- Zoids Model Kit Instructions

    In case you need a quick reference for building Zoids, we'll be including instructions on this page. Some pages may be mixed and matched. For example, we may use the Konig Wolf MK-II instructions for the base Konig Wolf build, and also for a separate section for specifically the extra weapons. If it has "Kit" after the name, it is the instruction book from that specific version.

    Instruction Bounty Currently: CLOSED

    We're on the lookout for instruction books that we don't already have. Please send us an E-mail when the bounty is open, with a list of Zoid instructions and/or boxes that you've got. We may be interested in buying! But you MUST send a list first, not just scan them in. We have a lot of instructions we haven't gotten around to posting yet.

    Contact: Kenihhiwolf@gmail.com
    Price: $1 per Instruction Book
    Price: $0.30 per Box (All sides)
    Requirements: 400 Dpi or higher

    All scans must be scanned by the person submitting them.

- Standard Zoids

Including most original tomy releases, motorized or otherwise.

    - Command Wolf / Command Wolf AC
    - Double Sworder
    - Energy Liger / Fuzors Energy Liger
    - Great Sabre
    - Gul Tiger
    - Gungyalado
    - Helcat
    - Konig Wolf
    - Lidier
    - Lightning Saix
    - Murasame Liger
    - Shadow Fox
    - Shield Liger Commander SP

- Customize Parts

We'll be including both HMM and original customize parts in this section.

    - CP-04 Attack Unit
    - CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle

- Zoids BLOX

Including all basic Zoids BLOX and related limited editions.

    - Shield Liger BLOX

- High-end Master Model Zoids

Including all HMM Zoids. Variations are on the page of their base Zoid. HMM Zoids:

    - Berserk Furher
    - Dibison
    - Liger Zero / Liger Zero Panzer
    - Lightning Saix Irvine
    - Psycho Geno Saurer
    - Saber Tiger Gold / Great Saber
    - Shadow Fox / Fire Fox

- Modeler Spirit Series Zoids

Including all MSS Zoids. Variations are on the page of their base Zoid.

    - Command Wolf
    - Hammer Rock
    - Sabre Tiger
    - Shield Liger
    - Sinker

- Other Zoids

    - Murasame Liger Conversion Kit