Shield Liger Holotech

    Shield Liger Holotech is a beautiful kit, and these days hard to come by. It was actually released mostly in Canada, with few (if any) ever seen in the states. For a long while it was common, but it seems that the kits have dried up. Even so, if you can get one it is a definite must for any collection!

    The blue is a beautiful color and both the blue and the black is transparent. The silver and gray is solid, and in spite of being transparent the armor doesn't feel brittle at all, even after all these years. There are no mold differences from the regular Shield Liger, but that's fine.

    Very vibrant colors and of course, transparancy!
    No brittleness in transparent pieces

    ... Well, not any that I can think of-

- Gimmicks

    The canopy attaches to the nose of the Liger and flips forward very far to show the pilot inside. The entire mask is transparent orange.

    Panels on the top and bottom of the name flip forward to immitate the shield generator from the show. The one on the throat can be a little difficult to get open since it is usually right up against the chest, and set in very securely.

Missile Pods:
    The missile pods on the side are black transparent plastic, attached to the blue missile arms on the sides.

Laser Gun:
    The Laser Gun is set beneath a blue armor panel which flips wards. When up the laser gun can be pulled out, where it can spin in a full circle and move up and down. When the panel is set back down the gun arm is thin enough to fit into the space between the two corners of armor.

    Shield Liger's tail is on a very large wheel that fits into the inside of the body. It can move up and down and the silver gun on the top of the tail can spin in a circle.