- Big Zoids Expo Ticket (20th Anniversary)

    This ticket was for the Big Zoids Expo, a massive event in which Tomy hosted tons of product reveals (including some that never made it to market), and also displayed several large-scale Zoid figures. These included the 1/6th Scale Leoblaze and Unenlagia, a giant Liger Zero, the large Wild Liger statue, a 1/1 scale Seismosaurus black silhouette that wrapped around the walls of the venue, and even a 1/1 scale Sieg figure.

    The event also featured huge panels showing off the earlier drafts of the Zoids Bible months before the release of the Zoid Core Box. One of these panels included a window into a box that contained a Zoid Core statue, with a water feature that rained water between the core and the viewer.


    While the venu had many displays, they also included some products available for purchase, including the metal BLOX Zoids, the diecast Tomica Blade Ligers, imports of the western BLOX kits, and special stickers and postcards. They also displayed a prototype of Yujin's "Master Action" series Blade Liger (seen on the right), which unfortunately never saw an actual release.