- BZ-002 Unenlagia

    Unenlagia is another excellent looking BLOX. Not only are the generic colors amazing but the green used for the joints adds a lot of nice color contrast. The kits appearance are unfortunately where the plus side ends. The parts are very loose and Unenlagia cannot stand on its own. The front half of the body just falls forward, so I usually have to balance it on the front claws.

- Gimmicks

    Unenlagia has a somewhat long neck for a BLOX which bends decently. This also means the BLOX can rotate around, which is good, since the sides of the face armor block the heads movement.

    The jaws open on a hinge and open pretty far for a BLOX Zoid.

    Unenlagia's arms move on a peg, which normally means a full circle as long as they don't hit the legs. The arm itself has zero articulation, not even at the elbow. This is a shame.

    The feet can rotate all the way back. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of this, mainly because it has to actually stand on the feet for this to be clearly visible.

    The tail, designed to look like a sniper rifle can rotate all the way around. Since the BLOX joints are soft the tail can also swing left and right a little bit.

Back Canopy:
    Unlike the other BLOX the canopy of Unenlagia opens up in a forward swinging direction. This is a nice change of pace and the pilot inside fits well.