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- Zoids Wild 2 Teaser Pages!

 Moritya over on twitter posted some teaser pages from the Zoids Wild 2 manga! Which ended this month, with the November 2020 issue of CoroCoro. It was a crazy ride, and the artwork used in the manga is amazing. The detail is fantastic, and quite expressive. We're look forward to seeing the final book print! The other Zoids Wild 2 books are available for purchase over on AmazonJP.

Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild Official2020-10-16 17:13:08

- Zoids Wild 2!

 The Zoids Wild 2 manga is concluding, and the artist Moritya posted some sample pages from the chapter. It'll be interesting to see what comes after this manga!

Zoids Wild 2 Official2020-09-23 17:04:05

- Concept Art and Renders!

 We only have a few of these this week. First is a concept art for Kai's Z-Arm from Zoids Wild 2 (along with some teaser pages), posted over on Moritya's Twitter. Then a beautiful high-quality Gilraptor render, and finally concept art of Joshua Conrad's notebook.

- Zoids Wild 2: Volume 2!

 Zoids Wild 2 is releasing its second manga volume on June 26th! This manga has an excellent style, so I highly recommend picking it up. You can get a copy at Amazon Japan for 670 yen (about $6). Amazon JP requires a separate account from your US amazon account, but you can pay with your normal cards. Some chapter previews were posted over on twitter showing off the more recent chapter art, including the Zero Grizis.

Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild Official Books2020-06-30 00:27:39

CoroCoro Limited: Liger The Arthur!

 News on Liger The Arthur is ramping up! CoroCoro posted an article with some cool new images of the kit, and Zoids Official posted a spread from the recent issue of CoroCoro Comic! Liger the Arthur will be available as a mail-in purchase using the applicable postcard from CoroCoro Comic. It will cost 4,600 yen and will be limited to the first 12,000 orders.

 So, what options are available to overseas users? While we've found one service willing to attempt the mail-in order, it would come at an additional $20 fee, and from what I can find most services that would try also have added fees. With mail already backing up on a global scale, the best bet for overseas buyers seems to be to wait for its release and use Yahoo Japan. The markup of such limited kits is usually around $10-$20 anyway, so you can avoid the hassle. Some services are offering extended warehouse storage due to these trying times, and if you use Celga, although it is manual and slower to purchase and get updates from, they have free unlimited storage. So you could have them hold your item indefinitely while we weather these difficult circumstances.

Artwork and Zoids Wild 2 Images

 Moritya posted some artwork from Zoids Wild 2 of Liger The Arthur and its pilot, Lance! This includes some teaser pages from the manga. Some additional teaser pages were posted in another post. Meanwhile, Yuji Kaida posted a high res image of the Green Horn box!

Zoids Wild Zoids Wild 2 Official Concept Art2020-04-18 20:34:08

Zoids Artwork!  [Official]

 Moritya posted some artwork of the Zoids Wild 2 and Liger The Arthur comic characters! It's always nice seeing clean images of the characters~ Yuji Kaida also posted some amazingly clean images of the Death Stinger ZS and Blade Liger Mirage box arts from the old Tomy motorized line. It's wonderful seeing large images of these after so long.

Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild Official NJR2020-03-30 10:48:26

Zoids Wild Teaser Images!  [Official]

 Multiple teaser pages have been posted from the recent Zoids Wild 2 chapters, including ones that show off modified Zoids and the Rising Liger!

Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild Official2020-02-12 04:43:12

Zoids Wild 2 Book Release!  [Official]

 Zoids Wild 2 has released its first book! You can buy this on Amazon for 662 yen. There have also been a couple of teaser pages released on twitter.

Zoids Wild 2 Books Official Zoids Wild2020-01-11 23:02:58

Zoids Wild 2!   [Official]

    With another chapter of Zoids Wild 2 appearing in the November issue, we have a wave of teasers from TT and Moritya! This sample page shows off the Omega Rex and Panther. There's also an awesome shot of the Spino coming out of the water and the Sniptera ready to fire! As well as the color page for this chapter.

Zoids Wild 2 Official2019-10-17 03:00:00

Zoids Wild 2 Previews!   [Official]

    The second chapter of Zoids Wild 2 was just released in the October issue of CoroCoro! To spread the news, Zoids Official over on twitter has posted the color picture, as well as a couple of teaser pages. These pages introduce Shuuza's Zoid, the Gatling Fox!

Zoids Wild 2 Official2019-09-14 11:00:00

Zoids Wild 2 Manga Online!   [Official]

    In celebration of Zoids Wild 2, which came out in the September issue, CoroCoro is posting the Japanese pages for Zoids Wild Volume 1 and 2 online! These are from the previous manga, and currently only up to chapter 3 has been published beforehand. Now you can view up to chapter 8! I highly recommend checking it out even if you don't know Japanese, because some of the Zoids art is awesome.

    - Chapter 1
    - Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Chapter 4
    - Chapter 5
    - Chapter 6
    - Chapter 7
    - Chapter 8

Official Zoids Wild 2 Zoids Wild2019-08-26 02:00:00

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