EMS No Longer Delivering To USA

Posted: 2020-04-22 21:09:02

 While we've known for a while that there were significant delays in shipments due to the Corona Virus, Japan Post announced today that they would be expanding the list of affected countries on April 24th. SAL was entirely halted earlier this month, but the US and several other countries are to join the list of those unable to receive packages through EMS as well. Japan Post will not be accepting new EMS shipments, and a number of shipments that had already been sent are being returned to the senders if they are unable to deliver them. This includes packages from HLJ and other stores.

 Before purchasing a Zoid from Japan, please look into whether it is shipping with SAL or EMS, as you may not be able to receive your item. Also check with your store or deputy service of choice to see what their policies are regarding item storage. Many have extended their storage limits due to the crisis. It seems that DHL packages are still shipping, so you may have better luck using Amazon JP, as that is their shipping service of choice.

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