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- Official Fan Book Volume 2 Update!

 A new chapter has been added to Official Fan Book 2. This Chapter, Super Scoop!!, discusses the next generation Zoids, including the birth of CAS-focused units like the Liger Zero, as well as products leading up to it, like the Elephander, one of the first Zoids to introduce CAS-like gear. It also goes over some of the products released during that time, such as the large DX playsets.

Books Official Fan Book Site2020-12-26 16:54:58

- Zoids Generations Prologue? Chapter!

 The little additional side story from the Zoids Generations book has been added! You can now view the (Prologue?), which follows Raetelme on her adventure into the Generations timeline. The chapter includes pirate crew Flying Fish Pirates and their low-flying transporter, the Whale Queen. This is the last actual story chapter, but there's plenty of lore stuff coming up in the profiles.

 A page for That's Zoids "First Story" has also been added, which goes over some of Raetelme's interviews from Dengeki Hobby Magazone and the amazing art drawn by Mercy Rabbit that went along with it!

Books Site Zoids Generations2020-12-26 16:54:46

- Official Fan Book Volume 2 Update!

 We've already covered the Zoids of the Republic, but now you can read all about the Empire Zoids that featured in Volume 2 of the Official Fan Books! This also includes some Zoids that didn't feature, like the Empire's Command Wolf, and some information on the hierarchy of the Empire troops. Also fixed the broken links on the main OFB page. The next sections won't take long to address, since they're relatively short.

Books Official Fan Book Official Site2020-12-08 16:04:28

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Chapter 4!

 Chapter 4 of Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has been added to the books and articles directories! In this chapter, Cutter wakes up in a strange village, with an even stranger artifact nearby. Soon he meets the village guardian, a Zoid that has been appearing in his dreams. Why does the elusive Kagura Fox seem so familiar?

Books HJM Site Zoids Wild Zoids Wild EX ZERO2020-12-08 16:03:43

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO News!

 Zoids Wild EX-ZERO has concluded as of the December issue of Hobby Japan Magazine, and Revolver posted an image showing off all of the customs from the magazine! Soon after, it was announced that there's going to be a Zoids Wild EX-ZERO All Works Exhibition held on December 20th! At this exhibit people will be able to see all of the customs that appeared throughout the series, which is a great send off for the final chapter.

Books Official Zoids Wild Zoids Wild EX ZERO2020-11-23 19:52:56

- Zoids Operation Manual Extra!

 TakaraTomy has posted the Zoids Operation Manual Extra over on their website. It's a PDF that shows off the book, and was our first good look at Xeno Rex and the upcoming weapon CPs.

Books Official Zoids Wild2020-11-23 19:52:23

- Zoids Generations Update!

 Zoids Generations has been updated with the final chapter! Follow Midori and the group into the depths of the volcano, to find what is lurking beneath the earth. We took some stylistic choices with the formatting for this chapter. Hopefully it isn't too offputting! And while the main story may be over, we still have plenty of content to cover for this book. Another chapter / side story, profiles, and concept art. So look forward to future updates!

Books Site Zoids Generations2020-10-14 17:43:55

- Zoids Fan Book 2 Update!

Zoids Official Fan Book 2 has been updated to include the zoids, pilots, and organization charts for the Republican Army. This has taken a little longer than expected, but Empire profiles to come soon!

Books Official Fan Book Site2020-09-23 17:09:05

- Zoids Art of HMM 2006~2020 Released!

 The Art of HMM has been released, and is already arriving at buyers homes! To recap some of content posted recently, the official twitter account mentioned that the book includes a discussion corner with the creators of HMM and a checklist. They also posted the some zoomed in photos, so you can get a better look at some of the art digitally. They've posted Death Stinger, Gun Sniper LS, Iron Kong SS, Liger Zero, Sturm Tyrann Set, Shadow Fox, Liger Zero EM, and Lightning Saix.

Books HMM Official2020-09-23 17:05:04

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Fix!

 So, this is a rather embarassing update, but apparently in the process of working on Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Chapter 2, I missed an entire page! I don't know how this was missed on the two or three subsequent proofreads of the translation, but there it is. The missing page has been uploaded (along with the directory links fixed), and Cutter no longer magically teleports from one Zoid to another! Huzzah!

