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New Customs Section!  [Site]

Posted: 2015-05-04 02:00:00

    A few people expressed interest in having a customs section so we've gone ahead and added this page to the left menu bar. Right now there is no custom material but we're working on getting up some progress for our own projects. The page lists information on submitting customs to the site, so if you've got something that you'd like to send in, send away!

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TIB Photo Contest Results!  [Site]

Posted: 2015-04-24 03:00:00

    After a long delay (sorry about that!) we have updated the Photo Contest page! Winning entries are posted up top with remaining entries below. Congratulations to our winning circle and thank you to everyone that entered! There were really some stunning entries and I'm glad we were able to hold this contest.

    Prizes will be chosen from the pool with winners having first pick in the order of 1st to 4th. Please E-mail us through our contact page with the prize that you'd like and the shipping address (if applicable.) We will inform you if that prize has already been spoken for. It may take up to 1-2 weeks to ship out rewards but tracking information will be provided once they have been sent.


Possible Site Down Time   [Site]

Posted: 2015-02-10 12:00:00

    We're back from down time, but a little prematurely! I had hoped to finish my work on cleaning up the backend directories but the recent news of Zoids has spurred us to bring the site back up anyway. This means that some directories or images may be broken. If you find anything like that, please report it through our contact page! I was also waiting to hear back from my host about some other backend changes on their end, but have not yet heard anything from them. If there's random downtime again, don't worry, we'll be back!

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New Manga Reader!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-10-20 06:00:00

    Along with this update we're also launching our new manga reader! I cannot promise at this time that it'll be applied retroactively to all other mangas. We hope so, but that may be a very long process in the making, as we are not comfortable using jquery.

    The reader launches into a different layout to maximize space. The header has a button in the center to return to the main site. Clicking the full size page will move you to the next, as well as being able to navigate a few pages at a time by using the thumbnails in the header. Clicking the fast forward buttons will take you to the next, or previous chapter start.

    Right at the moment it is configured to handle pages of 900 and 1200 pixel widths, which is usually our standard for single pages or panorama shots.

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Book Section Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-09-22 03:00:00

    Along with this update the Books section has been brought up to speed with the rest of the site, using images instead of long paragraphs. Information on the individual stories will be contained within their respective pages from now on.

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Art Statue Section Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-07-12 01:00:00

    We have split the Art Statues section up into different pages in anticipation for expanding the number of reviews there. Right at the moment there are no new ones but we should have updates on this soon! Previously each volume was contained in a single page but as we gather the colorless versions of each figure we feel that this will be way too much to fit into one page.

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Assorted Section Updates!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-07-07 03:00:00

    The Zoids Assorted Products section has been remodeled a little bit! It now includes thumbnails of some of the items you can expect to see in each area. I was originally going to do a thumbnail gallery like the Models and Action Figures but there are too many sections that will only have one or two items in them, so it really didn't look as good in the mock up. We'll be removing anything that doesn't actually have a page yet, except for things we expect to have done soon!

    On this topic a page as been added to Assorted Products for the Akihabara Museum Zoid rings. These were silver rings sold at an event of which only 30 of each type exists. We only have the Shield Liger, but still! They're neat items.

    The light-up keychains have also been removed from the Action Figures and put into Assorted instead, where they belong.

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Anime Section Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-03-06 08:00:00

    The Disc Media section has been remodeled to feature different tables for each of the versions of media released in a series. There are quite a few, and we're slowly collecting tidbits from each set so wanted to add a proper place for it. While this now includes VHS we'll be leaving it labeled as "Disc Media" for the time being, to avoid confusion with the Media Box. The DVDs that were previously all on one page have been split up into individual pages.

    With this update we've added the content reviews of Zoids Chaotic Century Volumes 1-9 for the Sales VHS set. These included different box covers than the Rental or DVDs. They haven't yet been watched to see if any extras are included, such as commercials.

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Zoids Card Game Updates!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-02-06 04:00:00

    We have had quite a big update to the Zoids card games sections. A new page has been added for Zoids Scramble Vol. 1, which was previously unlinked. It includes examples of the holo foils, scans of the booster covers, and scans of the booster box that was released for the series. Currently it contains 77/99 of the cards.

