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- Zoids Wild Zero Anime Updates!

 The Zoids Wild Zero anime section has been updated with content from Episodes 11 ~ 15, introducing both the completed Genospino and the best smiling cat out there. This update includes Zoid Profiles, Character Profiles, and the start of the ZW0-specific Encyclopedia. To keep things a bit more consistent with pilot variations, they have been moved to their own page if they continue to be upgraded. This only applies to a couple Zoids such as the Raptoria Jo Aysel Spec. but will hopefully keep following their upgrades more manageable.

New Zoid Profiles: Drei Panther, Genospino

Updated Zoid Profiles: Bazootle, Beast Liger, Catalga, Gilraptor, Proto Beast Liger, Raptoria, Triceradogos

Zoids Wild Zero Site Anime2024-01-30 13:54:29

- New Anime Episodes!

 We have another wave of Zoids Episodes! In Genesis, this is the episode where we meet Kotona and her Zoid, the Rainbow Jerk. Matu over on Twitter, apparently part of the animation team in the earlier and later episodes of Genesis, gave their perspective of this episode.

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 10

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 4

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 4

- Zoids Genesis Episode 4

Videos Anime2023-07-08 01:15:47

- New Anime Episodes!

 The next wave of Zoids Episodes are up! Since these expire week to week I'm going to limit the number of news posts displayed on the front page to only be what's still relevant, so that the front page isn't flooded with 'video no longer available.' Please also note that I'm posting these once every series has updated, so by the time you see this news post, there's only a few days left to watch some of them!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 9

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 3

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 3

- Zoids Genesis Episode 3

Videos Official Anime2023-06-30 23:09:29

- Zoids Anime Section Update

 The Zoids Anime section has received a revamp. This may be a big change at first, but one of my goals was to reduce the amount of unnecessary scrolling required to get to relevant info. The quick links to different sections have stayed, but the DVD info has been moved to dedicated pages for each series. These pages will be further expanded over time to include things like random facts about the series, notes from staff members, opening/ending screenshots, and more.

Site Anime2023-06-22 09:11:42

- New Anime Episodes!

 The next wave of Zoids Episodes have hit Youtube, but I'd really like to talk about Fuzors! Fans who saw the earlier western release of this series may remember the underwhelming feeling. Fuzors isn't to a lot of people's taste. However, when the series aired in Japan, it had tons of differences, from changes in lighting effects to a copious amount of redrawn frames. Surprisingly, the entirety of Episode 2 was remade to be much darker in aesthetics and theme, really upping the visual impact of this battle. I highly recommend watching at least this one, to see the one episode you might've missed when watching the Western Release!

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 8

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 2

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 2

- Zoids Genesis Episode 2

- Zoids Geneis Episode 1!

 Zoids Genesis Episode 1 is now available on Youtube! Aside from that, GowTohgetsu over on Twitter posted a nice high-quality image of Ruuji's Village, which has appeared throughout various articles and media relating to Zoids Genesis. In the Twitter thread they also discuss a staff member's perspective of the series and the decisions made for its world setting.

- Watch Zoids Genesis

Videos Official Zoids Genesis Artwork Anime2023-06-18 08:42:20

- Zoids Anime Youtube Distribution!

 As part of the Zoids 40th Anniversary Project Zoids Official has announced that it'll be posting the first four animes online! This includes the classic Zoids series, Zoids New Century /ZERO, Zoids Fuzors, and Zoids Genesis. These have mostly started airing already, and will be publicly posted on the TAKARATOMYHOBBY youtube channel! Only the first episode is available for a longer span of time. Otherwise, each episode will be available for 1 week, until the next one 'airs'. We'll try to stay on top of posting here when new episodes are available. For those curious, Zoids Official has said they're working on making the series available in more countries, but this may take extra time, so please be patient as they jump through the technical hoops!

 As they've been posting more about the upload date of each series, they've also been posting some nice high-quality art, starting with a Bang image. Otherwise, each series has been posted with its blu-ray box character art, including Chaotic Century, New Century /ZERO, Fuzors, and Zoids Genesis. Chaotic Century has been airing for a bit now, but we'll post what's currently available. As a final note, voyager_vision on Twitter, who seems to have worked on some of the anime storyboards, posted images of the covers!

- Chaotic Century Episode 7

- New Century /ZERO Episode 1

- Fuzors Episode 1

40th Anniversary Project Videos Official Anime2023-06-14 18:44:56

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