- Zoid Core Box Updates!

 Details on the upcoming Zoid Core box continue to drop! A new variation of the Stealth Stinger, recreated as a custom for the diorama revamp of Fan Book EX has been posted. This version incorporates Sniptera wing parts to make a new tail blade. It's seen again in this teaser. An intriguing image of the Zero Falcon's shattered cockpit eludes to us seeing a conclusion to the results at the end of the final Fan Book EX. CoroCoro also posted an image showing off a figure of Wolff Muroa in front of the Neo Zenebas Army! This is interesting. We'll probably be seeing these in the book, then.

 Additionally, we've got the box art for the AZ-02EX Liger Zero Ray Greg ver. This shows off a scene inspired by the old box art for the Tomy Liger Zero Phoenix kit. Finally, as a last detail, it looks like we'll get to learn more about the legendary Leomasters.