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First Great Treasure Excavation Competition!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-10-07 04:00:00
    Zoids Wild: Battle Card Hunter will be holding its first "Great Treasure Excavation Competition" event! During this event you'll be able to find hidden excavation points, where you'll obtain an application ticket for the battle. Each ticket will have a unique number where participants can enter the code at the bottom of the campaign page. At the end of the event, the winners will be announced!

    150 lucky winners will receive the Wild Liger Crystal, a limited kit cast entirely in clear plastic. 1,000 other winners will receive the Assault Boost Unit Clear Ver., also cast in clear plastic. There will also be limited time cards of the campaign Zoids found during this period. We've not yet seen what these look like, but they'll probably feature the beautiful cover art.


HMM Shield Liger DCS-J Delay!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-10-06 02:00:00

    The release date for the Shield Liger DCS-J has been pushed back to November. So those who are expecting to pay this month, remember to set that money aside!

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HMM Godos Old Republic Spec.!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-09-14 11:00:00

    A page is now up for the Godos Old Republic Spec.! You can view it on Kotobukiya's website We already knew that this version came with the traditional Godos canopy style, but it'll also be coming with additional decals and an extra sprue for the orange parts, cast in clear colorless plastic. With transparent paints you can create your own canopy colors! Aside from that it includes the parts to make the Standard type and the Heavy Armor Type. If you don't use the Heavy Armor parts, you can even convert it into an independant rover!


Koto Blog Updates!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-28 01:00:00

    Kotobukiya posted a blog post detailing some of their recently released Zoids, as well as discussing a few upcoming reissues. They confirmed that there will be no further update to the designs of the Geno Saurer and the Shield Liger, which is something many people have wanted, as both kits are known to suffer from some stability issues.

This also debunks any hopes that the DCS-J will feature an improved mold with better parts fitting. While Kotobukiya is aware of the wish for small updates like this, they also feel that the expectation for new kits is stronger than ever, and they hope to focus on expanding the HMM line as much as possible going forward, starting with the group of Zoids announced at the Second Stand River Battle.

    A very subtle footnote at the bottom of this post shows a teaser for the Godos Old Republican Spec., with more information expected in September.

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Zoids Wild Weapon Sets!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-26 04:00:00

    Zoids Wild has posted two of its big weapon sets online! The ZW30 and ZW31 designation numbers are reserved for these two different sets, but it doesn't end there. Zoids Official has been subtly teasing us with photos of Wild customs, which have weapons that'll be featured in future releases, either through sets or promotional products. Two mentioned here are the Long Assault Cannon and the Mega Lance.

    The versitility of these weapons is excellent. They all have pegs and holes that allow them to be combined, stacked, etc. There's truly no limit to what they can be used for.

- ZW30 Assault Boost Unit

    ZW30, the Assault Boost Unit is the first officially designated weapons set released for Zoids Wild. It is scheduled for an October 5th release, for a price of 972 yen. The set features several weapons that were originally modeled on the Beast Liger and see in the September issue of CoroCoro.

    ZW30 Assault Boost Unit: Image reference
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft 4 Barrel Cannon x1 (bottom left)
    A-Z Impact Cannon x2 (upper left)
    All Weather High Power Booster x2 (bottom right)
    Ultra Electromagnetic Blade x2 (upper right)

    Now, I'd be remiss not to point out that we saw leaked silhouettes of ZW30 much earlier through a youtube video that has since been removed. The AZ 2-Barrel Cannon (upper right) was moved to the ZW31 Buster Radar Unit, and the chain saw was removed. The large cannon also appears to have some differences, if it is the same weapon. These were replaced with 2 additional weapons, perhaps because they fit well together. We do see a chainsaw on the Gilraptor custom (linked above) but the design is different.

- ZW31 Buster Radar Unit

    ZW30 is immediately followed by ZW31, the Buster Radar Unit. It has the same release date (October 5th) and price (972 yen), and was first seen modeled on the Sniptera in CoroCoro's September issue. This set has a surprisingly larger part count for being the same cost, with 11 equipment items compared to ZW30's 7 count. It also includes 2 articulated arms, which will be amazingly useful for customizing. It gives weapons free movement similar to the claws of the Geno Breaker.

