The Iron Bible

- RZ-041 Liger Zero

    Liger Zero is one of the most popular kits, and by far the most customizable. The kit features removable armor that can leave the Zoid naked and be swapped out with new armor kits, such as Schneider, Jager, Panzer, X, and more. Throughout the history of Zoids it has seen releases in almost every major Zoids company and had minor color variations across each release.

    This review is for the 1st Edition Liger Zero. The only differentiation from the standard NJR kit is that the rear leg armor is completely empty with a noticeable peg jutting out. This peg attaches to only half of the armor and is otherwise unattached to anything. It makes it a brittle part and a distracting one so to remedy the mistake all later releases of Liger Zero contain an additional plate of plastic inside of the diamond-shape, cutting it in half.

    Quality wise this is an excellent kit. The head is a pain to put together, but otherwise! There are some woggly pieces but it holds together well and I haven't had any problems with parts coming off unexpectantly.

    Removable armor design
    White parts barely scar
    Lots of movable parts

    Painted parts on the body
    A lot of parts that are wobbly but not loose

Box and Inserts

- Box Translations

Liger Zero | The Helic Republic | (Lion type)

Technical Data:

    Over-all Length: 24.0 m
    Max Height: 8.3 m
    Weight: 85.0 t
    Top Speeds: 307.0 km/h

Main Equipment:
    Ion Booster x2 (Back)
    Laser Fangs (Mouth)
    AZ208mm Double-barreled Shock Cannon x1 (Chest)
    Strike Laser Claws x4 (Feet)
    Downforce Stabilizer x2 (Sides)
    AZ108mm High Density Beam Gun x1 (Tail)

Zoids Battle Story
    Year ZAC 2101
    The beginning of this year. Both the Helic Republic and Empire armies hastened preparations for the coming embarking and warring on the Dark Continent (The Continent of Nyx). But... All of their huge manufacturing power was placed on a wartime regime, so the adjusted military strength of the Republic army two years prior couldn't even compare; there was a huge difference in military strength between them and the Imperial army, which had received lethal damage in the Western Continent War. The power dynamic of both countries was completely reversed now. If the Republic army faced the Continent of Nyx as it was, they would see the Empire collapse. In that situation, the Empire's Regent Gunther Prozen arranged to execute a forbidden military strategy. He completed the production of the 2nd berserk, wicked fighter, the "Death Stinger", which was sealed in the middle of production, and he sent it to the Western Continent. Following the instinct to self-propagate, the Death Stinger attacked Republic forces, targeting Zoid cores. But, then it happened. A white Zoid stood in the way of the wiced fighter. It was the new trump card of the Republic army, the new beast king, the "Liger Zero".

[Fuselage Explanation]
    A large disaster in the year ZAC 2056 drove countless mechanical life-forms to extinction. After this year, almost all wild Zoids were put under the management of people from Planet Zi, and a protective policy was put in place. As a result, even though the number of individuals was stabilized, the natural vitality of the wild Zoids was greatly reduced. But, there existed a small quantity of Zoids that survived completely in the wild. The Liger Zero's fuselage was produced based on such a completely wild Zoid, so it was full of vitality. With the combat data of previous Liger series, and the use of the "Changing Armor System" which can fully replace the equipment for each duty, it can cope with various combat situations.

- Gimmicks

    Liger Zero's cockpit attaches on a hinge at the nose. The whole top of the head including the mane is attached to this part and the orange eyes stretch from side to side, visible when it is opened.

Face Panels:
    You'll recognize these from the signature Strike Laser Claw attack. These panels can face straight out to either side, and even tilt forward a bit more.

Chest Gun:
    The shock cannon on the chest can rotate up and down. It's important to make sure that all the pieces that hold the two sides of the frame together are attached securely, and also be careful not to shave the nubs too much or the gun will be too loose to stay up.

Downforce Stabilizers:
    Aerodynamic wings on the side drop down when the Liger is in motion (in the show). This same gimmick is seen in the kit.

    The Iron Boosters are a decent assembly, but kind of fiddly. When the top panel is raised up a peg pushes against the back of the boosters to push them outwards. When the panel is brought back down it hooks onto a bar on the back fo the boosters to retract them back into the armor.

    Liger Zero has a gun (widely unused) on its tail. This gun swings up and down with quite a range of motion, while the tail itself can also move up and down.