- EX Volume 11 - Rayse Tiger

- Customize Manual Vol. 3: Rayse Tiger

Spino Tiger

     Equipped with a Spino Slasher that tears up its opponents. An assault-type Rayse Tiger who specializes in fighting.

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Lower Left)
          If you attach the Savinga wings and armor to a BLOX, it'll become the Spino Slasher!

     Step Two: (Upper Right)
          Add the Whitz Wolf's armor to the Savinga's wings and legs to complete the Wing Slasher (back)!

     Step Three: (Lower Right)
          It's equipped with a number of BLOX Compatible joints.

- One Point of Advice

     Rayse Tiger, which is equipped with joints all over its body, is easier to remodel with BLOX. Let's attach various parts to strengthen its armaments!

- Rayse Mammoth

     Mammoth, a heavily armed Zoid. Because of the heavy armaments there's no real speed, but it's the strongest remodeled form of the Rayse Tiger, excellent in both melee combat and firing power.

- One Point of Advice

     You can turn the Brastle Tiger into a completely different type of Zoid, depending on your own ideas! Let's try to make an original Zoid by recoloring it!

Build Instructions

Create the strongest original Zoids with this customization!

     Step One: (Upper Far Left)
          Let's combine the parts in a well balanced manner to show off the characteristics of the animal! (Representing the mammoth)

     Step Two: (Upper Left)
          We can recreate the huge ears of the mammoth using the wings from Evo Flyer!

     Step Three: (Upper Right)
          Choose weapons and parts that fit your setting to make it more realistic!

     Step Four: (Middle Right)
          If you use the Dispelow tail, it'll look more like a mammoth!

     Step Five: (Lower Right)
          Use Boldguard parts to strengthen the rear legs!

     Step Five: (Lower Left)
          Reinforce the weapons using the Vulcan Pod from the Dispelow!

- RZ-075 Rayse Tiger

     On Planet Zi, in Blue City on the Easter Continent, there was a battle taking place between ZOITEC, which had formed from the Republic, and Zi-ARMS, which had formed from the Empire, in order to create the "Three Ancient Tiger-type Zoids". With the construction of the Whitz Tiger, which was formed from the white Zoid Core, the conflict with ZOITEC intensified...

- Fuselage Explanation

     The Rayse Tiger is one of the legendary ancient tigers, of which there are said to be three. It's a state-of-the-art machine from ZOITEC that has been equipped with heat-dissipating tubes running throughout its body, circulating and releasing excess energy through this system to successfully control the power of the Ancient Zoid nucleus. With this new system, the Rayse Tiger can take full advantage of its potential. Its fighting capabilities in particular are incredible, and the "Explode Bite", which directs laser energy through the fangs directly into the enemy's body, can bury opponents in a single blow. Even giant Zoids in the same class as the Gojulas and Iron Kong. In addition, four light collecting panels are installed as additional equipment. By neutralizing enemy beam weapons, it drags its opponents into its favorite combat type, melee.

     Combine with the BZ-024 Para Blade to create the Decalto Dragon

Technical Data:
     Weight: 87.0 tons
     Depth: 20.5 m
     Height: 7.56 m
     Max Speed: 280.0 km/h

Equipment List:
     2 Barrel Tail Cannon
     3 Barrel Shock Cannon (chest)
     Condensor Panel x4 (front of legs)
     Explode Bite (mouth)
     Pinpoint Laser Gun (shoulders)
     Strike Laser Claw (feet)

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