- Monthly Zoids Graphics Release

    The Monthly Graphics were a fascinating reboot of the motorized line. It not only released some of the earlier kits, but some of the original Japanese release kits that had never been expected for rerelease, includin Gungyarados, Lidier, and Orudios. All were still in great condition.

    Zoids Graphics contained magazine includes with their model kits, which contained a rich resource of information, concept arts, game or product information, and interviews/world overviews. It was a gold mine of assorted Zoids material and truly enriched the line.

- Monthly Zoids Graphics Reviews

- Zoids List

Standard Release
Extra Release
    - Vol 1: Godos
    - Vol 2: Helcat
    - Vol 3: Malder
    - Vol 4: Snakes
    - Vol 5: Twin Horn
    - Vol 6: Guysack
    - Vol 7: Sea Panther
    - Vol 8: Puterasu
    - Vol 9: Hammerock
    - Vol 10: Lidier
    - EX: Gungyalado
    - EX: Orudios