, there are no participation prizes or rewards for entering. Still, it will be exciting to see!

 Kotobukiya has a page discussing the details of the event. This will likely still be limited to residents of Japan, but we're posting the details for archiving purposes.

 - Submission date is September 1st, 2020 ~ September 13th, 11:59 PM. The results will be announced on Oct 3rd.
Participation Regulations:
 - The completed custom must be based on an HMM Zoid.
 - It must be a 1/72 scale piece.
 - Works such as Zoids Girls and other military-model based works, such as AFVs or other copyrighted works are prohibited.
 - You can only enter a single Zoid, and only to one side. You cannot participate in both armies.
 - You can only use HMM Zoids, TT Zoids Products (including older Tomy products), MSG goods, or unlicensed / scratch built materials. The decals must also be based on this content. Basically, it must be appropriate to the series and not step on any trademark toes.
 - Works that infringe on other intellectual properties won't be permitted. Although this is unlikely to cause problems, any consequences of evading this rule will be carried out at the expense of the person who entered the work.
 - They also reserve the right to disqualify entries that: Violate public order and morals, have visible personal information that can be read, slander a specific person or group, imitate or plagiarize, or works that do not fit the purpose of the contest.

Required Application:
 - Affiliation: (Republic or Empire)
 - Unit Name: (Name of the custom)
 - Pilot Name: (Name of the customizer, not the lore pilot)
 - Comment: (Any description, etc. you want to include)
 - Image: (Main image, as well as standing from the front, back, and top)
 - Used Kits and Materials: (Including things like spare parts, putty, plastic board, etc.)

Points Alotted For Each Class: (As a reference)
 - Flying Class (1 Point): Armored vehicles (cockpits, etc.)
 - Feather Class (3 Points): Cannon Tortoise, Gun Sniper, Pteras, Godos, Molga, Iguan
 - Light Class (4 Points): Command Wolf, Shadow Fox, Lightning Saix
 - Welter Class (6 Points): Shield Liger, Blade Liger, Liger Zero, Geno Saurer, Saber Tiger, Red Horn
 - Middle Class (8 Points): Dibison, Storm Sworder, Geno Breaker, Berserk Furher
 - Heavy Class (12 Points): Gojulas, Iron Kong, Death Stinger

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2020 World Hobby Fair (Winter)!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:34:45

 The World Hobby Fair just happened in Japan, so we're going to go over some of the event details! This year's theme is customizing, and as such, the 30 finalists from the My Zoids Contest were lined up at the venue to be voted on. The event also had a customizing booth for visitors to display their Zoids in and add assorted equipment, as well as various other entertainment, such as music and BCH events.

 The customization contest gave the opportunity to win a number of prizes, including the Awakened Wild Liger, Kabtor Rare White, Kuwaga Rare White, Gilraptor Rare Bone, and Fang Tiger White Tiger Form.

- Weapons from WHF!

 The event had a number of weapons you could obtain through various methods, with a total of 9 separate parts. You can expect to see more of these weapons in the future, so don't worry if you aren't able to obtain them!

Remodeling Booth: You could bring your Zoids to the remodeling booth and customize them with various items! The event may have gone by a ticket number system if it turned out to be crowded. From this base, you could obtain the: Horn Blade, Arc Knife, Grinder Cutter, Attachment Frame, Auto Saw, and Panzer Faust.

Voting For The Contest: By voting for the contest, attendees could get the Wing Cutter (one per person.)

Purchase Bonus: By purchasing Zoids Wild Series products at the sales corner inside the Zoids booth, you could obtain the Square Shield and the Mega Lance.

- Beast Liger Optical Camouflage Spec.!

 The Beast Liger Optical Camouflage Spec, a former CoroCoro 100 limited was on sale at the venue for 3,850 yen. Zoids Official posted some photos of this kit, an all clear Beast Liger.

- Wild Variation Diorama & Art!

 The bottom of the event page also posted some of the artwork from the instruction manuals, which show alternate versions of the Zoids! It's awesome to see clean digital images of these variations, some of which we've seen on twitter. The twitter posts were accompanied by custom model kits of the variations, a few of which appeared in a display at the WHF event.

 The customs displayed at the event were part of a huge diorama, which showed off stock kits, variation customs, and repainted kits. It was an impressive display! Also on display were the Armd Liger and friends from the new Zoids Wild EX-ZERO story that was published in Hobby Japan Magazine. The Armd Liger was customized into the Heavy Armor Custom, which had Cannon Pull's cannons and shoulder armor equipped. This lines up with what happened at the end of the first story.


Zoids Wild Crowdfunding Campaign!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:09:08

 Zoids has seen the start of its first crowdfunding campaign! Measuring at a massive 50 x 44 cm, ZOIDSWILD The ART of BATTLEFIELDS is a book that showcases tons of the beautiful Zoids works seen in CoroCoro Comic and other outlets. It's wonderful to see these beautiful photos without all of the text that clutters them in the accompanying magazine.

