- EX Volume 12 - Brastle Tiger

- Customize Manual Vol. 4: Brastle Tiger

Amarga Saurus

     A heavily armed Amargasaurus type Zoid. It can knock enemies down with the thick neck and tail, and use the spines protruding from its neck and tail to pierce through them. Remodeled to excel at fighting.

     (It seems the instructions refer to this Zoid as a Plesiosaurus type. I could be misunderstanding the kanji, but could find no relation between the kanji chosen and the actual Amargasaurus. Since it is literally named Amarga Saurus, that presumed typo is changed for the purpose of this page.)

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Left)
          * Let's combine the parts in a well balanced manner to show off the characteristics of the animal! (Representing the amargasaurus)

     Step Two: (Upper Middle)
          We can reproduce the protruding spines along the back using Lord Gale parts!

     Step Three: (Upper Right)
          You can create a more realistic look by selecting weapons and parts that match the setting!

     Step Two: (Lower Right)
          Combine these three parts into the huge tail!

     Step Three: (Lower Left)
          Strengthen the area around the neck using Lord Gale parts!

- One Point of Advice

     You can turn the Brastle Tiger into a completely different type of Zoid, depending on your own ideas! Let's try to make an original Zoid by recoloring it!

- Zoids Battle Story

- Legend of the Three Tigers ~ Epilogue

     A battle between ancient legendary tigers, "Azure" and "Crimson". The ferocity of their fighting instincts far surpassed even the latest technology. The core energy endlessly gushing forth downed their control systems. Their Zoid Cores were white-hot. The two suddenly began to melt from the inside out.

     It was a draw. Just when everyone thought this, a hatch opened behind the pair, which were confronting each other on the deck of the Whale King. Letting out a roar that froze all who heard it to the spot, the demon beast Death Saurer appeared from the hangar. What's more, it was the most evil of monsters, with a strengthened Charged Particle Fan and mobility boosters, Mega Death Saurer.

     While firing its Large-Calibre Charged Particle Cannon, the Mega Death Saurer could take in the next lot of charged particle energy at the same time. It was the ultimate weapon constructed by Zi-ARMS, which could theoretically continue spitting out the Charged Particle Cannon beam endlessly. However, the Charged Particle Cannon was no longer an unbeatable weapon. There were Zoids such as Madthunder and Gojulas Giga that had high-output shields which, albeit partially, could defend against the Charged Particle Cannon. For this reason, Zi-ARMS was targeting the three ancient tigers' cores themselves, "White", "Azure" and "Crimson", to give further power to the Charged Particle Cannon. Zi-ARMS' ultimate objective was to equip the three cores into the Mega Death Saurer with the control technology they had stolen from ZOITEC, to create the perfect form. The Mega Death Saurer's huge claws approached the Rayse Tiger, which had stopped moving. Now, the second core was about to fall into the hands of Zi-ARMS.

     At this point, the Whale King's altitude was 10,000 metres above ground. Its body should have been above the clouds, and yet a huge shadow covered it. It was reinforcements from ZOITEC, the flying fortress Neo Turtleship. The hangar on its underside opened, and a Zoid swooped down onto the Whale King's deck. It was Whitz Tiger, the white ancient tiger. It roared up at the Mega Death Saurer as if to challenge it. But its body was still melted from its fight with the Decalto Dragon. It couldn't be expected to demonstrate its original specs. For Zi-ARMS, this was a chance they couldn't even have wished for to obtain the three cores.

     The Mega Death Saurer turned its back on the Rayse Tiger, and swept down on the Whitz Tiger with a rush. Just then, something happened that nobody could have predicted. The out-of-action Brastle Tiger launched its bullets into the Mega Death Saurer, which should have been its ally. The three tigers were resonating, shining in each of their colours. While causing themselves to melt, the tigers sprang at the Mega Death Saurer. The Whitz Tiger's speed threw off the aim of the Charged Particle Cannon entirely, the Brastle Tiger's point-blank bombardment pierced its super-heavy armour, and the laser energy poured in by the Rayse Tiger's fangs burned through the Mega Death Saurer's internal circuitry.

     The Mega Death Saurer let out a Charged Particle Cannon shot like a dying scream. It fired through the Whale King that they were aboard. Engulfed in flames, the Whale King fell to the surface, taking with it the ambitions of Zi-ARMS. And the three tigers disappeared into the darkness of legend once again.

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     Battle Story segment translations courtesy of Falcarius, and scans courtesy of Green Gairyuki and SteelRain!