    New pages have also been added for Zoids Colosseum Second Version, Volume 5 and Volume 8. Volume 8 admittedly only has one card, but still! At least we know it exists. An extensive list of cards has been added to the other Colosseum pages as well. The new cards are:

    Volume 1: 09, 10, 22, 23, 24, 45
    Volume 2: 08, 10, 20, 23, 24
    Volume 3: 07, 09, 10, 19, 22, 23, 45
    Volume 4: 07, 08, 09, 12, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52
    Second Version, Volume 5: 20, 22
    Second Version, Volume 6: 11, 14, 19, 20, 21, 41
    Second Version, Volume 7: 43, 45, 46
    Second Version, Volume 8: 17

    In addition to the cards we've added a gold-plated text example to Volumes 1-4. There is confirmed to be gold-plated text in Volumes 5 and up but I don't have an example of the cards in the Second Version format with them (I only have a Battle Chance card). Volume 6 has also had a section added to the bottom for the Secret cards, which were alternative versions of other cards in the set.

    While I'm aware there are lists of them in other series I have only personally confirmed it in 6, so for the time being that is the only page that contains such info.

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Model Kit Section Revamp!  [Site]

Posted: 2014-02-06 02:00:00

    A page has also been linked for each model kit section, beside the series title (for example, Tomy Release: Information). You can still use the main model kit page as a directory but the individual pages contain information about each series, and pages of further viewing that are relevant to the model line.

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Article Section Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-11-07 05:00:00

    We've added a misc. section to the Articles page, which now includes an article on buying Zoids. Namely, buying Zoids from Japan. This has a general guide for deputy services and a list of both services and stores that you can use. We have gotten all store commendations from people that have personally ordered from them.

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Zoids Media Box Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-10-13 01:00:00

    We'll be changing up the Media Box a bit soon, seperating the video media into series and having seperate pages for soundtracks and commercials. At the moment we've moved the Chaotic Century media onto a seperate page. With this move we've taken down the two eye catches we had before (Shield Liger and Command Wolf IS) and added a whole bunch of others. Shield Liger and Command Wolf will be re-added when we get them ripped in a larger format.

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New Wallpaper Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-10-09 06:00:00

    Three new wallpapers have been added to the Fan Art section. They feature the Empire Deck's box art, a Zoids Zi artboard, and the Gun Sniper Leena box art, all in two different sizes. If you are interested in seeing wallpapers in other sizes feel free to let us know!

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New Links!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-10-09 02:00:00

    Two links have been added to the Links page. One is for the ShoPro site which has a lot of cool information and static images of the 3D models used in the show. The other is a Web Archive link to the old Zoids Web Comic page, in case anyone was ever wondering what it looked like!

    In similar news we've added a link to Phenotype Zoids Forum on the Fan Sites page. This forum is still active, even after all these years. The site has since gone down and the archived model kit photos moved to a flickr account that is linked in the sites description. The Fan Sites section has also added an Activity: marker added before every website's description, to display at a glance if the website is still active.

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New Site Layout!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-10-09 01:00:00

    You'll notice a new layout when you visit today. We decided to change the old one for a number of reasons. Namely that the last layout was becoming broken after just one or two sub directories, forcing us to create hundreds of duplicate files for it to run correctly, even though it was set up nearly the same as this one. Second, because we've been told by multiple visitors that the previous layout was too wide for their screen resolutions, so we've opted for a layout that is thinner by about 150 pixels (it was only the very right being cut off for most people.)

    We hope that the new layout doesn't bother too many people. Layout designed by Hanyoutai and coded by Vyrr.

    With the new layout we have also changed the Models page. We have removed kits from the list that do not have proper reviews to reduce clutter and will add them back as they are photographed and documented. The new layout for that page uses images for quicker clicking at a glance, and a cleaner overall look.

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Fan Sites Update!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-09-25 09:00:00

    There has been a major update to the Zoids Fan Sites section. At least 20 links have been added to some of the cool Zoids pages found around the web. New links are highlighted with a green border around the image. Many of these sites are still active, even if some have stopped updating. It is definitely worth a look!

    If you've been contemplating working on the Anthology project October would be a good month to get everything wrapped up in. There has been mention that the project submission deadline may be sometime during November.

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New Links!  [Site]

Posted: 2013-09-25 08:00:00

    The Links Section has had the banners from the respective sites added. We've also added an Article page that archives the fancy banners previously put out by the TakaraTomy website, as these seem to change every month and some of them are quite cool!

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