- Zoids Wild Dubtitles

 While Zoids Wild started airing in 2018, the series was not picked up by any subbing groups. Falcarius, who often provides translations to the public, has subbed the first 7 episodes, and has generously allowed us to host those files as well. As the entire series has been dubbed in Hong Kong, we decided to fill in the remaining episodes with "Dubtitles."

 These are subtitle files that use the script from the Hong Kong dub. It's important to note that they're not direct translations of the Japanese audio. Dubbing companies may change the dialogue for a number of reasons, so some details may not be accurate to what's being spoken. However, it should do fine as a stand in for getting an idea of what's going on in the series.

- Timing Information

 Our dubtitles are timed to the Youtube release, which was published for free each week during the initial air time. You can view a complete collection of these episodes here, kindly shared by Mecha Wolf! The drive also contains sub and dubtitle files, so that they should play automatically.

Subs YT: Subs are timed for the Youtube release.
Subs TV: Subs are timed for the TV release.
Dubtitles YT: Dubtitles timed for the Youtube release.

- List Of Subtitle & Dubtitle Files

Subs YT
Subs TV
Dubtitles YT
Episode 1: Instincts Released! Wild Liger
Episode 2: Death Metal Strikes!
Episode 3: Awaken! Pride of a Zoid King
Episode 4: Formiddable Enemies! Death Metal's Big Four
Episode 5: Seize The Treasure! The Girl With A Scorpion Zoid!
Episode 6: A Battle At The Festival! Liger Vs. Grachio
Episode 7: A Monster Tortoise! And a Zoid Professor
Episode 7 Bonus - Gag subtitles for National Pirate's Day!
Episode 8: Another Fierce Fight With Gilraptor
Episode 9: A mystery! The boy who heals Zoids
Episode 10: Intense! Spirit and Zeni and Triceradogos
Episode 11: Charge! City of terror, Tangok.