- FZ-015 Energy Liger

Number of Pieces: 114 | Number of Frames: 12

    This review is for the Academy version. As far as I'm aware the only difference is the Korean box and instructions.

    Energy Liger is an amazing kit that brings in a new air pump gimmick, which powers the weapons and the wings. This seperates the Liger from quite a few others as having a very unique, original gimmick. The black armor is a gloss black with an excellent sheen. The greys and golds all have marbling, which can look good or bad depending on your personal perspective. The reds are a bright, almost solid #FF0000 red and does not look pink or dark red as it might look in some of the photos. It's extremely bright.

    The only part I really have problem with on any Energy Liger is the horn, which always falls off and is easily lost. I recommend gluing it if you don't mind doing so, but if it just sits on a shelf it should probably be ok.

    The Fuzors Energy Liger contains an extra sprue (Sprue L) that contains extra connection parts to enable the Liger to be fused with its BLOX counterpart.

    High gloss armor
    New unique air pump gimmick
    High quality plastic. The red has not brittled with age.

    Bad marbling on a lot of the silver and gold plastic
    Horn has a bad habit of coming loose
    Aside from the air pumps, relatively few gimmicks and movable parts.

- Box and Inserts


- Instructions

- Gimmicks

    Energy Liger's cockpit opens on the toip of its head, and is actually embedded in the mane instead of the forehead like most ligers. It is perhaps the most well armored canopy of any Liger, with the Anti-Zoid X Blade sitting just above it.

Double-Barrel Charger:
    Each gun has its own 'feature' and also a hole in the back of the gun that the air pumps can attach to. The Double-Barrel Charger's feature is for the barrels to pump in and out, as if recoiling from gun fire.

Energy Gatling:
    The gatling gun's feature is for the barrels to spin. Both the Double-Barrel Energy Charger and the Energy Gatling can be attached to multiple mounts on the Zoid, including the base of the tail, the end of the tail, and both front and back legs. There are holes on two different sides of the gun for it to be installed differently depending on preferences.

    The two wings are attached on pipes that allow them to extend. When the Zoid is turned on in the right setting the wings will swing in and out, deployed by the red air pump on the inner-half of the wing. If the Zoid has the wings extended while off, the "Push" button on the rear will flush the air from the systems and cause the wings to instantly retract.

    Energy Liger's tail swings up and down at the base. Interestingly the silver portion of the tail could also be posable seperately from the black base if a bar on the inside was trimmed, but then the weight of the guns would be too heavy if they were equipped to the tail.