    ZW31 BUster Radar Unit: Image reference
    A-Z 2-Barrel Cannon x2 (upper right)
    A-Z 3-Barrel Cannon x2 (lower left)
    A-Z 10-Shot Maneuver Missile x2 (center)
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft Gun x2 (upper left)
    Extensive Radome (disc)
    Flexible Arm x2 (bottom)


Sniptera Video!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-26 03:00:00

    CoroCoro has posted a build video of the Sniptera! This includes the build of the model kit as well as a full review of its motorized features, from start to finish. The video confirms a long hoped ambition from fans that the Sniptera would be our first pteranodon to feature actual wing walking. This motorized gimmick is very clever, using the wheels on the side to simulate natural movement. While those same wheels look a little odd in flight mode, the actual animation of how the wings and body move are superb.


Wild Liger Review!   [Site]

Posted: 2019-08-17 15:00:00

    Finally, after eons, our first Zoids Wild kit review! I've not been keeping up with reviews in quite some time, but am working on getting back into it with the newer kits. Unlike earlier reviews, the Wild reviews will be split into several pages, with easy navigation at the top and bottom of the page. The page will default to an info page, which includes the official TT information, build video, etc. Reviews (detailing kit opinions) will be on their own page, and so will instructions. Instructions are separated a bit differently; instead of chronological order they're in categories, so that you can find the exact page that you need easier.

    The final page is a Modify page. Here I'll be posting various part combinations, such as swapping around different armor colors, swapped weapon examples, etc. Right now it includes a basic guide on swapping out the middle claw part of the Wild Liger's backpack, so that it matches the swapped parts. Later I'd like to include other basic info, such as which kits share similar parts (and this armor placement).


ZW Gatling Fox Metallic Blue Ver.!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 11:00:00

    A recent article from CoroCoro introduced the Gatling Fox "Metallic Blue Ver.", which will be the next silver-peel present in the October issue of CoroCoro (released September 14th). This not only introduces a new variant, but is our first look at the Gatling Fox's entire design. The Metallic Blue Ver. seems to include metallic blue armor, bright yellow parts, and a transparent black body.


Sniptera!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 10:00:00

    Sniptera has been posted the TakaraTomy Mall! This includes the box art, which interestingly seems to feature the red Sniptera as a commander machine, followed by some ghostly blue color variations. It also shows off the Machine Blast, in which the mouth opens up to reveal a new sniper rifle and the crest flips forward to serve as a laser sight.


ZW Sniptera Killing Red Ver.!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 09:00:00

    There's been some more coverage on the Sniptera. With the CoroCoro limited (the Killing Red Version) coming out soon, CoroCoro has also posted a video introducing the Zoid. This shows off some of its motorized action, though not a lot of detail is given about the Zoid just yet.


ZW Raptoria!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 08:00:00

    Raptoria is scheduled to be released on August 24th for 1,500 yen, so we've got some new information on the Zoid! First, you can view it in the TakaraTomy Mall where you can see stock images and box art. They also posted a tweet with a comparison shot. The official product page contains a bit more information and a build video was posted by CoroCoro (seen below).


ZW Bazootle!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 07:00:00

    Bazootle is scheduled to be released on August 24th for 3,000 yen. You can view it on the TakaraTomy Mall where you'll also find box art and product photos! The TT Website includes a bit more information, and it seems CoroCoro posted a build review showing off the Zoid and its Machine Blast details.


HMM Saber Tiger Marking Plus!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 04:00:00

    Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver. is now online at the Kotobukiya Website, where it lists a December 2019 release date at a retail price of 6,000 yen. Not only does this kitty include new decals, but it also comes with both clear green and clear colorless eyes. This gives customizers the ability to make transparent eyes in any color they want!


Gojulas Gunner!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 03:00:00

    The Gojulas Gunner has been posted to the Kotobukiya website. This is a Kotobukiya Direct exclusive, meaning you'll need to go through a proxy to buy it, unless you buy a second hand Zoid. The retail price is 29,800 which means you may be paying close to $500 by the time you get through import fees. Keep this in mind when shopping through sites like Ebay, etc. The markup may seem high, but be sure to factor in service fees, international shipping, etc.

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Bone Geno & Gun Sniper!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 02:00:00

    The two bone Zoids featured at the Dino Expo have been posted online! This doesn't yet include pre-orders, but they're expected to open after the Dino Exp ends. Which likely means sometime in October ~ November. The Geno Saurer will be listed for 8,200 yen. It includes alternate color sprues for black or gray weapons, giving you quite a lot of customization options. The Gun Sniper will be listed for 4,200 yen retail price, and includes a Wild Weasel Unit. Both will be listed in the Koto Direct store, making them both exclusives.

