- Special Color Metalsilver: Unenlagia

    This special color variant of the kit is said to have been a shop exclusive, but I've been unable to verify that. It was sold in a double pack which also included the SCV Metalsilver Mosasledge. These were packaged in the same box and thus unable to be sold separately in the original package. Unenlagia is the only one that has gold while the Mosasledge is all black and gunmetal with dark blue BLOX. This set is much more common than the Leoblaze / Night Wise set.

    Sadly this version still has a lot of the original sulking issues. It can't stand for extended periods of time on its own so I tend to lean it up against other kits. Even so the poseability of BLOX is usually pretty good, being the only BLOX version that usually lets the feet kick backwards very far. Be aware that the BLOX may become detached while messing with it.

    - Awesome Color Scheme
    - Good poseability

    - Sulking parts, so it will eventually sag after being posed

- Gimmicks

    A common feature, the Unenlagia's jaws can open up.

     The head is on a BLOX peg so it can rotate all the way around. The neck has an entire BLOX dedicated to itself, allowing even greater mobility here.

Arm Guns:
    Unenlagia has two guns that attach to the elbows. Because they're on a peg joint they can rotate 360 degrees.

    The arms are all one V-shaped piece which can rotate far at the shoulder connection point. Unlike other BLOX the hands attach on a peg that goes straight into the back. This allows them to spin circularly (so the claws could be facing upwards of desired).

    The legs can spin on the BLOX peg that attaches them to the body. The 'knee' section is actually very high up but can rotate separately. I only wish the lower leg portion was also separately connected. The feet attach into the sides of the ankle socket like most other BLOX.

Back Canopy:
    BLOX are relatively small Zoids and the cockpit tends to be stationed on the back of the Zoid instead of on the head. The same goes for Unenlagia. The canopy can flip open to reveal the pilot inside.

    Unenlagia's tail is a solid gun piece which attaches on a BLOX peg. This lets it move sideways just a little bit, and also spin around to have the gun facing sideways or even upside down.

    BLOX are the main mass of all BLOX Zoids, and usually make up the entire body of the ZOid. These have soft sockets that connect through pegs, allowing them to spin and to twist to a small degree. You can see the range of motion of the Zoid curling sideways or bowing above. Because these pegs are relatively short it's very easy for them to come apart.