Books Site Zoids Wild Zoids Wild EX ZERO2020-08-30 21:02:53

- Zoids Generations Update!

 The Interlude chapter has been added to Zoids Generations! This is a short break between Chapter 7 and 8. It looks back on the history of Jin, Masakuni, and Seiki. It also serves as our first major introduction to Liger Red Hiou! So if you've been wondering what the deal is with this unusual liger, check it out!

Books Site Zoids Generations2020-08-11 21:20:46

- Zombie-Kun's Survival Guide!

 Another series, Zo-Zo-Zo-Zombie-Kun has recently received a new toy series! In celebration CoroCoro Online did a collaboration article. A survival guide for how to deal with Zombie Zoids! In this article, the zombie-Zoid dubbed ZZ, created from a Beast Liger, rampages throughout a base! Since this is just a fun little one-off we decided to go ahead and include a rough google translation of it over in the books section.

Books CoroCoro Site Zoids Wild2020-08-11 21:20:34

- Art of HMM Updates!

 The Art of HMM scored the highest illustrated book sales on Amazon Japan! Since our last update they've posted a few different images, including Gojulas the Ogre, Storm Sworder, and the Limited Cover. It looks like the Koto Direct limited cover will be the box art for the HMM Geno Saurer Raven Spec. while the default (publicly available) cover will be the Blade Liger AB Bang Spec. As a general reminder the book releases on September 17th for 3300 yen.

ZOIDS ART OF HMM Books Official2020-08-11 21:19:12

- Zoids Generations Update!

 Chapter 7 of Zoids Generations is up! There's a short secondary chapter in between Chapters 7 and 8 that we'll be covering next. This time around, Midori, Ken, and Jin must protect the group from an onslaught of Bio Zoids as Seki prays to the Sparkling Beast. In the process, Jin is confronted by an old foe, and we find out if the Rez Wolf can really surpass its former nemesis!

Books Site Zoids Generations2020-07-19 22:17:01

- Zoids Wild EX-ZERO Update!

 Chapter 3 has been added to Zoids Wild EX-ZERO! This chapter introduces the Sniptera, and also a clear connection to the anime world of Zoids Wild Zero. This is interesting, as there was mention in an earlier interview that they would've liked to include Zoids like the Genospino without contradicting the lore of the show. I'm sure we can all also appreciate flying sort of cats!

Books Site Zoids Wild EX ZERO2020-07-11 22:57:44

- Zoids Official Fan Book Vol. 2 Update!

 The next 3 chapters have been added for Official Fan Book 2! This concludes the story segment of the book, and what a conclusion it was! From here, work will be moving towards the Zoid profile sections, gathering info for the Zoids of the Empire and the Republic. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this book along with us!

Books Official Fan Book Site2020-06-30 00:30:55

- Dengeki Hobby Magazine Update!

Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2005 April, July, September, and October issues have been added to the articles section! These issues include a lot of notable things. Customs on Gravity Saurer, Ultimate Seismo, Blade Liger BLOX, Rez Wolf, Reaper, and Souga. As well as concept art of Ultimate & Berserk Seismo, Murasame & Hayate Liger, Deadly Kong, Bamburian, and the Bio Zoids. Tons of stuff for you to check out!


 The ZOIDS ART OF HMM twitter has made a new post showing off examples of a couple of the HMM Zoids, Shield Liger and Geno Saurer. They've also announced the details of the book! It'll be released September 17th for 3,300 yen, and consist of 176 pages in B5 format. If you buy from Kotobukiya Direct the book will come with an exclusive cover.

Books Concept Art HMM Official2020-06-30 00:28:45

- Zoids Wild 2: Volume 2!

 Zoids Wild 2 is releasing its second manga volume on June 26th! This manga has an excellent style, so I highly recommend picking it up. You can get a copy at Amazon Japan for 670 yen (about $6). Amazon JP requires a separate account from your US amazon account, but you can pay with your normal cards. Some chapter previews were posted over on twitter showing off the more recent chapter art, including the Zero Grizis.

Books Official Zoids Wild Zoids Wild 22020-06-30 00:27:39

Zoids Concept Art Book Images!

 Imachorii, over on twitter posted some beautiful images of a couple of concepts from the Concept Art Books! Always nice seeing clean digital images of these!

Books Concept Art Official2020-06-05 01:07:37

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