- Zoids Collection 005 - Death Stinger

    Number 5 in the collection is the Death Stinger. It's quite a detailed little thing, and personally, one of my favorites. The painting isn't horrible for how small it is. The only real problem is that with the tail down like it is, the Death Stinger is longer than is convenient for the stand. It'll still set on it, but it doesn't have much wiggle room.

    In the later pictures you can see the cap stand that comes with these. There is some katakana on the cap, but I can't tell what it actually says. If anyone knows, please let us know! One image also shows it with the solid blue gachapon. Although they may look slightly different, do not be fooled. These gachapons are one and the same mold, but time can cause soft plastics like these to warp.