- BZ-001 Leoblaze

    Leoblaze is by far one of the best looking BLOX kits. It has amazing colors with an excellent shade of red and high contrast with the black and silver. It's also the first poseable Zoid ever constructed (that I'm aware of) that's actually able to fold the paws back! This is a huge selling point for me.

    Since it's a quadruped it stands better than most other BLOX. It still has the soft, saggy joints, but the four legs allow it to balance upright rather than slumping to the floor. It can't stand on its hind legs without slumping but that's less important for a lion.

- Gimmicks

    The head attaches on a peg that goes into a rubber socket. This allows slight turning up, down, left, and right. It also means the head and tilt to either side at quite a range.

    Leoblaze also has openable jaws. The range is pretty decent and for such a small Zoid it's nice that they included all the teeth detailing.

    The front and back legs are on a joint that allow a full rotation all the way around. The elbows have rubber joints that maintain a lot of friction, able to swing forwards and backwards with a good range of motion. I ... apparently forgot to photograph anything about the below-the-body articulation. The red circles are where they are poseable.

    I mentioned this before, but the paws being able to rotate backwards is awesome. Since the rubber joint is used for the peg it means they can also tilt slightly and usually lay flat on the ground. The paws hold well enough that you can usually hang the Leoblaze off of stuff.

Back Canopy:
    Leoblaze is actually piloted from a cockpit attached to its back. This piece has pegs that help to hold the BLOX segments together, and the canopy opens up at the back. A single gray pilot is included for this part.

    Like the head the tail is attached to a peg that allows it to fully tilt and also lean a bit to either side.