- AZ Liger Zero Phoenix Prototype!

 Many fans have been wondering what happened to the AZ Liger Zero Phoenix. It was revealed in the first teasers of the AZ line, but Shieldy and Saber jumped the line. Well, Zoids Official finally posted a prototype preview of the AZ Liger Zero Phoenix! We'd heard that it may be complicated to make this Zoid walk in an earlier interview, with all of the added weight, but it seems they've made some good progress. Compared to the original motorized design, the Phoenix armor has been slimmed down a lot, giving it a more streamlined appearance. The kit will also include the option to build the armor into the Fire Phoenix itself!

 Since then we've seen the first full color preview and a look without the armor on. The product info on these images clarifies that the Liger Zero Phoenix has a different gearbox shape from the normal Liger Zero. Because of this change, some connection points differ from the standard Liger Zero. This means that the Phoenix isn't compatible with the AZ-02 Liger Zero. Though this kit doesn't include the base Zero armor (which normally wouldn't be compatible for the same reason), it does include adaptors if you want to transplant armor from an AZ-02 Liger Zero.