- Zoids Battle Legends

    Zoids Battle Legends is the first and only Gamecube game to reach the United States. It was released along side Zoids Legacy for the Gameboy Advance, and sadly, didn't make much of an impact in the United States market. In Japan, it was released as Zoids Vs. II, and so, for all intents and purposes, this article will cover both games.

    The game is a two-part one, focusing on a story mode and a Zoids Battle mode. Many Zoids and pilots can be unlocked by playing either mode, and the shop has a variety of customizable Zoids, weapons, and option/support equipment.

- Story Mode

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- Zoids Battle Mode

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- Zoids

     Zoids Battle Legends has a wide selection of Zoids. Perhaps the best, amongst console platforms (barring the next release in the series, Vs. III). The link below will lead to a page that lists each of them, their stats, their color variations, and their prices.

    Zoids List