Volume 10 - Lidier

    Lidier was always one of my favorite Zoids. I can't express my enthusiasm that this wonderful kit was re-released, giving those who weren't around for the NJR period a chance to collect them at long last.

    The Zoid itself is an interesting design of shifting pieces and shiny silver armor. Although it doesn't have a lot of detail, it's a fast and easy build, with great color balance and an over-all unique and distinguishing look.

    -Excellent and unique design, with great colors and great plastic
    -Comes with a very interesting book include that contains instructions and concept art

    -Not really ... any, that I can think of

- Box Scans

- Zoids Graphics Vol. 10

- Gimmicks

    Lidier's most notable feature is the mane that comes up over its head. This is one of the few Zoids that is actually based off of a lion, and when the Zoid is being defensive, the mane can come up over the top of the head to act as a shield. This gives the Lidier a huddled up appearance.

    When the shield is pushed all the way back, the cockpit can open to reveal a chrome silver pilot (not pictured).

Side Gun
    A single gun on the Lidier's back can rotate around. Oddly enough, there's a peg for the weapon on the other side, but the Lidier only comes with one of them.

Back Gun
    Similarly, the multi-barrel gun on the back can swivel around. It has a peg on top the same size as the others, so can be used to mount additional weaponry on the Zoid.

Tail Gun
    Yet another tail gun. This Zoid seems to be fairly unbalanced, compared to most other Zoids being symetrical. Yet again, the gun is only on the left side, without another gun to go on the opposite peg.