 In addition, if the project is funded, everyone who pledged the required 11,000 yen (roughly $110) will receive the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" armor parts set, a set that was currently one of CoroCoro's 100 limiteds. They will also receive a special poster of the cast from the Chaotic Century manga. The poster is printed in the same size as the book, so there will be no creases in it.

 The cover of the book features a 1/1 scale Wild Liger cap, which is fitting for the recent series. The book also has a double fold to see the panorama style diorama images.

 So, what do we need to know? First off, the crowdfounding is available to residents of Japan only. If you try to support from another country, your pledge will be cancelled. However, services like From Japan, Celga, and White Rabbit Express will be able to help you relay your support. The project is currently 15% funded with 27 days to go, ending on January 31st.

  End Date: January 31st
  Crowdfunding Rewards: * Pledge costs 11,000 Yen
   x1 "ZOIDSWILD The ART of BATTLEFIELDS" book (50 x 44 cm)
   x1 Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" armor parts set
   x1 Large Poster by Michiro Ueyama
  Proposed Schedule: (In the event of successful funding
   Project Starts December 27th, 2019
   Project ends January 31st, 2020
   Book Delivery planned for mid April 2020
   Armor parts delivery planned for late May 2020
* Crowdfunding schedules are subject to change
* Price includes shipping and taxes

 The Zoids Crowfunding Twitter account has posted a lot of the interior art, at a nice, clear resolution. Definitely take a look, and expect even more beautiful pieces in the actual book, should it get funded~

Wild Liger, Fang Tiger White Tiger Form, Wild Liger, Death Rex, Gatling Fox, Kid Lineup, CoroCoro Weapons, Hangar Lineup, Empire Zoids, Beast Liger, Liger Poster, Battle Wars, Book size comparisons.

- Crowdfunding Video


Beast Liger Optical Camou. Spec.!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:07:14

 The Beast Liger "Optical Camouflage Spec.", which was originally announced as a CoroCoro 100 Ltd., has already been announced for a rerelease at the next World Hobby Fair! This event will take place on January 25th, and the Liger will be on sale at the event for 3,850 yen.


Next Generation World Hobby Fair!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-06-25 10:00:00

    The Next Generation World Hobby Fair is upon is, only one day after the Zoids Wild anime is scheduled to end! Like earlier WHFs, there will be a featured Zoid Building event. This time, for a brand new Kuwaga Rare White. During this build event you can use a variety of new weapons to arm your Zoid! There'll also be pre-sales of the Beast Liger at this event, giving visitors a chance to grab this Zoid early.


Stand River 2nd Battle Event!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-27 10:00:00

    We've all been waiting for Kotobukiya's new kit announcements, said to be revealed at the Stand River 2nd Battle event. This custom model event showed off a ton of fantastic modifications to HMM and Wild kits, and shortly after, a wave of news announcements hit social media.

- HMM Zoids Wild Kits

    Let's start with some of the new kits! Kotobukiya has announced several Zoids Wild kits that are currently being reimagined as HMMs. Two of these were announced with concept art, the Wild Liger and Fang Tiger. They also announced that the Gilraptor is currently in development, but they currently do not have images of it. With Zoids Wild wrapping up around the middle of the year, and the last remaining kits coming out a bit later, it's a good time for Kotobukiya to pick up the designs.

- HMM Rev Raptor!

    So, so many people have asked for an HMM Rev Raptor, and it's finally here! This Zoid is iconic to the anime, and as a small scale kit it'll be easy to obtain. Kotobukiya posted a tweet with some concept art, and it's the fourth brand new HMM Zoid announced at the event, following the Zoids Wild kit announcements.

- HMM Gojulas Gunner

    The first kit announced in the evening was the Gojulas Gunner! This huge Zoid rereleases the Ogre parts in a traditional Gojulas theme. It'll be a Kotobukiya Shop Exclusive, meaning you'll need a proxy to order. You can see the official tweet here and a photo from Mercy Rabbit here!

- HMM Geno Saurer/Gun Sniper Bone Color

    The announcements included a new set of color variations! The Geno Saurer and Gun Sniper Bone Color Versions. These, like the motorized Zoids before them, will be released at the Dino Expo between June 15th~16th. Afterwards, they'll be available as Kotobukiya Shop Exclusives, meaning you'll need a proxy to order them. You can see both Zoids in this twitter post, as well as some additional photos posted by Mercy Rabbit.

- HMM Shield Liger DCS-J

    The Shield Liger DCS-J is a kit many people have waited a long time for, and it's finally here! This amazing Zoid was announced at the event, with some nice concept art. (For those who may have read the original tweet, it was mistakenly said that the DCS-J would be on exhibit. This was an error. There is still the pretty concept art, though~)

- Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver.

