- STK Blade Liger (White Version)

    The STK Blade Liger (White) is probably my favorite, with awesome transparent blue parts. The Zoid looks excellent in person, even if the red is a stark contrast. The box mirrors the colors closely, and the instructions have pictures of the recolored version as well. The kit is exceptionally rare in English-speaking markets.

    Unfortunately this kit is one of the lesser quality of the many. A lot of parts (the legs, the paws) constantly fall off. However I'm not ready to say that this is a bootleg error, because the official Kotobukiya D-Style Blade Liger is also sorely lacking in this regard. It likely merely inherited these poor traits from its original kit.

- Box Scans

- Instructions

- Gimmicks

Legs and Paws:
    The paws ar cast in a beautiful, dark translucent blue. Unfortunately they suffer from the same flaws as the official kit. Both legs and feet come off very easily. I neglected to photograph the mobility, so my apologies! But from the above pic you can see that they are capable of tilting up/down/diagonally.

    The orange canopy is a bit more faded than it appears in pictures, but it is reflected brightly upon the white face. The canopy flips open and closes well.

    The teeth are cast in the same bright blue as the claws and blades. They look like blue icicles, and the jaw itself opens and closes to a small extent.

    The blades of the D-Style Ligers are a bit obnoxious, in that they can't just rotate down. There is a peg on two sides, you must detach the blade and reattach it to change the position. They do rotate forwards/backwards (with a small range of motion) in the middle. The plastic is transparent blue.

    Whoops, I forgot to photograph these for the review. The booster cover flips up, and the boosters also rotate up. There is no rotational joint that allows them to stand up from the back like on motorized kits, just one end tilts up.

    Annnnnd another thing I forgot to photograph. I'll come back and get these someday! The tail is on a ball joint that allows an up-down motion and leaning to either side.