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    Zoids Material Hunters is a mobile game for Android and iOS which features a more 3-dimensional outlook to side scrolling shooters of previous generations. The game itself focuses on running through hoards of enemy Zoids, defeating your enemies to gain precious materials used for construction. The game features multiple all new Zoids including White Tiger and Pandos.

    Another aspect is that the game will feature G-Cluster, a mobile gaming network. With your games hosted online you can begin playing on a range of wirelessly-compatible devices including mobile phones and even your television. You must have a G-cluster machine or compatible TV to use these features.

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    Zoids: Material Hunters is a side-scrolling action game where you must race across fields infested with enemies. Defeat them to obtain loot after the battle, materials which you will use to build new evolutions of each Zoid!

    The game itself has a much more involved battle system than Bonds of Steel. The lack of customization is a bit of a shame. Different weapon types are standard 'evolutions' not actual equipment modifications. You can only evolve into different (pre-determined) variations.
    * All translation work is courtesy of Falcarius!

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