    Saber Tiger has been slotted for a Marking Plus Version rerelease. This Zoid hasn't been rereleased since 2012. That is WAY back. Like the Liger Zeros, we can expect it to get some new decals.

- Geno Saurer Repackage Ver.

    Speaking of Zoids that go way back, the Geno Saurer didn't receive a reissue after its initial release in 2007. Now almost 12 years old, the Zoid is scheduled for a rerelease as the Repackage Version, which, if former repackages are any indication will receive new box art! We can also probably expect it to have the updated parts found in the Raven versions, which improved its charged particle stance, gave it the launching cable claws, etc. You can view the tweet here.

- Godos Old Republic Spec.

    Godos is receiving a new variant called the Old Republic Spec. This version of the Godos will feature a new color scheme as well as a new head design, which is based on the older motorized Zoids. You can view the tweet here.

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World Hobby Fair 2019 (Winter)!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-01-08 16:00:00

    On January 19th ~ 20th TakaraTomy will be holding assorted Zoid events at the World Hobby Fair. The first of these is the Zoids Wild Large Renovation Lab, where a larger than 1/1 scale Death Rex will appear! (a cardboard cutout most likely.) The large Wild Liger statue will also make an appearance.

    At the renovation lab, kids who enter the event can build a Kabtor (Rare White) Arashi Ver. Zoiders in elementary school will construct the Zoid at the event, then be given the Arashi Ver. stickers to decorate it with. Afterwards, they'll be able to choose from one of three weapons (Bazooka, Middle-Range Gun, or Gatling Gun) to install to it. Finally, if users take a photo of their Zoid at the special diaroma displayed in the booth, they'll receive a small Arashi figure as a free gift.

    The booth will also have a freely playable trial of Zoids Wild: King of Blast, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. Participants can play as any Zoid in the game, and all in game Zoids will be unlocked for the event (though not all color schemes will be available.) People who play the game will receive a Zoid Fighter License of the Zoid that they used, with up to 10 varieties to collect. At the King of Blast Special Stage participants can participate in game matches. Mr. Takei will be participating to tell players the best way to defeat certain Zoids (on the first day at the Tokyo venue.)

    There'll be a special stage held at the event with a number of activities. The first stage will be the Modified Zoids Challenge, where Mr. Katayama will hold a workshop course on customizing Zoids, and even a corner where participants can actively participate in modifying their Zoids!

    A third stage, the Zoids Wild Quiz & Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Tournament Stage, users can participate to win assorted prizes.

    During the event they'll also be showing off a Zoid not yet released! This is probably the Dimepulsar, but could possibly be some of the others we've seen teased. The event will also contain a massive diaroma that was used in the shooting of Eastern Front.


Zoids FOR Event!  [Official]

Posted: 2018-02-26 03:00:00

    Although this event is nearly over, the Gojulas the Ogre event also has excellent prizes. We recommend anyone joining the game to jump in on it! The News page in the FOR section has been updated to include the February 14th announcements, which are still relevant until tomorrow.


Zoids Material Hunters Event!  [Official]

Posted: 2014-09-22 01:00:00

    The Zoids: Material Hunters website has updated with reports from the Tokyo Hobby Show! These provided images of the large Shield Liger, some gameplay images, etc. At the event a pamphlette was handed out by the young ladies you see standing around the liger. It was a single 3-part fold out that contained images of brand new Zoids!

    Video can be viewed on the G-Cluster Facebook page. The game style seems very reminiscent of those old 2D fighter plane games where you had to avoid the oncoming missiles. The event coverage is split into two pages, Part One and Part Two. The event also gave out some small metal pins of the shown Zoids. A small promo is shown below from the G-Cluster Youtube channel!


Zoids Material Hunter Event!  [Official]

Posted: 2014-09-14 03:00:00

    In the last update we mentioned Zoids: Material Hunters, a new upcoming game scheduled to launch in 2015! They have added a brand new site for the game which includes details on the event and also a new screenshot of the game play. You can find the site here and in our links section! We've also updated the TT Banners article with the new banner.

    The new Zoids Material Hunters website mentions the event at the Tokyo Game Show where they're planning to reveal a massive 180cm (5'8") concept Shield Liger at their booth! No, this isn't a for sale product but it has been a long time since we've seen large scale Zoids at conventions, so I can't wait for the reveal!


ZAOD Fan Event!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-06-13 02:00:00

    Ok this update is getting long but I can't help but continue into the Fandom side of things. Lately some amazing events have been taking place including ZAOD (Zoids All Owners Discussion) which is a sizable event in Japan for Zoids owners to greet, show off fan works and customs, and discuss upcoming products. This is awesome to see since Wonder Festival is coming around the corner, making 3 events a year where Zoids are featured! Even if ZAOD is run by fans.

    An event report can be found on Zoids Ignition. There are extensive photos of all the Zoids shown! Human Routinez has also hosted a good few photos of the event which includes awesome photography angles of some of the customs in close up detail.

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