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Zoids Wild Second Generation!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-06-25 11:00:00

    Exciting news! A few months ago we saw some leaks for Zoids Wild kits, including Zoids like the Cannon Bull and Beast Liger. TakaraTomy has announced these kits officially, boasting them as the second generation of Zoids Wild during the Tokyo Toy Show 2019! This implies a large continuation of the series, and with the reveal of a new Gilraptor, we have confirmation of kits up to ZW34. Articles on Dengeki Hobby Online and Figsoku take a more in depth look at the event. A preview of the diorama setup for the next commercial was also posted on Twitter.

- Beast Liger & Cannon Bull

    With the announcement of these two Zoids, TT has published their images and box art. They both have a retail price of 3,500 yen with a release date of July 28th. Beast Liger features a two-part Wild Blast, first functioning as a standard Wild Liger, and later with the claws extending. This is an awesome addition to the earlier gimmick. It's noted to have an "Evo Blast" instead of a Wild Blast, which has some interesting implications for the series story. There's a video of the walk cycle and Wild Blast on Twitter. Rakuten is running a special sale where you'll receive weapon remodeling parts for pre-ordering Beast Liger.

    Cannon Bull is a clear callback to the earlier Dibison, even having a different type than its actual name, and featurs many similarities in design. Except, it's actually called a bull now. Nice! The Wild Blast features gun firing motions for the barrels on its back, and a plate of metal covers the pilot to act as a bullet shield. TT Toys has a video of the walk cycle and Wild Blast.

- Gilraptor Rare Bone

    This unique version of the Gilraptor was previewed at the Tokyo Toy Show. While the color scheme itself is interesting, it's also listed as ZW34. This means there are 3 other kits (31 ~ 33) that we have no idea the species of yet! This particular unit will be available for pre-sale at the Dino Expo in July, and receive a wider public release at an undetermined future date.

- Zoids Wild Weapons & Customization

    One of the most requested things of Zoids Wild was the ability to customize our Zoids, and it seems TakaraTomy has listened! Aside from the ZW30 weapons set we've seen leaks of, a large number of weapons were previewed at the Tokyo Toy Show. Not only do these weapons attach to the numerous pegs on Wild kits, but they're also designed with pegs on the weapons themselves. This means you can combine the weapons in a variety of ways, creating your own unique combinations. These weapons are designed to fit the common pegs and socks of Wild Kits.

    Aside from these additional weapons, TT has previewed many part combinations between the Beast Liger and Wild Liger, implying more interchangeable parts in the second series. It is unclear at this time how many Zoids this applies to.

- CoroCoro Zoids

- Wild Liger "Dual Thunder Gun Armed Ver."

    CoroCoro has announced a Beast Liger variant as part of its upcoming silver peel campaign. This particular Beast Liger comes with two gold chromed Thunder Guns. This will likely include a default Beast Liger to go along with them, but it's interesting as it's the first Zoids Wild limited from CoroCoro to feature unique weapons. The next closest was the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, which included a set of transparent Twin Fangs.

- Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf Form

    TT Toys posted a video of the Flame Wolf's walk cycle, while Zoids Official posted a couple of pictures of the model kit.


Fang Tiger White Tiger Form!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-29 09:00:00

    Details on the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" have been released. It appears this Zoid is obtained by sending in a postcard (if you're a Japanese resident) with your zip code, full name, age/school year, and phone number. 100 lucky winners will receive the armor part set featuring the white Fang Tiger armor (armor only.)


Hunter Wolf Command!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-29 08:00:00

    Battle Card Hunter has announced its second model kit campaign, this time featuring the Hunter Wolf Command! Designed after the beloved Command Wolf, this new armor parts set (armor only) can be used on any stock Hunter Wolf kit. A short pitch for this armor was shown in a recent CoroCoro video, and shows off the limited edition card. Participants in the campaign can obtain the card through Battle Card Hunter arcade machines, then tear off the right side of the card and redeem it at participating stores for the armor.

Feature by CoroCoro


Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-29 07:00:00

    CoroCoro has announced its new 100 piece limited, following the White Tiger Form! It's the Hunter Wolf "Flame Wolf" version, which features red armor for the wolf-type Zoid. It'll probably be obtained in a manner similar to the others. We'll have more details soon. A video reviewing this issue of CoroCoro was recently posted showing off a tailless build of the Zoid, with extra detailing.

Feature by CoroCoro


HMM Shield Liger DCS-J Display!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-29 05:00:00

    The HMM Shield Liger DCS-J was displayed at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019, at the Zoids booth. Kotobukiya posted a tweet of the Liger's display. Fans have commented about the light coloring in the official tweet, but other photos have showed a darker black for the armor. This will likely be the case with the actual kit, but time will tell.

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